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  1. Rickson

    Predicted it

    I called it years ago when Federer was on the decline, Federer would win more than 20 majors. Nobody can say Rickson doesn't stay loyal.
  2. Rickson

    Partial tear Quad tendon

    Is surgery the only solution? Been living with it for about 6 years, but lately it's gotten worse. I can walk around just fine, but I'm not taking any chances with my favorite sport. Sorry, folks, I'm talkin about basketball. Anyone have experience with this injury?
  3. Rickson

    The Lucky One

    Who's gonna see this movie about a stalker who somehow gets his victim to fall in love with him? I guess stalkers need love too.
  4. Rickson

    Table tennis question

    Why do right handers always serve on the "ad" side in table tennis?
  5. Rickson

    Who wins the point?

    Experts please chime in on this unlikely, but possible, scenario. Player A hits a drop shot. Player B races his way to the net and gets the shot back. Player A gets to the ball, but hits it out. Player B slow rolls to the net because he's still off balance from returning the drop shot. Player B...
  6. Rickson

    Speaking of backhands...

    Is it easier for a one hander to hit a 2hbh or for a two hander to hit a 1hbh? I find that hitting a 2 hander is difficult for most 1 handers due to their extreme grips and vice versa for 2 handers with their grips being too open for a solid 1hbh. What's your opinion?
  7. Rickson

    Ninman keeps his word

    I received 2 packages in the mail yesterday. The poster, ninman, and I had a bet and when he lost, he kept his word and sent me the overgrips he promised me. Ninman is indeed an honorable man.
  8. Rickson

    What would you do?

    My roommate just took a slice of pizza from a pie I bought. Normally I'd say it's no big deal but for 1 fact. He didn't ask my permission. All he had to do was ask and I'd have gladly given him a slice. ****, I'd have given him 2 slices. That lack of permission is annoying me. I have yet to take...
  9. Rickson

    Who still says yo?

    I stopped using that word a few years ago and the funny thing is that it sounds so ghetto now. I stopped saying yo when I heard this 40 year old man from Connecticut use it constantly and he was supposed to be some sort of executive. He looked and sounded like an idiot and guess what, he is an...
  10. Rickson

    Congratulations to the new number 1!

    Roger Federer will regain the number 1 ranking. I just hope he doesn't cry.
  11. Rickson

    Another celebrity bites the dust

    R.I.P., Karl Malden. He was 97 so no surprise there. Karl was known for saying American Express traveler's checks, don't leave home without them.
  12. Rickson

    Who would take this challenge?

    You are offered 10 million dollars to run a 4:30 mile within 1 year. Here are the stipulations. You only get 1 shot at it, barring practice of course, and you have to do a real mile and not 4 laps at your local track which could easily be shorter than a regulation track. 10 million would set you...
  13. Rickson

    R.I.P., Farrah

    Farrah Fawcett dies at 62. Everyone's favorite poster woman has passed away.
  14. Rickson

    Speed or distance?

    I've been dieting and exercising recently, and I find that I'm torn between 2 things I need to improve, but I don't know which is more important to me at the moment. My distance running sucks these days because I go about half a mile before I gas out and my speed sucks too because I can't sprint...
  15. Rickson

    Bud keeps his word

    Bud and I had a bet over Federer winning a slam this year or not and true to form, Bud kept his word upon losing the bet. Thanks for the overgrip, Bud. You did forget the red tape, but that's ok. You still kept your word.
  16. Rickson

    I'm really bummed about this one

    David Carradine, the star of Kung Fu, was found dead in Bangkok of an apparent suicide. I'm usually not too saddened by celebrity deaths, but Carradine was one of my childhood heroes in his role as Caine. This freaking bites. David Carradine found dead
  17. Rickson

    Calorie count

    I used to average 4500 calories per day and I was gaining too much weight. I recently started a diet and I'll give you the breakdown below. I only had 1 bad day on this diet and I haven't stumbled since day 2. Water isn't written in because I have it with every meal and I'm averaging 2.5 liters...
  18. Rickson

    Was I right or what?

    How many times did I say that Federer would beat Nadal in their next meeting due to the curse? Don't ever doubt Rickson again.
  19. Rickson

    R.I.P., Chuck

    Chuck Daly has passed away. Chuck was one of the greatest NBA coaches ever. Chuck Daly
  20. Rickson

    figure out the phrase using pics

  21. Rickson

    Swine Flu -- what's up with that? [Merged]

    I'm glad I don't eat pork. swine flu outbreak in Mexico
  22. Rickson

    ATTN: r2473

    Show me your strength gaining formula here because I don't want to hijack dicer's protein thread.
  23. Rickson

    Breaking plateaus

    Ok, fish. Instead of hijacking dicer's thread, we'll put it down right here. My way of breaking strength plateaus is to do much fewer reps and move up in weight. I'll give you an example from bench pressing since it's everyone's favorite exercise. Set 1: warmup with 135 lbs. for 5 reps Set...
  24. Rickson

    Brothers in MMA, what do you think?

    Is Franky washed up just like his brother, Kenny? I know neither of them can fight nearly as well as they used to fight, but I didn't expect Franky to sink so quickly at 36. I really thought Franky might have had a few good years left in him. Opinions?
  25. Rickson

    Rafa and Pau

    2 of Spain's most famous athletes. Rafa makes a commercial with Pau
  26. Rickson

    Not too bright

    This family bragged on national TV and they got busted. TMZ article
  27. Rickson

    Why is there more emphasis on can't?

    Why are posters so obsessed about what the pros can't do instead of what they can do well? There's so much talk about how Roger can't win on clay and how Rafa can't win on hard courts. Any pro can beat any poster on any surface with the possible exception of some of the WTA players. Isn't it...
  28. Rickson

    Can you become as good or better...

    with your off hand? I'm talking about if you're already established with your strong hand and not starting from a young age like Nadal did. I was thinking this as my off hand tetris skills have become proficient. My high with the right hand is 3.7 million while my left handed high is over half a...
  29. Rickson

    Name some pros who can...

    beat you with his or her off hand. We know Nadal can beat just about everyone here with his right hand. Name some more pros who can beat you with the off hand.
  30. Rickson

    You probably hate hitting backhands...

    If you run around it on a 120 mph wide serve to the ad side. If you stand in the ad court during rallies. If more than 90% of your groundstrokes are forehands. If more than 90% of your backhands are slices. Feel free to add on to this list.