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  1. jangotango

    Tennis in Las Vegas

    I'll be in Vegas the week of March 15th. Looking for clay courts, it looks like DTC hasn't built theirs yet and Stirling is the only one with clay courts (but membership only, although I'll be calling the pro there and asking if there's any way two high school kids could slide around a bit...)...
  2. jangotango

    Anything similar to Prince Tour XC?

    Could try Diablo 16.
  3. jangotango

    Murray racquet in Montpellier

    Glad to hear the fellow Texans on this board are doing ok!
  4. jangotango

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Now looking to trade away my RPM Blast... Will consider any string...
  5. jangotango

    Luxilon Element vs Hyper G Soft

    TW University has Hyper G Soft 1.25 (16L) winning in comfort (172 vs. 208 lb/in) and tension maintenance (29% vs. 33%). I've played both in a 95in 18x20 and I can definitely say that Hyper G Soft has a longer lifespan, and would be my choice if it were up to me. Element has a better peak (when...
  6. jangotango

    Ultimate string of choice !

    What is super tour? Autocorrected silver 7 tour?
  7. jangotango

    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    It looks like one too
  8. jangotango

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Probably a K Blade.
  9. jangotango

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Have: ALU Power 125 and Power Rough 125 Hyper G Soft 120 Poly Tour Air 125 Solstice Power Black 130 and Teal 125 RPM Blast 16 Looking for: Isospeed Grey Fire Silver 7 Tour ALU Soft Maybe Lynx Tour 17
  10. jangotango

    FT: Wilson Blade Pro 18x20, 4 1/4, 9+/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Blade Pro 18x20 Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 or L2 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9+/10 Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Bought it when it first came out, tried it for two practice...
  11. jangotango

    Gamestop: teenage millionaires vs Hedge Fund Managers

    5.5m strong. Position: 2 shares @$300 Doing my part!
  12. jangotango

    Gamestop: teenage millionaires vs Hedge Fund Managers

    The clearing firms limited trading on certain tickers such as GME and AMC. The decision was ultimately not up to Robinhood, although both should absolutely be punished.
  13. jangotango

    Gamestop: teenage millionaires vs Hedge Fund Managers

    People are aiming for the wrong target. Robinhood, WeBull, etc. have to go through a clearing firm such as Citadel Clearing and Apex Clearing. The clearing firms obviously have ties to hedge funds, with Citadel having a majority stake in Melvin Capital, one of the more prolific shorters of GME...
  14. jangotango

    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    Did those lose their pop much? I know Roger replaces his sticks quarterly or something like that because they lose a bit of theirs. You've been using the bumblebee longer than I've been alive.
  15. jangotango

    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    Good question. I don't think I pay THAT much attention to my racquets. Probably doesn't help that I've never used the same racquet for more than a year.
  16. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop CX 200 2021 Family

    Good luck to all. I really want some comparisons to the old one, because those are super cheap rn!
  17. jangotango

    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    Dunno if it's been said yet, but Six.One team. A tad thinner, definitely lighter, and a bit flexier than the full fledged six one. Great platform frame.
  18. jangotango

    Fellow Cage 3 which shoe are you going?

    I used the Cage 3 for the better part of two years before the Cage 4. Now I'm on the Revolt Pro 3.0, which I feel are super similar, if not better. Same plastic-rubber "cage"/overlay, pretty light, and a bit more stable since the midsole is more continuous. The sizing fits me much better than...
  19. jangotango


    Kirschbaum strings are arguably the best bang-for-buck in the market from a more established brand. I believe all of their poly strings are factory prestretched, which means they are usually a little stiffer but have stellar tension maintenance. They have a little bit of everything for everybody.
  20. jangotango

    Prince Beast 2021?

    The Beast line will no longer be available in the United States, unfortunately.
  21. jangotango

    Tennis Warehouse: Yonex VCORE 95, 98, 100 2021 Playtest

    Jangotango's VCore 98 Review Playtest Racket: Yonex VCore 98 String and tension used for test: Wilson Natural Gut 16 mains w/ Yonex Poly Tour REV 16 Crosses @57x55lbs. Also tested with Yonex Poly Tour Air 16L @53x51lbs. Tennis experience/background: High school senior, going onto my fifth year...
  22. jangotango

    Tried a bunch of polys - results here: 1. Hyper-G, 2....

    The VCore 95 is a picky eater. Hyper-G Soft has a bit more power than its older brother. TW lab puts it on par with some Synthetic Guts! Local coach has one that he brings out every once in a while, strung with a round poly like Adrenaline or Max Power. He played upper D2 and has super spinny...
  23. jangotango

    Anyone try Tourna Grit?

    I've tested Grit in a Pure Strike 16x19, Prostaff 97, and Blade 98. Definitely very comfortable, and there IS some sort of texture to it before tensioning. Once tension is applied, the "roughness" disappears. It also does not seem to be round! I could feel noticable edges. After a bit though it...
  24. jangotango

    Soft tennis “ rackets?

    Woah! I stand corrected. Today I learned. 10/10 would try out a soft tennis racquet for regular tennis.
  25. jangotango

    Soft tennis “ rackets?

    That is most likely a mistranslate. The pictures racquet looks to definitely be a Squash racquet, especially given the super-duper long throat and small headsize and beam.
  26. jangotango

    Uniqlo 2021

    He's not playing lol
  27. jangotango

    Hyper G Alternative

    Echoing others here, but Hyper G Soft 18 should be on your list. Stiffness for the 16L is comparable to some synthetic guts!
  28. jangotango

    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    Currently uses a prostock Head "Speed Pro." Extended length. Although he has been going on and on about the VCore 95 recently.