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  1. Swinging Simian

    FXP users

    Might be the way you're striking the ball. I use the FXP fire and usually break my strings at 12 or 1 o'clock position.
  2. Swinging Simian

    Is there anyone here that does not like Federer..?

    Nope sorry, Think you're confusing that intangible will, with ability. He wants and strives to be the best. He wants to be great. Unfortunately his best is not good enough. Yes he won't be one of the greats as you've put it. But I don't think anyone who has rebuilt his ranking career and his...
  3. Swinging Simian

    my forehand better video!

    Something most people over look, Work on your ready position and recovery. What I mean is getting to a ready position before and after you take a swing. You tend to drop the racquet head down as you make ready for a forehand. You do it just before your backswing. While this may be a small thing...
  4. Swinging Simian

    Is there anyone here that does not like Federer..?

    You're kidding right? NO will to take it further? Sooo... that thing with working with Connors was just hero worship then? The experiment to add new weapons to his game such as serve and volley, just for kicks? Training day in and day out, killing himself to get just the slightest edge, just a...
  5. Swinging Simian

    If your next opponent were Federer, what would you do?

    Hire ninjas to poison him, just enough for him to play like a zombie. Maybe pay a little extra for them to hobble him in case the poison doesn't work. =) hmm... maybe I should suggest this to Roddick.
  6. Swinging Simian

    Hewitt v Nadal

    Nadal in 3 sets all tie breakers.
  7. Swinging Simian

    How much are you paying for a re-stringing?

    $15.16 plus string or price of string at the store where I get my racquets strung. Which is rather insane. Unfortunately there're only two stroes in town that know what they are doing and I'd rather not deal with the creepy man with a closet for a shop.
  8. Swinging Simian

    is there something wrong with this serve?

    This service motion is far too complicated to work well. As others have mentioned there are far too many things going wrong with it. Work on the toss... everything else will follow.
  9. Swinging Simian

    The best arm friendly racquet for a 55 YEARS OLD woman, do suggest!

    My grandfather, a 91 year old man uses a fxp instinct team. However since he doesn't have any arm problems and your mom does, I'd suggest the liquid metal 8 (his old racquet). It's light and very arm friendly.
  10. Swinging Simian

    French Open vs US Open

    US Open is my favorite one. Though I'm biased since it was just a train ride away.
  11. Swinging Simian

    Do you want Federer to win the French Open?

    No. At least not yet. Cause if he did win the frenchie then the GS he would have nothing more to strive for.
  12. Swinging Simian

    Mauresmo switched to Head

    nice paint job. anyone know what model racquet the paint job is based on?
  13. Swinging Simian

    What's In Your Bag? [Merged]

    2 fxp fires 1 dunlop 300g 3 overgrips scissors first aid kit (the small one filled with mostly bandaids and ointment) medical and athletic tape aspirin or ib bug repellant sunscreen xtra socks shirt shorts wrist bands 3' long measuring tape big jug o water 3 cans of balls...
  14. Swinging Simian

    best accent?

    intresting thread. One of my all time favorites is one a friend of mine speaks with. She describes it as army brat gypsy and it's truly something else. It's an american accent at it's heart, east coast I think but her inflections and enunciation have hints of french and spanish. It's almost...
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    Word Association!!

  16. Swinging Simian

    Doubles- can i stand inside the recievers service box?

    You could but if you do you're basically telling your opponents you're brain dead or a J4/<4ss. You can crowd the plate as much as you want but consider that if your foot or your entire body is inside the box then you are fair game. As far as I know only the reciever may return a serve and a...
  17. Swinging Simian

    What is the magic serve ingredient most players miss?

    What is the magic serve ingredient most players miss? A good pushoff the ground, before hitting up into the ball. That and not everyone is gifted with a shoulder and elbow that allow them to throw a 90mph fast ball.
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    Word Association!!

    Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle,
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    Word Association!!

    Spring break
  20. Swinging Simian

    Most Spin Friendly Racquet?

    The Flexpoint Fire. It seems to be designed for spin as I have to back off to hit the ball flatter at times.
  21. Swinging Simian

    this or that

    pen quills or brushes?
  22. Swinging Simian

    Word Association!!

    ear infections
  23. Swinging Simian

    Word Association!!

    asian soul food
  24. Swinging Simian

    How often do you buy racquets?

    Until last year didn't really see any need to buy another racquet (my racquet at the time was a prince 800 extender ripstick). Then it warped, did the demo thing and have then since bought 3 racquets averaging about 4-6 months apart. Have now stoped as I seem to have found the racquet for me. At...
  25. Swinging Simian

    Word Association!!

    ... digests in rhythm and ends in a fart. =)
  26. Swinging Simian

    Do you buy the newest or the reduced?

    what ever works. ancient or new doesn't matter as long as it helps me play.
  27. Swinging Simian

    Word Association!!

    arse speak?
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    Word Association!!

  29. Swinging Simian

    Word Association!!

    soggy pages
  30. Swinging Simian

    How to pick up the skidding balls?

    bend those knees. Slice and change the pace. Make him create the pace. Try hitting short make him come to net and see if he is still comfortable hitting that hard. And as mentioned by others keep that ball low.