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    i got a hunch djokovic will win more than 20 slams

    He will. There’s no one to beat him. The only people left playing top level tennis are the same people playing top level tennis when he entered. Tennis has usually had the young super star come in, to whom the baton was passed, allowing the previous generation to retire. The closes this...
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    Nadal closer to Federer on Grass than Federer is to Nadal on clay

    This is incorrect. At worst they are equal. What is true is Nadal is miles better on clay than anyone else is on any surface. Federer hasn’t lost to a bunch of nobodies on clay for like 4 years in a row in the first few rounds. Especially not during his peak.
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    Now don't tell me Fed is not peaking

    Literally the only thing better about Federer today vs 12+ years ago is improvements in racket technology means he can wield a bigger racket with a bigger sweet spot and higher tolerance, but similar weight and other characteristics, the same way he did his older, smaller frame. Federer spent a...
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    "Poor tactics"

    If Federer had switched to a larger racket earlier in his career he would have stood a better chance. He still wouldnt have won.
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    "Poor tactics"

    It used to actually be a little worse with Federer. Several games against Rafa/Novak when he was losing to them, you'd see him start with a new strategy, and win the first set, or start off strong, at the very least, and then see him revert to his standard strategy by the time the second set...
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    Federer: ''I think both me and Novak are naturally attacking players''

    Djokovic’s style changes based on his opponent. His matches with aged are amazingly attacking, against Murray are excruciatingly defensive, and those with Nadal are somewhere in between. I suspect it’s easier to successfully play defensive as a naturally attacking player than vice versa and so...
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    I don’t understand how people didn’t realize that when he was playing all those backhand drop shots, or when he’s been trying to recreate 90s grass on this slow USO surface by S&V the majority of his 2nd serves.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Agreed. So the fans aren’t rooting for the guy who “earns” the points. They are rooting for the guy they like. Again, this isn’t that hard. And yeah, Federer barely earned his break either. He’s been playing like crap throughout. Millman just played like a little more crap in the game Federer...
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Ummm. People are cheering for Federer and not Millman because they want Federer to win. This isn’t that hard.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    He should have won the set point in the 3rd set as well, but he threw it away. Though to be fair, Millman was the better play in Set 3
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Because people are rooting for Federer?
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    I usually root for the guy who beats Fed in a tournament. I hope Djokovic absolutely destroys Millman.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    It was gifted by Fed. Millman did little to deserve it. I mean, I don’t blame the guy for being excited, but this Federer would have forfeited the match if he was playing a top 10 player because he would stand no chance.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Wow. Fed is mentally out of it. Missing easy volleys, missing easy overheads at the net, playing dropshots for no reason, and cannot buy a first serve.
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    Exciting 4 and 5 Set Matches!!

    You do t even know who they are supposed to negotiate with and think you have something to contribute. They did negotiate with the grand slams, and that’s why they get paid what they do. There is a reason that other than a few clowns like Tipsaveric, very few people on the men’s tour complain...
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    Exciting 4 and 5 Set Matches!!

    This. If the grand slams had their way men would also be playing 3sets. Women get grand slams far more bang for the buck than the men’s game does since 3 sets mean they can fit in more games for the same ticket prices at less expense. It also gives them far more scheduling wiggle room than...
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    Sorry Fedal but Djokovic has three of the greatest feats in Tennis

    The problem with the Olympics is the rareity. It means that it’s a huge matter of luck that the Olympics fall during your peak. As an example, if the first Olympics were held a year earlier, the last 2 Olympics would have been in 2011and in 2015. I think we can all agree that Novak’s chances of...
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    Worst Crowd in Tennis, USO

    This is absolutely correct. The Kids day crowd is people who know nothing about tennis. It exists solely to promote tennis to people who don’t know much about it. It’s not surprising they bring behavior that is encouraged in other sports to tennis (for example, reaching out for a ball, which is...
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    Worst Crowd in Tennis, USO

    Lol this is so wrong. The USO crowd is hardly a NY crowd anyways. I bet it’s not even 50% NYers on the weekends. And to complain about tennis crowds based on Kids days where the entire purpose is to promote the game to non tennis kids and families is hilarious beyond belief. The people here...
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    Davis Cup is officially dead

    I don't have an opinion either way, but the only criticism by the people quoted who are unhappy about this as quoted in the OP's post is effectively that this is a change. Is there any criticism other than the fact that it changes things radically?
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    2018 Wimbledon SF: [2] Nadal vs. [12] Djokovic

    This was a sad game. All those people calling it an epic must not have watched it. Both players were completely off their rhythm. Nadal clearly wasn't able to mentally adjust after the 26-24 farce, which was responsible for the lost 1st set, and Novak had the same issue when today's play...
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    Why no fifth set tiebreak at majors is absolutely brilliant

    Maybe. It doesn’t matter. It eventuallly hurt both players. Neither had any idea what time they would start playing. In the USO you can be fairly confident of the upper limit by which you will start playing by the time the 5th Set starts, so you can start warming up. Here you have no clue...
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    6 1/2 hours is ridiculous

    Because it’s a dumb rule that makes the final set this odd duckling that is different from every other set. Never mind that going beyond 6-6 (12-12 If I am in a mood for compromise) adds absolutely nothing to the game.
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    Tie break in 5th set long overdue

    Or maybe at 6-6 in the 5th Set players are actually exhausted and are unable to muster the energy to counter the serve, which is a significantly privileged play in tennis at any point in the game and any for, of the game.
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    Why no fifth set tiebreak at majors is absolutely brilliant

    The only people penalized are Nadal and Djokovic. And the spectators who had to endure that farce of a “match”
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    Why does Fed lack the heart Nadal has .. ?

    Nailed it. The difference between Federer and Nadal is that with their style of play even if Nadal is the better player, he looks like he has to make an effort, while Federer won’t even break a sweat. The mental and physical strength required is not dissimilar.
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    Congrats Wimbledon. You had 2 matches to get in in 1 day and can't do it.

    The only problem is the lack of a 5th set tie breaker. That’s dumb. It has always been dumb. It should never be the case. It’s made a farce of an already poor tournament whose only saving grace may be Djokovic pulling a comeback to form.
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    Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018

    They couldn't that's why they changed it. More seriously however they aren't playing with wooden rackets anymore. So yeah that's an absolutely invalid comparison. In addition if all sets were win by 2 then at least the proponents would have an argument that "that's just tennis" or "it's...
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    Embarrassed To Be American

    Tennis can do that. But tennis management sucks. Tennis needs to promote itself by getting cheaper but it is increasingly getting more expensive to play. Your point about aftermarket sales doesn't compute. Federer and Nadal etc have some of the best sponsorship deals in the world. Unlike...
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    Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018

    Absolutely not. These matches are horrible to watch. Players hate it. Spectators hate it. They want to watch tennis. Not a fight to the death. And once the players pass something like 8-8 no one is taking any risks. The receiver is too tired to be effective and the server just plays it safe...