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  1. crazy8tiger

    RF and Nadal Nike logos

    SP please!
  2. crazy8tiger

    gh65721 is awesome!

    Easy to deal with, good communication, no problems dealing with him. Thanks!
  3. crazy8tiger

    Men's Adidas Competition 7 Crew (9/10)

    This crew is adult size L. Pictures:
  4. crazy8tiger

    Men's Adidas Competition 7 Crew (9/10)

    Yellow/Navy; Washed only once after it's first use. Looking for $15 + shipping of your choice from 92880. ~40-42" chest, 30" from back of neck to bottom, can get any other measurements if needed.
  5. crazy8tiger

    babolat tonic+ strings price increase?

    It looks like VS gut also raised to $42. Too bad I didn't go ahead and try it when it was $35, $42 is getting too high for me now.
  6. crazy8tiger

    Demo program question

    You should send it back to them and they'll send you a replacement. They don't want you to restring it yourself.
  7. crazy8tiger

    flat screen TV's on wall

    If cutting into the wall isn't an option, you can just let the wires hang down, but have a small cabinet or something under the tv to cover the wires up and have somewhere to put your cable box.
  8. crazy8tiger

    Djokovic's Adidas hat?? Tennis-Warehouse also has the Grand Slam Hat in case you didn't know..
  9. crazy8tiger

    Racquet with open string spacing

    anyone that knows?
  10. crazy8tiger

    Racquet with open string spacing

    I tried out a K90 demo my friend had a while ago, it was strung with 16g NXT and it was able to get good bite on the ball. Is there any racquets you guys know of that has similar string spacing?
  11. crazy8tiger

    Cheaper Alternative to Wilson NXT

    I've been looking into some of the strings recommended and thanks for the help. Does anyone know if there is an exact term for the way Wilson NXT felt on a K90 demo I had? It wasn't "greasy" or slippery as other strings and at touch, felt like it had good bite on the ball.
  12. crazy8tiger

    Cheaper Alternative to Wilson NXT

    After using some polyester strings, I've decided that I should be moving to multifilament until I can take full advantage of poly but I need a slightly cheaper alternative to Wilson NXT. When I tried NXT in a K90 demo, I really liked it and when feeling its surface, it seemed to have a "grippy"...
  13. crazy8tiger

    Nike Vapor V TD

    The Black Vapor V's have been out for a while and I guess they have finally discounted them. The other ones haven't been out as long but they should be down to $90 sometime soon. But to answer your question, both of those shoes are the same thing, the Black one is just currently at a discounted...
  14. crazy8tiger

    Roger's New Racket

    The racquet looks like it's a Volkl DNX 8, so no I don't think it's Roger's next racquet.
  15. crazy8tiger

    do you use a replacement grip, just overgrips with no grip, or both?

    Usually just the stock replacement grip with 1 Wilson Pro. Currently, the thin TW leather plus 1 Babolat Pro Tour or Yonex Supergrap.
  16. crazy8tiger

    What do you think about this bag?

    I think a Super-Six would be better for you if you plan on getting 3-4 Wilson racquets. My Head 6-pack has two racquet compartments, a small accessories pocket, and one for mp3/phone. I only use one racquet compartment and put water, balls, or anything that doesn't fit in the accessories pocket...
  17. crazy8tiger

    Leather Grips?

    I have a 4 3/8 grip and after using the 1.3mm TW grip, it decreased it to somewhere in between 1/4 and 3/8. I didn't stretch too much but if you stretch it more you could probably bring it down to 4 1/4.
  18. crazy8tiger

    Wilson Pro OG thinner than Ynoex Supergrap?

    I've been using Wilson Pro as my primary overgrip mostly since I started using overgrips and I do think it's thinner. I tried Yonex Supergrap and Gamma Supreme; I felt both of them rounded the grips more while Wilson Pro increased the grip size the right amount for me. Edit: Lol, no responses...
  19. crazy8tiger

    Thinking of sending in shoes to nike...

    It's a voucher, so you should be able to use it on anything they have on their site's shop.
  20. crazy8tiger

    Air Zoom Trainer

    Sorry for the off-topic post but Prodigy, were there still a lot of sizes left at the outlet? I may have to go down this weekend and check it out.
  21. crazy8tiger

    Shoe with Best Durability/Cushion Combo?

    How would the Breathe Cages 2 compare to the Barricade V or Asics Resolutions?
  22. crazy8tiger

    New Barricade V Shanghai

    I want to get these shoes but look like I don't have much tennis apparel that would match with it.
  23. crazy8tiger

    **Official Indian Wells 2009 thread**

    I'm planning to go this year for the day since it's only about an 1-2 hour drive for the first weekend. Are the grandstand seats worth it with GA, or should I just stick to outer and practice courts?
  24. crazy8tiger

    Shoe with Best Durability/Cushion Combo?

    I've finally decided to get some quality shoes but I'm looking at cushion and durability the most. I've heard good cushioning from the Asics Resolutions, and good durability from the Barricade 5's, but how are the other parts of the shoes? The current $30 Wilson shoes I wear with Duralast...
  25. crazy8tiger

    16x19 string pattern club

    Using the Dunlop M-Fil 200 Plus
  26. crazy8tiger

    broken string pics

    My first broken string, broke the BB Ace in my hybrid.
  27. crazy8tiger

    what are the stock grips on the kblade 98 called?

    Wilson Kontrol Grip
  28. crazy8tiger

    Nike Spring 2009.

    Thanks for the pictures, I like the black plaid shorts and black/blue mock polo.
  29. crazy8tiger

    which replacement grip reduces the most vibration?

    Thanks for correcting me, I remembered the effect of a leather grip the other way. My mistake for speed-reading.
  30. crazy8tiger

    The Cheap Players Club

    I actually thought my back-up one would be the better one because its strings are fresher but the hoop didn't feel as solid when I was hitting. However, the back-up has a Gamma Supreme and my primary uses Wilson Pro. I don't think this would alter the "hollow" type of feeling I'm getting, right?