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    Are tight patterned rackets obsolete?

    I think brands are also now able to make 18x20s play a bit more open without feeling too boardy, but still maintain the control tight pattern players crave.
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    TT 100P Appreciation Thread

    Between the 2015 and 2019 model is the increased stiffness that much noticeable? As in power, feel and stability? I'm eyeing a pair of 2015s on the bay as I enjoyed the soft pocketing feel. I didn't buy it as it was ever slightly unforgiving on defensive stretch and lunges. In hindsight the pros...
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    Yonex VCore Pro 330 or 310?

    I'd opt for the 310 and customise it incrementally. You got 20g to work with before you reach the 330 mark.
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    Tsitsipas Backhand against Nadal vs Medvedev

    I think tsitsipas also has a fairly extreme backhand grip so it in theory is harder to get under the lower flatter ball. He has a tad more time to set up against Nadals spinny forehand with a more of swipe like motion than a pull and rotate over with the conventional eastern backhand grip. Just...
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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    What other offerings can we expect from the synergy line? What's the main target market of this line?
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    Uniqlo closing stores- could this impact RF deal?

    Stores may close but online shopping has shot up since the pandemic. May not look as bad.
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    Wilson Pro Staff v13 QC

    Vcore pro 97 310 was in a demo I played with 2 nights ago. It was the winner for both myself and a friend amongst a gravity pro and CX200 tour 16x19. It doesn't have the plow through of a heavy player frame but feels nice, fast and precise.
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    Increasing Sweet Spot Area

    Yes, that helps. The sweetspot will gravitate towards where the weight is.
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    Are Prince Grip Sizes Getting Larger?

    Could be to do with the new replacement grips they're using now. It should compress down.
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    Are Prince Grip Sizes Getting Larger?

    What I have experienced when it comes to grip size variances with Prince is that it depends on how much it has been compressed by the plastic wrap. Possibly even how tight it was wrapped when it was installed. I've purchased frames from Prince for a certain size that felt either smaller or...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Let it rip!
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Very different paint job compared to the rest of the line. New beasts? Looks very jungle like with the 3 claw mark look.
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    Are racquets with 4 5/8" grip sizes being phased out?

    Either there is a slight difference in the size or the grips they use have difference thickness and compress quicker than the other. I find my 5/8 Princes tend to compress down fairly quick on the resipro grips. I now have a 5/8 b98 which now feels marginally smaller than a newly unwrapped b98...
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    Dunlop CX200 2021?

    Not sure if actually happening but I feel Dunlop is making in roads back into tennis. Lifetime Prince player and lately other brands like Dunlop, yonex and tecnifibre have my attention. Find myself browsing their frames. They just need to make a lot of noise with on successful frame and people...
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    First Lendl, now Ferrer Splits from Zverev

    I may have it wrong. But either way Z needs to get his off court stuff sorted before he can focus on tennis.
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    W 2019, Fed's career last slam final appearance....?

    Ummm will there even be Wimby 2021? The UK has it pretty bad with their own mutated strain of the virus. It's about 6 months away but 6 months after cancellation things haven't improved...
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    First Lendl, now Ferrer Splits from Zverev

    Facing claims of abuse and violence by an ex girlfriend and then fathering a child given birth by the same ex girlfriend. Throw in pandemic risks and time away from his own family. If I was Ferrer I would also think now is not the right time.
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    "Mirka didn't approve the idea" - Andre Sa on the reason behind Roger Federer's withdrawal from Australian Open 2021

    Even if they stayed at a nice hotel I am sure the kids can't stand being stuck there for so long and can't go out and have fun or play.
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    Best Control in 100 Square Inches?

    I am eyeing these but need to dispose of my current frames to avoid becoming a hoarder. Tight QC ensures the demo and purchase racquet play the same and it's frustrating when you get lured in at the demo stage only to get something different on purchase. If it ain't yonex, you basically need to...
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    Wide vs narrow beam power

    Confidential is firm so that might have a play in it in the sweetspot. At least she's not feeling sore in the arm. Tried hyper G?
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    Just bought some chino pants from uniqlo the other day and got a free alteration to shorten the excess length. Now it fits perfectly. Can't say enough good things about the brand and the range they have.
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    When is a racquet too headlight?

    I've been down there before. Added too much weight under the butt cap before on a phantom 100p. I think once it gets too headlight it starts to come around a bit too flat and the slices start to float and fly a bit.
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    Poll - Best racket of 2020?

    Didn't demo many this year but the ezone 98 is very versatile. I play my friend's one from time to time and no matter what he does to it, the frame plays really nice. Seriously has my attention to explore the yonex line. And the great QC gives you confidence the demo will play like any one you...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Both. I have 2 solid beams and 1 ported version strung up. Haven't strung up the 2nd ported one though. But it's 3 for 3 for me so far. My ported one has issues on 4 spots (throat, tie off, and 2 other spots in the lower hoop where they get stretched in one direction by the string) while the...
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    Any Prince Textreme Warrior 100 users?

    The serve being the least hit shot probably will take the longest to dial in. It's also a shot that needs everything in sync to get right. It might take time. My biggest trouble was keeping the balls in, as I hit flatter. I loved the spin, especially the slice bh and kick serve, but just kept...
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    Ask a touring Pro about the playtest/demo process

    Do pros ever blame the racquet? Like those 'oh if I was using my old racquet/the one in the bag, I would have made that shot'.
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    Prince Beast 98

    It could potentially be a particular batch of beast 98s. So far I am 3 for 3, with each having at least 1 defective grommet.
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    Prince Beast 98

    Same as what a coach I spoke to about it said. He has used his racquet for 20 years or so and never had to replace grommets. Issue seems strictly in the beast line as the textreme warrior I had before and first gen phantom 100p doesn't exhibit this problem. I hope the spare grommets I bought are...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Actually I've got 2 sets of grommets for the b98 but seeing how easily they break I'm afraid I'll run out sooner than I anticipated. Do stringers generally refuse to string a frame with broken grommets or as long as they're still able to tie the knots and it doesn't affect playability then just...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Got one of the beast 98s in my closet strung up which was purchased unstrung and straight away I can see the main tie off grommet has split open. The grommet quality in the beast 98 line is horrendous!! First string job and grommets breaking already. The first gen phantom 100p I bought doesn't...