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    Loving the Reissues

    I know that racquet reissues are anathema to the purists, but for plebes like me, they’re a way for me, a Boomer, to capture a little nostalgic magic from the past. TW’s reissue of the PS 85 was my first. Followed by Microgel Radical MP, Head Pro Tour 2.0, and most recently Wilson K factor 6.1...
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    Martina interviewed by Joe Buck

    I’m enjoying a televised interview of Martina by Joe Buck. What an incredible career and life. 59 Grand Slam titles.
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    Why Has My Grip Changed?

    I started playing in the 70s when it was common to use the continental grip for everything. I changed to a semi-western forehand in the 80s, which I continued to use until recently, unbeknownst to me. I started hitting again with a couple of fellows whom I hadn't played in a few years, and they...
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    What happened to TennisMaverick?

    Can anyone tell me what happened to TennisMaverick? He was knowledgeable about tennis technique, promoted Volkl racquets, and trashed anyone who disagreed with him. This was around 2010.
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    Little League World Series

    Anyone been watching the Little League World Series? Interesting story lines. Mo Ne' Davis, first girl pitcher to pitch a shutout. That Chicago team, playing in the championship game today, could've been the first all black team to win in 30 yrs. Compelling stuff.
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    Jimmy Connors Memoir

    Has anyone read "Outsider," the new memoir by Connors?
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    Grimmest court you've regularly played on regularly

    What was the grimmest tennis court you regularly played on, or, in the alternative, what is the grimmest tennis court you currently play on? Me, I play most Fridays during my noon lunch work hour at the Echo Park courts just outside Downtown L.A. right below the 101 Freeway. Six Public...
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    Roddick Calendar 2012

    The Roddick Calendar 2012: a face that only a mother could love.
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    How many are posted?

    Just curious TW- how many proposed posts are actually posted on the TW Message Boards, percentage wise. I know there is a percentage attributable to moronic posts but truthfully, how many do you end up posting?
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    Sampras beats Agassi in Champion Series L.A.

    It was a real treat for me to see Sampras, Agassi, Courier, and McEnroe at the Champion Series tournament in Los Angeles last Friday. Agassi overpowered Mac handily in the first match 6-2. It seemed like Andre hit everything in the sweetspot- still the supreme ball striker. Sampras and...
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    HAPA Guy

    Spencer, Are you a HAPA dude from Hawaii? Just curious.
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    Left racquets in trunk during the rains

    Excuse me for my OCD. I left some of my racquets in a tennis bag in my car trunk this last weekend. We've been experiencing non-stop monster rain storms for the past two days in Southern Cal so heat wasn't a problem. However, did the excessive rains cause a greenhouse effect in the trunk and...
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    Diary of a TW Demo Racquetholic

    My name is SVP, and I am a Tennis Warehouse Demo Racquetholic (TWDR). I became a TWDR to feed my racquetholic habit. I blame TW for feeding this habit of mine. It isn't my intention to be a TW shill here, but they make it really easy to hold, look at, feel, and hit with the latest (or a a more...
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    Posters here in Racquets are always on the winning side

    In my couple of years of reading these boards ("racquets" being my favorite category), I've noticed many times that whoever posts always seems to be on the winning side, e.g., (from an old school fellow) "I played a young whippersnapper and I used my old school racquet" to beat some youngster...
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    Tracking new purchase

    I'm tracking my new racquet purchase from TW on the UPS system. The UPS system keeps saying that it was delivered to Fairfax, CA (400 mi. from me) on June 2009 (a little outdated) What gives here? I called UPS and fed them the tracking no. and it says the package was delivered in 2009.
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    Why Azarenka's picture?

    Why is Azarenka's picture displayed so prominently and often on the TW home page? Kind of manly-looking, if you ask me.
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    Sam Ho

    What's the buzz on Sam Ho, 15 yrs. old, Arroyo High, recently named SGV Trib's tennis player of the year? Anyone seen him play? What are his prospects?
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    Make the Pros Tell the Truth

    There's always been speculation about the racquets the pros use, and whether the racquets they use are actually as advertised. Roddick has been quoted as saying something to the effect that (I know it's not an exact quote) the racquet he uses is basically the same thing you can buy from a...
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    Technifibre 315- a guilty pleasure

    TW has reviewed this racquet. There were some preliminary threads on this racquet a while back which piqued my interest in this frame. On a lark, I demo'ed this frame for the hell of it. I didn't expect a lot from it. It seemed like another lightweight frame. But as a degenerate racquet...
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    Agassi book signing in L.A.

    For you L.A. types, Andre Agassi will be signing books on Nov.18, 7pm, at the Borders bookstore in Century City. Cheer him on at Borders or heckle him for disparaging our pristine and pure sport. How dare he speak poorly of our great sport of tennis!
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    The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) Club

    There's a "Cheap Players Club" on these boards. A Volkl Club. A Wilson Club. In the many months I have reviewed what people post here, I realize that that there are many here who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Just look at the long thread about keeping your racquets from...
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    Fight Club

    Tongue-in-cheek here. If you were to assemble a "Fight Club" team among the top professinal tennis players, whom would you get together? The Fight Club, for those uninitiated, is an emerging culture where regular Joe Blows get to beat the crap out of each other in an organized setting. It's...
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    Players who bullied

    I'm not trying to single out any one player for this. A few examples come to mind. Lendl has been getting some love on these threads, and I respect his game, but I specifically remember watching him warm up against a first round opponent in the late 70s, a wild card local college player...
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    My Strokes are like Tracy Austin's

    I was watching a couple of Tracy Austin's US Open matches on Tennis Channel last week, and I was struck by how my stroke style resembles hers. Racquet goes straight back on both sides, then forward. I'm a dude. I grew up in the same generation as Ms. Austin, so that's the way I learned the...
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    Raymond Sarmiento-junior

    Who knows about Raymond Sarmiento? I just picked him up on the internet as a top college recruit for the upcoming year 2010.
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    Ashe v. Connors 1975 Wimbledon wristbands

    I was watching the 1975 Wimbledon final Ashe v. Connors and I noticed how skinny their wristbands were. Given how wide the current wristbands used by players are now, I wonder whether players in the past just sweated less? As a heavy "sweater" myself, I sure would have appreciated wide...
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    UCLA tennis player in coma

    UCLA tennis player, Jake Fleming, a redshirt freshman last year, suffered a brain injury as a result of being attacked after a concert in Dallas last weekend. He is presently in a medically-induced coma. Thoughts out to him and his family.
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    I just want to hit the ball

    Forgive me if this has appeared on the website already. I just love to hit the ball, with no points, games, sets, or matches. I just love to rally with a person at my level or above, to fully enjoy the cardiovascular and skill benefits. I find that I am still able to acquire the benefits of...
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    New book on 2008 Wimbledon Final

    Im sorry if someone has already posted on this. I've started reading a fascinating book entitled "Strokes of Genius" by L. Jon Wertheim on the 2008 Wimbledon final. It's in the tradition of the classic book "Levels of the Game" which recounted a match between Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner...
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    University of San Francisco 1970s tennis

    Anyone remember mid-late 1970s University of San Francisco tennis team- Mike Jee, Byron Nepumoceno (any old school Filipinos in the house?)?