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  1. EdMcMush

    FS Babolat Pure Control last gen. 4 3/8

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Control Last Gen Grip Size / Size: 4 3/9 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): a few hours *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  2. EdMcMush

    Rotator cuff help.

    I am 23. Been deeling with a shoulder problem for the last 2 years. But As of late, i can barely physically serve. Any short term fixes . I got a tournament in a few days. I just wanna play it. probably first round knock out considering i just do those highschool JV serves . Gonna get serious...
  3. EdMcMush

    FS: Dunlop Biomimetic, Babolat Pure Control, Yonex Ezone AI, and DS Tour 2.0

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Dunlop Biomimetic M 2.0 Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 95 Condition (x out of 10): 9.0 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 2 matches *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes)...
  4. EdMcMush

    Groth has to qualify for AO 2018

    I personally think him having to qualify in his last tournament ever in his home country is straight disrespectful to him
  5. EdMcMush

    FS. Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Dunlop, Volkl

    I have way to many racquets and I barely even play anymore so just tryna clear some out and maybe put that money towards something Bass related Racquet Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Wilson Blade 98 18 20 2013 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 7 *Specific...
  6. EdMcMush

    FS Racquets. WIlson, Dunlop, and Volkl

    I have way to many racquets and I barely even play anymore so just tryna clear some out and maybe put that money towards something Bass related Racquet Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Wilson Blade 98 18 20 2013 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 7 *Specific...
  7. EdMcMush

    thanks for sending the wrong grip size and then hanging up the phone

    Ordered a used ultra tour. Asked a 4 3/8th, it was shipped as a 3/8th. But the racquet is actually a 4 1/4th. went to call and the call got hanged up before i even reached a person. great customer service. The Xmas present is ruined.
  8. EdMcMush

    Pure Aero VS Grommets

    Hello, when I buy a grommet set does it come with the headguard as well. and second of all, although they are the same series, does the pure aero vs grommet fit the Aerostorm GT racquets?
  9. EdMcMush

    Yonex and Dunlop

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Yonex Ezone AI 98 Grip Size: 4 1/4 with a half grip size builder on it, can be removed if wanted Quantity:1 Head Size:98 Condition (x out of 10):9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): probably a set and a few rallys...
  10. EdMcMush

    what surface do you play your best tennis on?

    I tend to play best on Har-Tu mostly cause most people dont play on it like they do on the Hard. And I also love to slug 6 feet behind the baseline.
  11. EdMcMush

    lets be honest, at one point we all bought a racquet cause of endorsement

    Who here can be honest and talk about the time they bought a stick just cause of the pj or the name attached to it. When I bought my first real racquet I got a Pure Drive Roddick just cause I worshipped Andy Roddick and still kinda do. I know a lot of people here bought a RF pro staff cause of...
  12. EdMcMush

    I believe Russia will have a future dynasty

    I think in 3 to 5 years the Russian Davis cup team will be a dynasty with one of my current favorites Khachanov, Medvedev and Rublev. Thats if they all decide to play
  13. EdMcMush

    what racquet do you love or like that most people dislike

    Idk, just a cool discussion that i could not find in the search bar. I remember the Aero Storm from 2010 being heavily criticized by many yet I love that racquet more than anything. Also talk about racquets you dislike that a lot of people like.
  14. EdMcMush

    kevin anderson using a DunlopPJ

    Looks like Kevin Anderson went to a Dunlop PJ as Srixon is owned by Dunlop
  15. EdMcMush

    more impressive ,

    yep whats more impressive, la decima or beating the mythical creature at a major open
  16. EdMcMush

    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    Anyone have any details on this ? He has been one of my favorite players since I saw him in the second round of the US open.
  17. EdMcMush

    Babolat Pure Drive Mid+ (3/8) Used (R)

    I see a lot of babolat's that are for sale on the used racquet section have the (r) next to them. I saw this a few weeks ago concerning a used pure control. What does the 'r' mean for this?
  18. EdMcMush

    racquet technologies that work

    As most of us know on this chat board is that most of the racquet tech companies promote is a bunch of garabge such as Graphene and most head stuff. But i could not find any post that talks about Technologies that work. So what actually works that companies promote?
  19. EdMcMush

    what are your dream racquet specs!

    Mine are 98 sq inch 16x20 string pattern 11.2-11.5 strung weight about 4 point head lights 64-67 RA So pretty much my dream racquet is an Aero Storm or Yonex Ezone if they offered an extra cross or a slighty more flexible SV 98
  20. EdMcMush

    babolat pure control 4 3/8

    Title is self explanatory. I am looking for the latest pure control in at least a 'C' grade or better. Email me at if you are interested in selling one or a possible trade. Thank you
  21. EdMcMush

    good gloves to play in cold weather

    I play college tennis, and everyone who lives in North East US knows that March to April has unpredictable weather, one day it could be 70 sunny no wind, and the next day like 39 degrees with 30 mph wind. So can anyone please tell me what gloves work well so my hands do not freeze to death but I...
  22. EdMcMush

    favorite grip and overgrip combo

    Disclaimer, i searched the forums and i could not find a post related to this So I hear alot of people say that a leather grip with tourna grip is the ultimate combo while I also hear leather and wilson pro overgrip. What is your favorite grip combo and what do you currently use and just other...
  23. EdMcMush

    if he healthy Del Po is my favorite for Wimby

    I think if Del potro can remain healthy for the rest of the year, he is the favorite for wimbledon in my eyes. Big serve,, Huge flat forehand, and its the only surface where a chip slice backhand is not a liability .
  24. EdMcMush

    PSA for those in the Philadelphia metro area,wilson 6.1 news

    I am not selling these but I know they are extremely popular. There is a tennis club in Berlin NJ that are selling Wilson 6.1 95 racquets for $99. I am not sure what forum to post this in. Just feel like to share it.
  25. EdMcMush

    Choice choices, Poll

    I am getting my Pure Aero VS strung up tomorrow, I have a set of Gosen Polyon 17 and a set of Dunlop Black Widow 17, which should i get strung up
  26. EdMcMush

    Yonex ezone ai 98 4 3.8

    Racquet Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Yonex ezone ai 98 Grip Size: 4 3.8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Decent amount, used mostly as a backup racquet for the past year *General Description...
  27. EdMcMush

    Yonex Vcore SI 98 4 3/8

    I am intrested in this racquet, I am willing to buy or trade for it. Email me at
  28. EdMcMush

    hype about white grips

    Just out of curiosity, i noticed by far the most popular tacky overgrips are the white grips. As a man who does not really play with tac grips, does the color actually affect the performance?
  29. EdMcMush

    what string is comparable to Dunlop Black Widow

    I am trying to find a cheaper alternative to black widow string. I searched the threads couldnt find much. thank you if you can help out
  30. EdMcMush

    Gosen Polyon 17 vs Gosen Poly Profession Vs IsoSpeed Baseline 17

    I am looking to get a real of any of these polys. They are budget strings which is what I want so no comments on how i should get a real of Lux BB or Alu Power, too expensive. So any recommendations of any of the strings above or other budget poly reals. Thank you :)