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  1. supermario343

    FS: Wilson Sampras Limited Edition Bag

    Selling my Limited Edition Pete Sampras Wilson Bag. Don't see too many of these bags around anymore and I'm not using it anymore. Looking for a good home for this bag or a collector. I can't remember the year on this bag for he was using it during some of the major a few years ago...
  2. supermario343

    FS: Wilson Limited Edition Federer Bag(Swiss)

    Selling my Limited Edition Swiss Roger Federer Wilson Bag. Don't see too many of these bags around anymore and I'm not using it anymore. Looking for a good home for this bag or a collector. I can't remember the year on this bag for he was using it during some of the major a few years ago...
  3. supermario343

    Tourna Big Hitter

    Great string imo. Many have also found it comparable to Luxilon BB for a fraction of the price. TW is also offering a free stringmeter with a purchase of a tourna reel now too. Can't beat that offer!
  4. supermario343

    Video of Me Playing....Finally

    Many have asked for me to record a video of myself playing and finally here it is lol. Its nothing special, just a buddy of mine and I playing a tiebreaker. We were going pretty quickly bc my battery was running low on my camera. Let me know what you guys think : ) Im in the red shirt and black...
  5. supermario343

    Wilson Racquets Suck....

    I own 2 of the new Wilson BLX 95 18X20's...and so I was hitting with my friend today...when i broke a string in one of them. I didnt care too much bc its just a string so I go into my bag to get my other find the frame had broke. I never touched the frame for at least a month and...
  6. supermario343

    DSLR Lens Help/Question

    Hey guys...have a question for ya'll. Im going to the Chicago Auto Show next weekend and was wondering which lens I should bring with out of the array that I have. My lenses are: 1. Nikon 18-105mm VR 2. Nikon 55-200mm VR 3. Nikon 70-300mm VR 4. Nikon 35mm f/1.8 5. Nikon 50mm f/1.8 6. Tamon...
  7. supermario343

    New RF Hat...

  8. supermario343

    Anyone notice Rafas Technifibre Bag?

    I just saw the match on tennis channel and when he was putting his racquets away...he had a racquet with a technifibre plastic bag covering it. Does that mean anything like he changed strings...or future companies? Or did the stringers just put that on? :shock:
  9. supermario343

    Where to put lead tape on a k90 to make it play like a kps88?

    Im wondering if anyone can help me with this Q...I love the new kps88's and i was just wondering where and how much lead tape i would put on a k90 to make it play and feel like a kps88...ik it wont be exactly the same but just to get it close...any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
  10. supermario343

    Got the new Luxilon M2 string today...

    I received the new luxilon m2 multi mono string in the mail today...heres a pic of what it looks like! Anyone else receive theirs yet? Front... Back...
  11. supermario343

    String Savers....

    Do you guys care for them? I just bought the Babolat ones and put some on my N90. Well see how they work next time I hit with them....
  12. supermario343

    Look what I stumbled upon...

    A brand new Wilson N90 Tour 3/8's grip with dampener haha... :shock::razz:
  13. supermario343

    Washing Hats?

    I was wondering how you guys wash your hats once they get dirty..any suggestions? :oops: lol much appreciated!
  14. supermario343

    Problem with Head Buttcaps Flying Off?

    I recently acquired a Head Flexpoint and the buttcap flew off like after 5 minutes of hard hitting. I kept putting it back in but it just kept falling off again...has this happened to anyone? :( The racquet doesn't sound solid without it either...
  15. supermario343

    Big Ace/Forten Sweet Combo....

    Anyone have any opinions on this?...Im sure the forten sweet will soften up the big ace....Im stringing it on my n90 atm and just wondering how itll hit. :|
  16. supermario343

    Illinois Tennis!

    Anyone from IL here that would want to play some tennis, hitting partner, play matches...etc...Im by the Chicago area :)
  17. supermario343

    Price Dropping on K90 Anytime soon?

    Does anyone know when there might be a price dropping for the K90 on TW or any other site? lol :) Id just like to pick up a couple more and dont really want to venture out to the bay to get them. Any feedback would be appreciated as always!
  18. supermario343

    New Roland Garros Apparel!....

    What do you guys feel about these? They look pretty nice to me...I just ordered both colors of the Logo Top shirt...and the white shorts to match :) Also, are these clothes what the pros are going to wear during RG? Btw, heres a direct link to them...
  19. supermario343

    Dennis Chan is a great trader!

    Thanks again for a great transaction :)
  20. supermario343

    ~Has Anyone Tried these Tennis Balls? ~

    I saw these at ***** Sporting Goods today and decided to try a few cans...Its supposedly the official ball of Wimbledon too i guess? Any feedback would be appreciated :)
  21. supermario343

    What would you do with this N90?

    So I just bought a brand new Wilson N90 Tour from a friend for $120...Would you keep it how it is for a collective down the road or string it up and play with it? Mind you I have 4 Wilson K90's to play with at the moment :) All opinions welcome! Here are a couple pictures of it as well....
  22. supermario343


    Great trader and very friendly :) would trade strings with again!
  23. supermario343

    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Feel free to upload pictures of all your tennis apparel....shirts, shorts, bandanas...etc. :) Lets make this a fun thread! My Bandanas.... My Shirts... My Shorts...
  24. supermario343

    All the BIG Hitters out there...

    What is your favorite string or combo to use? I like Pro Supex Big Ace with Pro Supex Stn. Gut Spiral Flex strung at 52 lbs. Solid feel and I can plow through the ball :) Id love to hear your opinions and what options you guys have in mind
  25. supermario343

    The New Nike Bandanas are AVAILABLE!

    Just keeping everyone updated here....Theyre not on TW yet but theyre on a different site :D Looks sweet, its the green one Nadal wore. Im looking for the Fed one to come out!
  26. supermario343

    Adidas CC Boom Edge Men's Shoes....

    Any thoughts about these shoes? I just ordered a pair and they are only $61. I like the design and it looks like a good shoe so i picked up a pair :) If anyone has them already, Id love to know what you or anyone thinks. Thanks!
  27. supermario343

    Stringing Natural Gut on a Dropweight?

    Hey..I was wondering how safe or risky it is to string gut on a dropweight machine. I use the Gamma Progression II 602 FC. Ive never tried gut before and wanted to buy some to try it out. Ive heard that it isnt safe to string gut on a dropweight but then other people tell me its fine. Any...
  28. supermario343

    Any Illinois Tennis Players Here?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone is from IL here. I am located close to Chicago and was wondering in getting to know more people and actually hit with them. Just love the game of tennis!
  29. supermario343

    Show your Wilson Frames!

    If you own a Wilson tennis pictures of your frames :) Lets see all the Tour 90's, Prostaffs, NCodes....etc! Would love to see them all!
  30. supermario343

    Adidas vs. Nike......

    So these are the two biggest competing companies as far as tennis clothes are concerned and I was wondering who likes what brand better. I personally favor the Adidas clothes just a tad more than Nikes. Both companies have great colors to their apparel. Adidas is launching their new lineup...