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  1. Mig1NC

    Borg vs McEnroe Movie

    This just popped up on Hulu. Anybody watch it yet? Looks really good. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. Mig1NC

    TWU Power Zone Comparison Doesn't Load for the Dunlop Srixon 2.0

    Select the Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0
  3. Mig1NC

    FS: 1x Partial Donnay Customization Kit.

    Found this in my tennis bag today Item Description (Brand/Model): Partial Donnay Customization Kit from my old dual core silver racquets. Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 7? *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): probably had these on for about four hours of...
  4. Mig1NC

    TWU string friction page error

    When I click on this link, I get the following error: ERROR : No Select: Table 'Strings.Brand' doesn't exist
  5. Mig1NC

    Han Solo Plays Tennis

    I thought it was pretty cool on his interview this morning that Harrison Ford said he plays tennis. How awesome would it be to play a friendly match against the galaxy's second coolest scoundrel smuggler? (You all know Lando was the cooler scoundrel)
  6. Mig1NC

    Recommend me a new bag

    I currently have two bags, a Dunlop Aerogel 12-pack thermal and a Babolat backpack from the Cortex generation. Unfortunately neither are great for me right now. I just don't need or want to be hauling the 12-pack around since I liquidated nearly all except my playing racquets, and unfortunately...
  7. Mig1NC

    Show me your tennis-themed home office

    So, I'm building a new house and I want to decorate my office in a tennis theme. Pinterest and online image searches don't really have any home office rooms. Mainly tennis-themed kid's bedrooms. Inspire me!
  8. Mig1NC

    WTS/WTT: Donnay, Vantage, Prince

    I have the following racquets for sale or trade. For trade, I am looking for one or more Pacific X-Fast Pro grip size 3. 1) Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Donnay X-Dual Silver 99 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 99 Condition (x out of 10): 7.5/10 Price: $75 2) Item Description...
  9. Mig1NC

    PS97LS vs Head Graphene XT Speed MP A

    I think this is an interesting comparison and would like to demo the two together. Head Size: 97 sq. in. / 625.81 sq. cm. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Strung Weight: 10.8oz / 306.17g Balance: 13.1in / 33.27cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 314 Stiffness: 67 Beam Width: 23mm / 23mm / 23mm / String...
  10. Mig1NC

    Gamma Glide Hybrid w/ Live Wire ok for Prince ESP frame?

    Has anybody used the Gamma Glide Hybrid 1.30mm w/ Live Wire 1.32mm pack in a Prince ESP racquet? Looking for something with more playable time than poly with more spin than regular syngut and...
  11. Mig1NC

    Looking for new shoe suggestions - very high arch

    Hey gang. My current pair are on their last legs. Looking for some ideas on my next pair, not sticking specifically to any one brand, what are the top, say, under $120 shoes, for somebody with very high arches and a broad forefoot?
  12. Mig1NC

    Demos coming soon?

    For the Dunlop Force 100S it says this: "this is a must demo for intermediate and advanced players looking for some extra RPMs." Yet there is no demo button to click on. Same for the Pro Staff 97LS. Will there be demos available soon?
  13. Mig1NC

    Does this racquet exist, or what would be best to customize to it?

    Looking for a racquet with these specs, but I can't find a match. Strung Static Weight: 313g Strung Swingweight: 315 Strung Balance: 34cm Length: 27.25 Headsize: Midplus (say... anything from 97 to 102) Beam: Not greater than ~24mm, preferably constant beam, but not 100% required...
  14. Mig1NC

    Anybody lead up a Prince Premier 105 or EXO3 Red?

    I recently demo'd the Prince Premier 105 ESP, basically an EXO3 Red ESP, and while I've always really liked the Red, it wasn't anything like what I usually played with. For some reason, I really really enjoyed my demo. Has anybody tried adding an overgrip and 15-20g of lead to the handle...
  15. Mig1NC

    Looking 4 something a tad crisper and with a little more power

    Still playing with the Donnay X-Dual Silver 99. I love the speed and maneuverability of the racquet, but there is something about the Xenecore frame that doesn't feel the way I like. It feels fine, but just not quite my style. I'm looking for something that feels just a tad "crisper" and has...
  16. Mig1NC

    Question RE ProKennex Ki Q5 Power Levels

    I was wondering why the Q5 295 is listed as "medium" power level whereas the Q5 315 is listed as low-medium, even though they have the same profile, head size, string pattern, length, and the "low-medium" powered 315 actually has 1pt higher stiffness and 5pts higher swingweight, which should (on...
  17. Mig1NC

    Wanted: High end/good quality junior 26" frame

    Looking for a ~26" performance racquet, no more than 98" headsize. Should be in at least 8/10 shape. mig(underscore)one(at)hotmail(dot)com
  18. Mig1NC

    FS/FT Donnay X-Dual Silver 99 size 3

    I have three Donnay X-Dual Silver 99 size 3 (4 3/8). I would say the conditions are 7.5, 8, and 8.5 $75 shipped FedEx ground each or $200 for all three (a $25 savings). Prefer to ship as a set, but will split up. By all three and get my Donnay Tournament 6-pack bag for free. It looks...
  19. Mig1NC

    Battle of the +quarter inch pleeners?

    I've recently demo'd the Wilson Steam & Becker NYC (as well as the Organix 5, thinking about adding a ton of weight to it, but gave up on the idea), planning on the Pacific X-Fast Pro 100 and Wilson PS 100 next. Maybe also the ProKennex Ionic Ki 15 PSE (although this looks like more of a pure...
  20. Mig1NC

    Broken link on main site

    I was looking at the Becker NYC and clicked to see if there was any advance player feedback here: Down at the bottom I clicked on the link "27.25 Inch Tennis Racquets" and it appears to be broken. EDIT: I found this link to be broken on...
  21. Mig1NC

    Prince 14x18 Warrior DB available in the US?

    Is there ANY chance the 14x18 Warrior DB will be available too? I'm dying to try this thing, but don't want to have to order from Europe. And demoing is cool. I know some users have posted that it will be Euro only, but I wanted to ask TW directly.
  22. Mig1NC

    FS: 2 x Prince O3 Tour OS (107)

    As much as I loved playing with these frames, they gotta go. For sale is one size 4 (4 1/2) in 8.5 condition. The other is like new with wrapper still on grip. For now, I am only selling these as a pair. They are really good player's OS frames, thin beam, medium flex, lots of control and...
  23. Mig1NC

    WTB: 2x Donnay +0g buttcap

    I need two +0g (standard) Donnay buttcaps.
  24. Mig1NC

    Any pros sponsored by or use New Balance?

    I have been an adidas man for a number of years now. But I recently learned that New Balance has a fair amount of shoes still made in the USA, and if I read their website correctly, that includes their tennis lineup. So I was wondering, do any pros use New Balance? Sponsored or not.
  25. Mig1NC

    School me on reels of overgrips

    Nobody around here has reels, so I was wondering. Do reels of overgrips come like reels of string? Like, do you just roll out the grip and cut it to length? Or does it come pre-cut and you just peel your grips off the real one at a time?
  26. Mig1NC

    Decoding Donnay Bar Codes

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anybody knows what all the numbers in a Donnay bar code mean? My demo from TW says this: 300318700323 I think that means 300g, 318mm balance, but what does the 700323 mean? The 70 could be the stiffness, as printed on the frame of the X-Dual Silver. Maybe...
  27. Mig1NC

    New Dunlop Biomimetic teaser pic

    Got an email from Dunlop with a teaser picture in it today. If you go to Dunlop's facebook page they posted a link to it in the Dominika 'Uncovered' story (which by itself is worth seeing). Click the link they posted and scroll down. I haven't seen teal as a Dunlop color before that I can...
  28. Mig1NC

    Yamaha EX-1?

    Can anybody tell me something about the Yamaha EX-1? I don't know if it was ever sold in the US market or not.
  29. Mig1NC

    TWU - ETA on adding Donnay X-Dual test data?

    Just wondering when we might be able to see the new sticks in the TWU data.
  30. Mig1NC

    Something like Gamma Grip II OG but longer?

    I love my GG2, but unfortunately I may be facing having to leave them becuase they seem to be too short. I'm willing to try the Pacific X-Tac Pro, but I need to know if it is longer than the GG2 or not. Anybody know or have any other suggestions?