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  1. neverstopplaying

    Wilson Clash 100 , grip 2

    Rcquet has been sold. Thanks to tt.
  2. neverstopplaying

    Wilson Clash 100 , grip 2

    Price drop: $175
  3. neverstopplaying

    Wilson Clash 100 , grip 2

    Wilson Clash 100; only used for one hit of about 35 minutes. Grip Size: 4/1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: 9.5 out of 10; Specific Time Used: 35 minutes General Description: I bought 3 of these and will keep 2. The I'm selling was hit with only once and has noblemishes or signs of...
  4. neverstopplaying

    All you Canadians....Sale/Trade Club?

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Clash 100 Grip Size / Size:4 1/4 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet):100 Condition (x out of 10):9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 35 minutes *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): I bought...
  5. neverstopplaying

    Why usually making one version of midsize rackets?! And why not a light racket Boron composite?!

    Head made (or makes) the Prestige Rev Pro, which is their 93 in2 in a lightweight format. I still like to hit with in sometimes and like it for what it is. Everybody on here dissed on it, it's always sold at a discount, and everyone that reviews it wants to add weight. I don't think there's much...
  6. neverstopplaying

    FS: Yonex SV 98 305G (L3): $120 (Toronto, ON)

    Did you end up selling this racquet? I'm interested. ray4pub @
  7. neverstopplaying

    Ping Pong or Pool table

    I lived in 3 homes where we set up pool tables and they were great social activity. I was quite good and sometimes the games were competitive. About a month ago, we just set up a ping pong table in our house (no pool table) and we all are playing often. We are all pretty good tennis players and...
  8. neverstopplaying

    Common first world problems

    Making tough decisions. Do I need to update my all black 2016 RF97 for the the 2018 model with the white band? I think by poly went dead at 4 hours and I'm spraying balls everywhere... Seems I put 2gms of lead at 3 and 9 and I think it would be better a 10 and 2, or maybe 3gms ... I can't decide...
  9. neverstopplaying

    Rogers Cup used to be on clay?

    If ever you're in Quebec, message me through tt and I'll point you to some good clay courts.
  10. neverstopplaying

    Rogers Cup used to be on clay?

    I'm not sure if you're in Canada, and if so, where, but in Quebec there is an increasing number sites in many municipalities that have newer and really well maintained clay courts. All the junior championships for U10, U12 and U14 are played on clay here. At the national tennis center in...
  11. neverstopplaying

    Arm-friendly racket with enough power?

    My picks for you would be: Pure strike 16x19 ezone 100 Prince beast (I've only played the older warrior 100) They offer quite a bit more power than your current stick, decent control and good comfort. I was hesitating to put the ezone on top, but the PS seems to provide more power on serves.
  12. neverstopplaying

    Corny Keg tennis ball pressurizer

    I put my 1st load of balls in my 2 kegs (25-lbs pressure) and we'll see what happens. I ended up ordering 2 new Torpedo ball lock kegs, as they are easier to find in Canada, and don't cost much more that used Corny kegs. They fit 60 balls each.
  13. neverstopplaying

    Corny Keg tennis ball pressurizer

    Thanks for the video. Since I have only 2 kegs, I will charge 50x2 at a time and alternate when they lose pressure. I was reading the other thread and see that some have posters problems with regular Penn balls; of course I have mostly Costco Penn balls so I'll have to see how that works out...
  14. neverstopplaying

    Corny Keg tennis ball pressurizer

    I'll see when I try out my kegs next week how tedious I find storing the balls under pressure. I appreciate the input and am looking forward to have 150 pressurized balls.
  15. neverstopplaying

    Corny Keg tennis ball pressurizer

    So it can take more than aweek to restore the pressure?
  16. neverstopplaying

    Corny Keg tennis ball pressurizer

    After 5 years of following the 2 Corny Key threads, I finally orders 2 kegs and materials. Kegs will arrive at the end of the week. There are 3 tennis players in the family, a ball machine that gets used once or twice a week, and my son is practicing 1-2 baskets of serves on most days. I have...
  17. neverstopplaying

    TT 100p too powerful, TT95?

    I Agree that you should be fine with the TT100P. I won't be too powerful with a hybrid string setup, or a softer poly, that you are looking for. I would not recommend the TT95 unless you are at 4.5 and up, and under 40. The 100P offers plenty of control, and and easier game.
  18. neverstopplaying

    Steam 99s vs pure strike 2017

    I've owned and played with 99s, PS2017, TT100p, and TT100 Warrior. I would rank them as follows: PS2017 - best combination of power, stability, control and stiffness for stock weight - no discomfort for me with a soft poly at #50 - my current racquet of choice; TT100P - best feel of the bunch...
  19. neverstopplaying

    I s anyone still using the old Yonex orange RDS 002 tour?

    I haven't seen one in ages. But I played it for a few months with good results. Great plow through. It was a tad stiff.
  20. neverstopplaying

    do these stiffer 98" players racquets cause arm pain for you?

    I stay away from the really stiff ones (over 70RA); I played with for a while was a Dunlop 500 and developed a case of tennis elbow after 10 days of so. I also could not handle the Extreme. However I was fine with around 66RA racquets: Blades, Yonex ezone 100 and I now play with a Pure Strike...
  21. neverstopplaying

    Can Rackets be broken by the person stringing it?

    This is exactly how a racquet would break if it had slipped out of the mounting clamps on the stringing machine while the mains were being strung. The tension from the mains would collapse the frame vertically and cause this type of fracture. The risk increases if it happens after many mains...
  22. neverstopplaying

    Prince Textreme 100T the brilliance of Captain Orange

    When I did this, I had 6 inch strips a little higher that center on 3 and 9 - nothing at 12. I also added a little in the throat to get as close as possible to the weight, balance and SW of the 100P. Though I liked the setup, and it was rock solid, I missed the slightly stiffer DR100...
  23. neverstopplaying

    SW Doesn't get a seeding at FO, is that a bad thing?

    I don't disagree with your comment, but how do you pass a rule that any player, named Serena Williams, is allowed a wild card into a slam.
  24. neverstopplaying

    SW Doesn't get a seeding at FO, is that a bad thing?

    I'm a strong believer that fans are paying big dollars to buy tickets and this is what should drive the decision making. I do believe that players should not be penalized for maternity, but paying customers should not have to buy tickets for players coming back from maternity with protected top...
  25. neverstopplaying

    A Smooth/Round Poly or Co Poly To Cross With Natural Gut

    Silverstring. Nice performance and playability throughout its life.
  26. neverstopplaying

    Elbow pain from misshits?

    I previously got TE from a single match. I was playing on dry clay and the balls were bouncing higher than usual and my timing was a bit off. I'm glad to see it's almost gone.
  27. neverstopplaying

    SUV's and electric cars!

    Europe, China, rest of Asia, Canada, Australia will go off ICE before USA, South America and Africa.
  28. neverstopplaying

    SUV's and electric cars!

    Let's more forward 50-100 years or so. We don't have oil any more for cars. When should we start planning for this massive change? Why do people focus on climate change and not discuss air quality? Don't people want to breath the best air possible? Fortunately I live where there is abundant...
  29. neverstopplaying

    Prince ESP 98 Natural gut broken string after three hours

    ESP racquets needs thicker poly strings - anything else will break in a few hours. There were many posts on this topic when Wilson and Prince 1st launched their spin effect racquets. You will waste your dollars on Tough Gut if you are hitting hard enough to generate the spin these racquets...