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  1. xFedal

    Should it be held against Djokovic for failing to surpass Feds benchmarks set in 2004-07?

    With the benefit of hindsight Djokovic failed to surpass Feds Golden years. Discuss why it should or shouldn't be held against him. I feel by not surpassing Feds benchmarks Novak has left a very rotten smelly apple in the fruit basket. It basically strips the cherry from his cake.
  2. xFedal

    Why didn't Fed win 2003 USO?

    Fed showed mind blowing Tennis in 2003 Wimbledon. Scary good level, why couldn't he win 2003 USO now that the monkey is off his back? Dude may have exceeded his insane Wimbledon level at YEC against Aggasi in the final. He definitely had the game to win it .
  3. xFedal

    Which year Federer became elite returner?

    Was 2003 the year Federer became elite returner? Broke serve 29.9% . Won 41.5% of all return points. Or was it the year before when he won 25.1% return games? Discuss.....
  4. xFedal

    Can Thiem beat Djokovic at 2021 AO?

    Can Thiem win back to back slams USO20-AO21? If he does it he would be the best player in my eyes. Not only that but it would put immense pressure on 34 year old Nole to win Wimbledon on DEMAND to keep slam/goat race alive. USO21 is not clear as anyone can win that one.
  5. xFedal

    Who will end their career with most slam match wins Nole or Fed?

    Fed is at 362 match wins in 4 majors, Nole is at 296. When all is said and done who will have more match wins at the slams? Federer and Novak are 2 of the most consistent players ever in mens Tennis.
  6. xFedal

    Can Nole tie Lavers 7 YE#1 (1964-70)

    Is 7 YE#1 asking for too much from Nole?
  7. xFedal

    How did Mr Fed win 3 slams after 35?

    Seems impossible to do?
  8. xFedal

    21st November 2020. The day Chovovic and Chokedal showed up.

    Who could have predicted 2 chokes from these two in the same day.
  9. xFedal

    Who had the more impressive teenage career Monica Seles or Steffi Graf?

    8 slams v 6 + Calendar Golden Slam + 1 year YE#1. Discuss
  10. xFedal

    Federer worst slam winning performance AO18?

    Nole many times won slams by not playing his best Tennis, like USO15, Wimbledon 19 final. I struggle to find matches in which Fed did not play his best tennis but still won in the slam final, apart from AO18. Discuss other matches.
  11. xFedal

    8 months later #14 French Open titles

    Can Novak really win 5 more slams at his age to surpass Rafa?
  12. xFedal

    Would 13 French Opens be the most impressive Tennis record?

    Surely #13 french opens would be the most impressive tennis record? It would require 14 to surpass it. Not to mention 8 months later he can defend it for a 5 peat.
  13. xFedal

    Highly Respected Novak Djokovic receives 10 Year - UAE Gold Card Visa Before Federer.

    Who says Djokovic isn't well respected? Novak Djokovic is having the best time of his life once again. The Serb is currently preparing for the 2020 Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships starting next week. Some exciting news has come his way which means he will soon get another prize he can...
  14. xFedal

    Which Tennis players have dual citizenship ?

    Fed is both Swiss/South African..... Nadal only Spanish? Any of the French players that have been living in Switzerland for 10+ years gotten Swiss citizenship yet?
  15. xFedal

    Has Nadal signed a Prenup to protect his assets/wealth?

    It is generally advisable that a wealthy man or women sign a prenuptial agreement 6 months in advance to protect themselves..... Just CURIOUS..... Discuss.
  16. xFedal

    Is Nadal greater than Laver?

    Is Nadal greater than Laver? He has won #19 slams :oops:
  17. xFedal

    The more you cheer for me the more I win for you. #1st Slam

    The more you cheer for me the more I win for you. Sorry to tell you that mate. He's gonna do it.... win his 1st Slam...... fuelled by the booing crowd Medvedev will win.
  18. xFedal

    Medvedev to have the last laugh in NYC?

    "The more you cheer for me the more I win for you guys."
  19. xFedal

    Medvedev Vs Federer is the most interesting match up.

    Wawrinka empties Noles tank.... Medvedev wipes the floor then proceeds to meet Federer in the semis. Will we see this interesting match up?
  20. xFedal

    With this serious injury Djokovics chances of winning are incredibly slim

    I can't see him surviving Sten, Med, Fed, Ned....... NADAL#19......... NADAL WILL WIN USO19......NOBODY CAN STOP PROJECT #19.
  21. xFedal

    Would Novak be able to recover his arm and form by Australian Open 2020?

    Djokovic doesn't seem to be able to play that well the last few months..... its looking very unlikely he will win anything substantial for the rest of the year.....
  22. xFedal

    Nadal and Medvedev BIG 2 contenders for the USO19

    Nadal and Medvedev the 2 most in form players..... will wreck havoc at USO.
  23. xFedal

    Why Djokovic will not win USO19

    The reason why Djokovic will not win USO19 is because he has lost his SERVE "CLUTCHNESS" ..... 53.4% BREAK POINTS SAVED ON SERVE in 2019 :oops: ......a glaring weakness the worlds best returner Rafael Nadal (tour leading 37.9% return games won) will take advantage of... By contrast Nadal...
  24. xFedal

    Why has Djokovics 2nd serve become so weak?

    He wins less points on 2nd serve these last few years.
  25. xFedal

    Has Ramos ever umpired Krygios Matches?

    Ramos wouldn't have taken CR@P from Nick.
  26. xFedal

    How fast is Cincinnati playing?

    Montreal played 43.6 CPI INDEX.....Any news on Cincy speed?
  27. xFedal

    Who do you rank higher between Pancho Gonzalez? Ken Rosewall? Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic - 16 Slams..... 270 Weeks at No.1 ....Winning h2h with Federer/Nadal. Pancho Gonzalez - 8 Years No.1....7 World Tours won. Rosewall Incredible Pro Slam Career and Longevity. Discuss......
  28. xFedal

    Which player is mentally the strongest?

    Novak Djokovic - Best at saving match points Pete Sampras - Big 2nd Serve seemed to get him out of trouble.. Nadal - point to point focus top notch.... Discuss.....the rest and why?
  29. xFedal

    Tiebreak Record

    Player Career Tie-break Win-Rate Career Tie-break Record 1. Roger Federer 65.1% 432-232 2. Arthur Ashe 64.9% 159-86 3. Novak Djokovic 63.3% 229-133 4. Andres Gomez 63.2% 182-106 5. Pete Sampras 62.8% 328-194 Roger Federer has long been the most dominant tie-break competitor on the ATP...
  30. xFedal

    Best 3 ever on Clay....

    1. Rafael Nadal - 11 RG 2. Bjorn Borg - 6 RG 3. Ken Rosewall - 6 Majors on Clay Discuss your best 3 ever on Clay.....