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  1. Jay Sean

    Best DropWeight?

    Want fixed clamps. Tried the tourna 150 CS. It's decent but I see a few options around that price range and wanted some thoughts.
  2. Jay Sean

    Tennis Grip Tape

    Ok, for real, where can you find that tape that is like the tape that comes with grip? Stock racquets come with a basegrip installed with a thin, matte tape which has a nice stretch to it and is light/flexible. Everyone is so quick to suggest electrical tape which is really nothing like that...
  3. Jay Sean

    Ever do such a string-job?

    Just for fun and looks but also somewhat performance, I'm thinking about doing a hybrid where I do 4 or 6 mains, or so, in one string and the rest of the mains in another. Same with the crosses. Am obvious but maybe mostly insignificant drawback is having more tie offs. Several more since you...
  4. Jay Sean

    Does lower tension in crosses matter?

    I have had the thought that it doesn't because pulling the crosses through the mains already demands more tension than the mains strung alone. As in, there's much more friction involved when pulling the crosses through, which I figured must take up some of the force needed to pull the strings to...
  5. Jay Sean

    Grip Tape?

    Anyone find some grip tape to use instead of what comes with the overgrip? Some shops have this stretchy thin vinyl like tape. I'm looking for something matte and black to go on in a similar way.
  6. Jay Sean

    What are you demoing?

    And what do you think? What level do you play at?
  7. Jay Sean

    New Flex Measurement?

    I hear Wilson is coming out with something. Might be really helpful because some of us know that the RA rating of a racquet can only say so much about it's true flex. Flex happens everywhere. In the hoop and the handle, the throat, etc. It is an annoying measurement because so often I have hit...
  8. Jay Sean

    What is a popular racquet you love or hate and why?

    Everyone has a different in style and preference. Therefore, some racquets will work for you and others wont. Doesn't matter if someone is better or not. So with that out of the way...I am curious What racquets do you see around often that you love or hate and why? At the higher levels, I see...
  9. Jay Sean

    When was the last time you changed racquets and why?

    Also, from what to what racquet did you go from and to? Any close contenders or tough decisions? Any you thought along the way that would be up your alley based on the specs or reviews that ended up being terrible for you? Elaborate as much as you want about why you liked this/that racquet...
  10. Jay Sean

    How to get durable custom paint finish.

    Anyone succeed in getting a durable custom paint job finished that they did themselves? I want to know the process that led to your success. My racquet needs to be protected during a string job, for example. The paint isn't quite durable enough to survive that unscathed. Sometimes a good ball...
  11. Jay Sean

    Anyone super picky about socks?

    I am. I want grip in my tennis shoe and I need an insole that helps provide that along with the sock. I feel like a lot of players use slippery and thin running shoes and just don't know what it's like to be truly locked into your shoe without the foot moving separately within the shoe. Huge...
  12. Jay Sean

    Any racquet painting tips?

    I am aware of the forum that describes the process in detail but I want to know if anyone here has done it themselves and if they've had durable results! I don't expect mine to be quite as durable as the stock paint job but it would be awesome if it were possible. Is it? I've done mine 2 times...
  13. Jay Sean

    What's your favorite sub $12 string?

    Feel free to elaborate on why and what your playstyle/level is.
  14. Jay Sean

    Grip Modifications with Athletic Tape

    Does anyone else use layers of athletic tape to fill in the little gaps in your palm? Your hand has a concave shape that doesn't physically contact the grip (more or less depending on hand and grip style) and I create a little bump/bulge to fill that spot on all my racquets. Grip feels much...