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    Wilson Blade V6

    What string and tension did TW use in the video for the Blade 98 v6 relaunch? Thanks
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    Tuxedo RF97A

    Who out there thinks that the Tuxedo (White/Black) RF97A is the best cosmetic? At first, I thought that the black cosmetic was the best, but over time, I have come to think that the Tuxedo is much more of a classic and elegantly simple cosmetic. I now definitely prefer it over the original and...
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    Question for Jo11y and others

    Any real difference between ALU 16L and ALU 16? What about ALU Soft? Thinking of switching to a full bed. Have been using full beds of Proline X 16, JB Tour 100 16, BBO Rough, and ALU LE (ruby) all between 46-50 in an RF97A tuxedo. 4.0 with long fast strokes and moderate to heavy topspin. Order...
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    Chris, Troy, Michelle, and Others

    Chris, Troy, Michelle, and others. There weren't any common reviewers between the 2015 Pure Drive Tour and the 2018 Pure Drive Tour. Can any of you share your experiences and contrast the differences between the 2015 Pure Drive Tour and the 2018 Pure Drive Tour? I'm particularly concerned about...
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    TW Europe

    Does TW Europe offer racquet matching? If so, how much is it?
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    Isner's new Racquet?

    Definitely a version of the new Textreme Warrior 100. But, looks like an extended length version to me. Might also be a 16x19 drill pattern. Can anyone provide the actual scoop here?
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    Pure Strike 16x19 vs Yonex Ai98/Dr98 v Organix V1 Pro

    can you guys give some insights into the commonalities and differences between these frames? Thanks
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    Question for Andy and other TW Playtesters

    I have been putting in a lot of practice time. It may be time for me to finally commit to a frame. I hit heavy pace and topspin off both forehand and backhand. Far semi-western on forehand just beyond eastern on 2hbh. I have also been coming to the net quite a bit to finish the point and play...
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    Please compare

    Can anyone compare Yonex Si98, Ai98, Vcore Xi98, and Babolat Pure Aero Tour, and a weighted up 2013 APD?
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    Racquet matching service

    Does TennisWarehouse Europe offer a racquet matching service? If so, how much? Can we use TW gift cards to buy something from TWE?
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    Thoughts on Pure Drive 107

    Thinking of continuing to go lighter but also toward more forgiving. This stick seems to be pretty popular with guys in their 40s and 50s who still hit with some authority. Also, it's supposedly much more arm-friendly than the standard Pure Drive. Most interested in thoughts on 2012 "black...
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    Super Smash Spiky

    I just noticed that you have little to no stock on Super Smash Spiky and have been 2for1 on reels. Is this string being discontinued or is TW just not stocking it?
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    Peak Djokovich

    Well, as a Fed fan and a sometimes admirer of Nadal, it's time to acknowledge that these heroes on the decline. I believe it is also time to acknowledge that we are in peak Djokovic now. Based on what I just saw he is at the peak of his powers. He is clearly slightly better at everything than...
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    Largest Sweetspot Racquets

    For those using player's frames and tweeners, which do you feel has the largest sweetspot? My current frame of choice is the 2012 PDR+, but I will be moving on from it due to arm pain. In the meantime, I sometimes use the Organix 10 Mid which I bought for fun since I enjoy the feel of mids. I...
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    Racquet Question

    Need help. Been playing with the PDR+ for 2 months. Love a lot of things about it, but even after changing string setups, my arm has said no more. I also play with an Organix 10 Mid and love a lot of things about it (stability, feel, spin) but could use some more pop and a little more...
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    Need Help

    Alas, after putting in the good fight for 8 weeks, it appears that my PDR+ is actually an arm-wrecker. I had thought that the additional mass over the PD+ would keep it from being the arm-killer that the PD+ was. Too bad, because I was beginning to play some of my best tennis ever. I also play...
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    Origin Mains/Glide Crosses

    Anyone tried this combo? I would be curious regarding the experience.
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    Organix 10 Mid

    Just curious as to what the actual size of this frame might be. TWU lists it as a 97 even though it's marketed as a 93. Spin window measurements versus previous versions (PB10 mid and DNX10 mid) seem to back this up that the string bed is a hair larger than the previous generations. I notice...
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    Question for PDR+ PD+users and Babolat Official

    So, I happen to have a few 2013 PD frames that I purchased from an authorized dealer sometime back. I also just purchased some 2012 PDR+ frames from TW on the Happy Hour sale. What I noticed. The 2013 PD+ frames are 0.2" inches LONGER than the PDR+ frames. The PD+ frames are almost the same...
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    PS 85 St. Vincent

    How much would I expect to pay (or sell) for an early St. Vincent PS85 without the bumperguard in very good condition?
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    Are there any plans to order KLIP gut any time soon? I need to order about 10 packs of the 15 (preferably) or the 15L. Thanks
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    Luxilon ALU Power 15

    Has this string been discontinued? I didn't see it on Wilson's webpage. Also does it come in Blue?
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    Klip 15g Legend Gut

    Will TW be getting this back in stock any time soon. I would like to buy at least 6 packs to use for this year's stringing. Thanks
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    Best advanced player spin racquet?

    I would like opinions regarding the following racquets for advanced, aggressive all-court player to use for both singles and doubles. Heavy topspin hitter off both wings. Head Speed MPA Wilson PS95S Wilson Blade 98S Wilson 6.1 95S Wilson PS97LS Prince Tour 98 ESP Prince Tour 100T ESP...
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    Question for Boonie

    Mark, can you and/or Jason and Chris give a run-down on some of the open-pattern frames that have just come out in comparison to one another and some standards. I am particularly interested in the comparison between the Speed MPA vs. Blade 98S vs. Speed XT Rev Pro vs. PS 95S vs. PS97LS. Would...
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    MGr/I for Youtek IG Extreme Pro

    New to this idea and looking for a little help. Can anyone calculate this for Youtek IG Extreme Pro? Strung specs with over grip and dampener are 345g, 326SW, 6pts HL.
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    Racquet Power Map

    Why don't the graphic power maps show up for any of the Babolat Pure Drive Plus racquets? The percentage data shows up on the position chart, but the graphic representation of the curves don't show. It shows up for the other Pure Drive and Pure Drive Roddick frames.
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    AeroPro Team

    Has anyone customized this frame in a polarized manner to player/tweener specs-- 11.8-12.0 oz with a SW around 325-330? I'm curious as to how this frame plays versus the IG Extreme Pro 2.0 or Graphene Extreme Pro. I am currently demoing the IG EP 2.0 and find that it has a very good blend of...
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    Question for TW Playtesters

    In the future would it be possible to include a few seconds in the video reviews and a small amount of space to detail the string and tension used in the racquet playtests? Thanks
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    Question for Andy

    Andy, I looked back at a number of your reviews and I am curious why you have chosen the Ai98 over a number of frames that you rated more highly. For example, I'm not sure you could have rated the IG Extreme Pro 2.0 frame more highly than you did, but you chose the Blade 98 at the time and then...