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  1. albatros_forehand

    Stepanek to coach Djokovic

    Not official yet, reported by Czech media only. Those 2 are good friends and Djokovic has always admired Steps for his stamina and showmanship, now probably looking to get back some enthusiasm for tennis. Agassi to focus on GS and Steps on the rest. :)
  2. albatros_forehand

    2016 Cincinnati R3 T. Berdych [6] vs M. Cilic [12]

    So.. What an interesting match this is gonna be, with Goran on Berds side! If I remember correctly V didn't do a very good job at preparing him for Murray. Let's see how Goran will do. Berdy to blow it in 3.
  3. albatros_forehand

    2016 Wimbledon R16 - [10] Tomáš Berdych vs. Jiří Veselý

    Who will prevail in the all Czech battle of the giants :D
  4. albatros_forehand

    Rank mental toughness from bad to the worst

    Berdych Gasquet Anderson Paire Almagro Belluci Tomic Verdasco Fognini Young Youzhny
  5. albatros_forehand

    Garcia Lopez AND Rosol refuse to shake hands

    WTF happened there ? They pulled a Douchard on each other :twisted:
  6. albatros_forehand

    25 sec

    I'm unsure about this. Should the 25sec countdown start after umpire calls 'time' at the break? The players seem to take much more time to start.. Especially Nadal.
  7. albatros_forehand

    DelPo out for the rest of the season

    Left wrist surgery. Good LUCK and come back soon DELPO!
  8. albatros_forehand

    Istomin gets jobbed
  9. albatros_forehand

    Hey slow court era critics

    I know you.. You are the same people who cheer for Stanislas and del Potro right? You want the guy with more winners to win! Don't get me wrong I like those guys too. But do you understand their shot making ability is only possible thanks to surface speed right? Cause these players are slow as...
  10. albatros_forehand

    The end of grinders?

    Having just watched Djoko making 2 very uncharacteristic UE from the bh, I was wondering if this could be due to him not having recovered well enough from the previous rally. Could this new rule encourage more winners/UE and less grinding in further stages of the match?
  11. albatros_forehand

    I. Karlovic vs J. Sock

    Whoaaa! Karlovic 7-6 (5) 7-6 (5)
  12. albatros_forehand

    Nicolas Almagro vs Stan the man Wawrinka ATP Buenos Aires semifinal

    Who will prevail and who will choke ;)?
  13. albatros_forehand

    A bit disappointed with the youngsters

    Baby Fed, Nishikori, Berankis, Dog (was he even playing?) Raonic (ok he was injured), JJ and Tomic-could they have done better? What's your view? . Looks like it's gonna be another year of top 4..
  14. albatros_forehand

    Racquet switch (from Dunlop 4d300tour) possibly to p1 18x20 ??

    Hi, coming from customised (even balanced) 4d300tour. I liked 18x20 string pattern, great mix of control and power, access to spin and stabilty (lead tape). I would like your opinion. Would like to switch to a similar racket that will offer similar level of power (more towards low), stability...