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    Weak era is ending?

    Days with Grigor Dmitrov at #3 seemed so unreal. Never saw tour suddenly losing so many top players injured out at the same time. Now i think Djokovic seems to have restored his B game at least. And maybe Nishikori similar page. Maybe Stan will recover by 2nd half. Del Potro is hanging around...
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    Deep pre-stretching (hint: I use gasoline)

    I was pondering about how I could do deep pre-stretching of a string. Originally from a thread below, for a very stretchy string called ashaway monogut zx. I initially thought of using the idea of hand winch(by graycrait) But I simply ended up using tow hook of my car. Simply fix the other...
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    Nadal is hitting hardest forehand right now. considering spins: From New York Times:
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    The "feel" of Zyex

    I have tried Ashaway Monogut ZX recently. First time out, full bed 60 lbs. I felt like it is uniquely crisp and resilient(powerful). 2nd time, i've tried as a cross with nylon mains. I gave good manual pre-stretching + 5% machine pre-stretching. initially it felt super crisp and underpowered...
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    Mid-cut tennis shoes

    Prince T22 Mid seems to be the only mid-cut tennis shoes in production currently. Any other ones?
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    release dates of 18x20 versions of Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro and ...

    New Blade 2017 and Pure Strike 2017 ? Thanks.
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    Nike Neon color clothing/shoes are distracting

    for viewers and possibly for players too. even as a viewer, i'm slow off identifying the ball, no?:D
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    Best selling non-Luxilon poly

    of last decade or so (or current). anybody has which one is(are) ?
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    Head's job with Speed series

    I just think Head could have done much better job with Speed Pro, a frame endorsed by a player who has been dominating tennis world last 4-5 years or so. Why do you guys think Speed series not as popular as others? Djokovic is not popular or Speed series have been disappointment? What sort of...
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    Replacement for 6.1 18x20 ?

    I don't see any update from Wilson for the old faithful 6.1 18x20. are they phasing this out?
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    The Tennis Channel should go monthly subscription

    like many other streaming services..... Tennis channel plus, the streaming service I mean.
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    Question on Dunlop Biomimetic buttcap.

    These butt caps pop open with a plier or something? I mean there is a trap door can be opened without removing the butt cap from the handle?
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    Swing Weight: is there optimal number for each individual?

    Some people can handle 330+, some people don't? Or once you become experienced player, all your strokes are wired based on the swing weight you got used to and matured with? But you tend to be able to handle higher swing weight as you advanced, no?
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    Three 18x20's out of 4 semi finalists at Indian Wells 2016

    18x20's are real Mccoy :D 2 Blades and a Speed.
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    Nadal's double faults in last 1 year or so.

    anyone who followed nadal last year or so would have noticed these double faults unusually high numbers. he DF-ed excessively high numbers around US Open 2015. he then cleaned up a bit during last winter season but more like he was rolling them in a bit more. then DFs kinda came back after AO...
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    Spin rate of Nadal's forehand from 2015

    ESPN showed average spin rate of Nadal's forehand in the Verdasco match at IW. He started match with about 3000 rpm (1st game), then it went up like ~3200 rpm during 2nd set. And ESPN also showed the average was (only) ~3000 rpm in entire Mueller match (but it is hard to gauge since it was very...
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    The noble battle Nadal is fighting... "Perhaps when he retires years from now, Nadal will never pick up a racket again. He is not the violinist who might play only for pleasure - he must triumph. There is a poignant tale of the artist Pierre...
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    Leander Pae's frame

    anybody has a guess on what it is? (saw in the mixed double with hingis) last year, it was head xt speed series. now he seems to play with all black frame. prototype like.
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    Least low-profile shoes (in the forefoot area)

    I've been trying lots of shoes, looking for shoes with forefoot area thickness and cushions. All tennis shoes are low profile these days i started to accept. I'm only looking for least low profile shoes so to speak.... So far 1. Adidas Barricade 7 Novak pro - thickest support among ones i tried...
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    Any plan to carry Donnay products again?

    like pro ones.... thanks.
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    Jacket Berdych is wearing in this... Is this tennis jacket ?
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    Federer and Darren Cahill

    I wonder what happened to this potential coaching by Darren Cahill in 2009. Reportedly Darren wanted to make him to play more aggressively at break points.
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    Insightful article on Nadal's game

    One of very rare articles with understanding on the gist of Nadal's game, IMHO: One paragraph from the article "These are just a few points in a long match, but essential points because Nadal became Nadal by paying...
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    Best looking shoes at the moment

    Which one do you think the best looking shoes at the moment ? To me
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    Tension suggestions for these polys...

    I have avoided polys last 5-6 years due to injury issue and I'm considering trying some polys again. Since I've been away from polys, I'm not sure what goes on with recent polys. So I would appreciate suggestions for right tensions. In the past I have used Luxilon ALU big banger, Topsin...
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    TW shoes reviews

    I wish TW shoes reviews had comments/ratings on cushioning of specifically forefoot areas. They have rating/reviews on cushioning/comfort level in general. But recent trend is low profile shoes which has good heel cushionings but some of them has very minimal forefoot...
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    Gasquet's forehand grip

    Look at this forehand grip. Looks to me very shallow grip.
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    There is an optimal swing weight for an individual ?

    Do you guys think there is a range of optimal swing weight for each individual or we can adjust to any swing weight given enough time?
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    Switching from 18x20 to 16x19

    Anybody is having problem in switching from closed pattern to an open pattern? I am. Basic shots are OK but it's like all my advanced strokes are just off...
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    Perception of incoming ball when you moving in

    I have a suspicion that I'm having difficulties in judging the incoming ball when I move in toward the net. I think I tend to think the ball will land in deeper than what actually happens. Therefore the passing shot always land shorter than I think. I end up half volley them up or hit low...