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    Tennis Video 2.0.. Rate me again :D

    So I created a thread almost more than a year ago ( with a video of me playing and I received some good solid feedback.. I just made one yesterday .. ( ground stroke from a different angle at around 2:30 .... and...
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    My tennis video .. Rate me!

    Hey :D Ok so this is my tennis video that I am gonna send to all the US colleges that I have applied to. I am not applying as a tennis recruit but more like a future recruit or something.. I am basically hoping to get in based on my academics but I...
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    Should I just quit?

    Hey everyone so I just played a natinonal tournament today and lost both of my 1st matches in mens and under-18 category. Heres the story I have been playing tennis for around 2.5 years now and I am not great just fine. The problems is I just cant seem to find my way around in any tournaments...
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    Whats wrong with me :(

    I dont know what my problem is :@ and this is getting me so damn frustrated that I am thinking of leaving tennis and starting some other sport.. I have been playing for like 1.5 years now yes still a newbie but heres my problem.. When I am practicing as in knocking I hit the ball quite...
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    wrong tension ????

    I dunno here it says that the recommended tension is 55-66 whereas on my racquet it says 55-62 ? so um... ??? rest everything is the same ....
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    PDR .... tennis elbow

    I am thinking of buying this stick but I have read many comments from people who are claiming that PDR gives tennis elbow... So is it really so ? Is it due to the high stiffness of the frame ? Thanks,
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    Anyone from Malaysia ?

    Hello all anyone here who is from Malaysia ? I wanted to ask him are Babolat racquets cheaper or more expensive there as compared to other countries like the UK or the US . Because here the PDR is selling for $190 whereas I read somewhere that they are selling it for $210 in Malaysia ? I am...
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    Your tennis Idol

    let see people who is your tennis IDOL!!! Mine has to be Roger Federer!!!!!! followed by Roddick ( not entirely ) Remember : FREEDOM OF CHOICE!
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    same racquest different length......... also a racquest recommendation thread

    Alright I am talking about the PDR and PDR+ ... hopefully I will be getting one of these racquet or a racquet with similar specs soon ....... The PDR is 27 inches while the PDR + is 27.5 inches and as a result the swingweight of PDR is 330 g and that of PDR+ is 342 g ...... The racquet which I...
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    wrong weight ???

    Alright according to this website the weight of PDR+ ( ) is 11.7 oz whereas according to the official Babolat website it is 11 oz ( ) ? so which one is the correct...
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    Prince Synergy DB 26 oversize

    Hello all I have a Prince Synergy DB 26 oversize but I want to know its full specs ? does anyone have them like the balance and the weight ! Its not written on the frame
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    Guidance needed........

    Alright I just broke my light weight racquet :( *sobs* and although I have repaired it but now it is considerably heavier and the balance has been shifted to the head also. Before it was 260 g and now It must be over 300 g. The whole racquet has changed and also I cannot string it at a higher...
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    Should I ?

    I just made a thread in the raquets section about a racquest I want with a higher tension but tell me something SHOULD I move to a higher tension. I know that less tension = more power and less control I currently string my racquet at 60 pounds and I have been playing for about 5 months...
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    A racquet like.....

    Alright everyone first of all hello everyone this is my first post here. I am 15 years old and have been playing tennis for about 5 months now. I currently use an extremely light-weight tennis racquet DHS Racquet ( DHS 857 ) you can see the racquet specs here ( go here...