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    Put all the great players at their peak against each other

    On proper surfaces - by that I mean no slowed down courts, no balls with reduced pressure etc. And ever player is at their peak. On clay, Rafa wins. He was made for clay. Due respect to Borg but I don't think he beats Rafa. On grass + fast HC (USO) - no one else would come close to...
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    Repeat after me - h2h is meaningless

    Its only used by sad people to argue online. No one cares about h2h compared to titles, ranking etc. Its the most useless stat ever since you can't have h2h if 2 players don't ever meet. e.g. some guy gets lucky once in his life and beats a great player, doesn't mean a damn thing. No one is...
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    I would love it if Fed keeps playing long after he has a chance of winning

    Just for love of the game, because he truly seems to enjoy it. No tournament will even deny him a wildcard even when he's 45. He can be like a new gen Santoro if nothing else, god knows he has enough talent and tons of trick shots. And he can definitely play doubles for a lot longer. If he...
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    Fed's fitness drills

    Lots of hard footwork combined with hand eye coordination.
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    The one 'best ever' stroke on which there can be absolutely no doubt

    The Sampras 2nd serve. Most pros would kill to have that as their 1st serve. Sampras used to bomb it, regularly hit aces, had total disguise and variety, and 1000% confidence. And radar guns back then weren't the same so his real speed is 15-20mph higher. There will never be anything close.
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    Enjoy this stroke of sublime beauty

    No 2hbh will ever compare! This needs to be in the textbook, its just perfect.
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    Maybe some people will appreciate Fed more now?

    Djoker/Rafa/Andy are all much more injury prone, even after long breaks. All 3 are known to be hard workers and play a punishing style of tennis. Its not magic that Fed has been relatively injury free. Its a result of superior technique, footwork, talent and being far more aggressive and...
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    Did Brad Gilbert lose weight?

    Man look thin and gaunt as a skull, like someone has sucked the soul out of him.
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    If Fed had this draw you'd never hear the end of it

    The ************* loves to say Fed's slams don't count due to 'weak era', its been their standard bs. They conveniently ignore Rafa's numerous cakewalk draws. And this year is a total joke, no one in the top 25 ?!! On a dirt slow court? I mean, Rafa can only play who's in front of him, but the...
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    A moment of silence for the moth

    Poor moth died in vain :( Rafa was merciless, but that ball boy (man) was even more cruel - never has there been such wanton and callous cruelty displayed before a packed stadium and with such shocking disregard for life.
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    I just want a good match between Delp and Rafa

    But I think we all know what will happen - Rafa unlike Fed has no problem hitting to the bh 99% of the time and winning the point. In fact that's his gameplan against anyone, and vs Delp with a weak bh you can be sure he'll do that. I just want 4-5 sets of high quality entertaining tennis like...
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    Rafa doesn't want shot clock

    On ESPN Brad/Darren were just saying how more tournaments are planning to introduce a shot clock, and Nadal of course doesn't like the idea! Is anyone surprised? Nadal is almost anti-tennis - everything he wants (illegal coaching, no time limits) is to benefit him, not the game.
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    USO QF - who has the tougher match, Fed or Rafa?

    I think Fed easily has the far tougher match - Del Potro is a class player, he has beaten Fed at USO of all places and will definitely remember that, he's on fire, and that fh is still as scary as ever. Rublev is a nobody, these young guns don't really know how to play in a slam best of 5...
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    Did you know the men and women play with different balls?

    Its to slow down the men's game as much as they can. An absolute joke.
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    Respect to Youzhny

    I'd rather watch Youzhny than Djoker/Muzza, whose matches consist of the same exact point repeated a million times. Give me variety, character and grit anyday. Muzza would be whining and moaning and making faces, Djoker/Rafa would've taken at least 2 MTOs. Fed/Youzhny played on with no excuses...
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    Thoughts on Navratilova as a commentator?

    I was not impressed at all. She's obviously very knowledgeable but doesn't really give any insights. She's also really boring with a very monotone voice that could very well put you to sleep! Some other players who are much better at this - Becker, Wilander, Agassi (he's actually really great...
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    It won't be easy for Fed

    Everyone is saying its almost a done deal now. But both Berdy and Cilic (if he wins) are huge threats, Querrey a bit less. Fed hasn't really looked all that great off the ground and the big hitters make a habit of showing up vs Fed (like Cilic, Del Potro) so by no means is it over.
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    Federer's longevity is due to his talent, and is seriously underrated

    Everyone knows about the hard work Fed puts in for fitness, the workouts in Dubai etc. But all the top pros work on their fitness. If anything, Murray and Djoker have probably put in even more effort. What makes Fed special is he's by far the most talented. His strokes don't cause any undue...
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    Have people forgotten Muller vs Roddick at USO 2005

    Roddick was red hot. In his home tournament. And was sent packing in the first round by someone no one had heard of playing in his first USO. And Muller played absolutely superb, fearless tennis that day. The result was probably just as shocking as today :)
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    It is impossible to like Kyrgios

    I guess the trend is to like loud flashy jerks, but he has a horrible attitude, showboats and his game isn't really anything special.
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    Fed's backhand won him the match - the numbers tell the story

    Anyone who watched the match would've been amazed at the huge number of winners and quality of Fed's bh. Analysis shows just how great it was - And also, Fed was right about Kei having the most...
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    Fed needs to skip the clay season

    He's proven time off doesn't matter. As if he ever needed to prove anything. He needs to protect his body. Clay is all about grinding. Points be damned. And most of all, the idiots who say he has to win FO multiple times be damned. Screw them if thats what they use to hate him and compare to...
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    Raonic is a cure for insomnia

    I've stayed up to watch tennis every night, the night session here starts at 12.30am, its been hard but fun, I make some coffee and enjoy the tennis. Just couldn't do it last night watching Raonic. The result was obvious after the 1st set, and I enjoyed a good nights sleep :D
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    Roger Federer as Religious Experience - one of the best sports articles ever written I know its been posted before. But there are a lot of new users, and this is one of the best pieces of writing by one of the best writers of our generation, and perfectly captures the sport and Federer. I urge people to read...
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    Why do pros have such terrible volleys?

    I'm not talking volleys like tough pickups, SV or anything hard. Just basic skills like putting away a high ball when you're 5ft from net into an open court. A lot of the guys and 99% of women have atrocious net play and have no clue at all, which is why they'll routinely look like idiots and...
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    Can someone shut Brad Gilbert up?

    He's been going on about his stupid 'umpire should have a replay camera' nonsense every 5 min, it is infuriating! This is a man who almost never has anything insightful to say anyway, he's just a loudmouth while Darren gives us actual info.
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    Is anyone wathcing Hingis / Paes in doubles?

    I didn't even know they were playing - two of my fav players! Its such a joy to watch their talent, no brash power, just great touch and tactics. Hingis is still gorgeous and she's always smiling, that smile can melt an iceberg :D
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    Stan knows the right order

    Australian Open 2014 French Open 2015 US Open 2016 Wimbledon 2017? He's doing it out of slam order, but in alphabetical order !! Also more importantly, in order of prestige. That can't be coincidence :D
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    Sorry but I can't watch Kyrgios

    Such ugly strokes :eek: Is there a reason he can't straighten his arm, why is his elbow always bent? PLus he seems lazy... How did this guy get ranked so high? I admit I haven't watched him play much.
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    Is there any way to watch French Open ?

    I don't have Tennis Channel and am not going to subscribe just for this. Do they have exclusive rights? I can't find it anywhere on tv or online. This is just ridiculous, at least ESPN was included in most cable packages and isn't a premium channel.