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    Shapovalov the GOAT

    Djokovic won't win any fans with that tepid default.
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    Murray Withdraws From The AO

    Due to a pelvic injury. You heard it here....probably second.
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    Can Zverev Produce A Miracle?

    He's currently 11th in the race, but only 60 points behind 8th. Can Zverev pull off the unique feat of a place in the 8 man London field without beating a single top 10 player all year? It would cap a stellar season for the much loved prodigy.
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    Djokovic Goes Zen

    And in the process calmly bats away Kyrgios's personal attack on him.
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    Young Players On The Rise

    Having a look through the rankings there are now 9 players aged 23 or under in the top 32, compared with an average of 3 players in that age group for the last 5 years. The 3 ATP 250's decided yesterday were all won by players 23 or under. 6 of the 9 young players in the top 32 are at career...
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    Federer To Skip Hard Court?

    June and July are the best months for tennis, no?
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    6th Longest Match In History

    Was a 1984 WTA match with the score 6-4 7-6. It featured a 29 minute rally and went for 6 and a half hours. Anyone here have the pleasure of seeing it, or better still play in it?
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    Next Gen Star Makes History!!

    By making the 4th round of a tournament. How low can the bar go...and how desperate can the ATP get?!
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    Are Tall Players Like A Good red Wine?

    They just get better with age? Querrey, Isner and Anderson all well into their 30's and at or near career high rankings, Cilic and Del Potro having great seasons at 29, Karlovic still on the tour at 52. Only Del Potro among this group had any real success before 25. Is there something about...
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    Why Do They Do It?

    One thing that baffles me about tennis players is their complete inability to organise a sensible schedule. What was Marin Cilic doing playing a 250 tournament in Istanbul on his worst surface a week after his marriage? Why did Chung play two lead up tournaments to Indian Wells despite being...
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    A 2 Speed Court?

    Any chance that tennis could be played on a 2 speed court? The area inside the service box slower reducing the effectiveness of the serve. The area behind the service line quicker to advantage aggressive shot making. A worthy idea...or just not possible?
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    Coric Is Perfectly Average

    I just looked at his player profile and from 180 main tour matches he has 90 wins and 90 losses, for a winning strike rate of 50%. To this point in his career he's a perfectly average professional tennis player. He's a poster boy for mediocrity with a tattoo boasting of his exceptionalism.
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    Is Goffin Blind?

    Anyone see him play against Sousa today? Seems to have been an underwhelming performance.
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    Over Rule Policy

    Anyone know if Hawkeye has resulted in a change to the policy of umpires overruling? There's been a few in this tournament where hawkeye has indicated that the umpire's over rule was wrong (including one just now in the Shapovalov/Tsonga match). The policy used to be that umpires would over rule...
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    Shocking News: Kyrgios Ends His Season

    Defaults his match in Shanghai proclaiming loudly that he's "going home." Instead takes a Wild Card in Antwerp but loses first round to a he decides he's injured and has been for 4 months. Season over, off to a Mensa conference...
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    Shanghai Gets The Conditions Right

    The two best tournaments of the year have been the AO and Shanghai. Fast hard courts where players have been able to play and be rewarded for a full repertoire of shots. Nadal featured in brilliant matches against Federer in both, Dimitrov particularly at the AO, and a high quality match against...
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    Kyrgios Commits To Kids

    An article saying that Kyrgios has found purpose, and intends to set up a foundation related to child welfare.
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    Hawk Eye Live

    The ATP site states that all line calls will be done by Hawkeye at the Milan end of season tournament.
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    I saw she's the number 1 seed for the women and thought I'd look at her player profile. She's never won a slam...fair enough that can happen. Her overall slam record: 22 appearances, she's been beaten at the 3rd round or earlier on 18 occasions!!!! With 1 1/4F, 1 semi and 1 runner up. The worst...
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    The Weakest 500 Ever?

    Just had a look at the draw for Hamburg. Number 1 seed is Alberto Vinos-Ramolos (or something like that). World number 24. Can anyone ever recall a weaker 500 tournament? Makes you wonder why Thiem or Zverev aren't there to try and vulture it for some easy points. The top 2 seeds in the 250...
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    Inside In Forehand

    Is there any such thing? From time to time you hear a forehand hit down the line from the player's backhand side of the court as an "Inside in forehand." I understand why the inside out forehand is described that way, but is the "Inside in" forehand really an "Outside in" shot?
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    Next Gen Tournament A Circus

    It's to be played under different lets, no advantage, a shot clock and free movement for spectators. Just a shame there'll be no good players....
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    Do Fringe Players Lack Hunger?

    Just flicked through the draw for the ATP 250 tournament in Ecudor. The 8th seed is an obscure Israeli ranked 104 in the world. Seems like plenty of guys want to play a tournament in familiar comfortable Europe when there are some easy points going begging in South America.
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    Tall Players Have Poor Movement

    Well, at least that's the expectation. Most of the top male players in recent times have been 183cm to 190cm, with players taller than that excused for not getting to the top because they can't be expected to have good movement or be athletic because of their height. Usain Bolt is 195cm and he...
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    Arise Sir Andrew

    Andy Murray has been knighted in the British New Year's honours list. Perhaps a little unusual for a guy who's reputed to be a Scottish nationalist. It's also not common for athletes to be knighted while their career is still going. He doesn't strike me as a guy who's always at ease with being...
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    Just a query on how the ranking system works. Raonic and Thiem are currently equal on 3175 points, but Raonic is ranked 7 and Thiem 8..What's the criteria for splitting them?...Anyone know?
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    Nick Lindahl pleads guilty

    Nick Lindahl has pleaded guilty to a match fixing charge related to a futures level match in Queensland in 2013 in a Sydney court.
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    Drop Shot Etiquette

    Is there a new convention I don't know about? Three times today I saw players (Zverev against Murray, Groth in his match, and now Istomin against Tomic) chase down a really bad drop shot by their opponent (IE one that is high and lands just short of the service line) and instead of cranking the...
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    Should Federer have Shown The SABR?

    Anyone else think that Federer should have reserved his use of the "SABR" for the US Open Final (if he makes it) against Djokovic? By exposing/testing it now, he's taken away his element of surprise. It's something that could really rattle an opponent if the first time they saw it was in the...
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    Coco Wandeweghe

    Made the accusation that Sharapova was unsportsmanlike for moving around before her 2nd serve. I've never heard this before. Anyone aware of any rule or convention that a player shouldn't change their return position when receiving a 2nd serve? I thought was a routine and accepted part of the...