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    appreciate a ball machine recommendation

    I have purchased two Silent Partner machinens. One is the lower tier with the delay option for the first ball on it. No remote. It does oscillation and will send them over the net at up to around 85 MPH with plenty of top spin, blah , blah, blah. It's a Chevrolet. THEN - because i was soooo...
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    Weed commentary

    Who has used / is using a Weed frame at the moment? I am 65, still rated at 4.5 (thanks USTA) but I've definitely lost a step from when I was a kid at 60. My serve speed might hit 100mph with a really good tailwind. Groundstrokes have not left me quite as obviously at my serve, but my...
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    Please help me to choose racket/strings

    No offense intended -but if you don't know any more than this... which racket you choose will not matter either. Pick one you like the color of and be happy with that. Just have fun with it.
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    What’s the worst racket to ever win a grand slam final?

    I think the question was the worst racket - not the worst a&&hole. Maybe I misread it. Could be my mistake.
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    Tension advice

    I've been playing with Lux Savage 16 in a POG Oversize for a while. I've had it kind of loose (47#) because I don't want to give up ALL of the power in return for great control. But - now I'm trying the Prince Phantom 100G LB and I need a bit more free power with the shorter strings / smaller...
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    What’s your string times?

    ....except that now the vibration dampener is now in the "field" of the strings and therfore the racket is not legal for USTA competition. You can only have dampeners OUTSIDE the field of woven cross strings. Looks very cool though - but it's not legal. Sorry.
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    Customization question

    OK - that was a bad mis-type. should say "what is blu-tac?" sorry .
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    Customization question

    Confession: I did use the TW racket customization tool to come up with my measurements. But - thank you for giving me credit for being THAT smart. Ha! Seriously - wha tit blu-tac? Putty or something like that?
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    Customization question

    This is a "how do I do it" question. I'm leaning toward moving to the Wilson Blade 104 racket. I like the flex and slightly larger head. The strung weight looks to be about 10.8 oz though and about 6pts headlight. I need it to be about 12 oz and about 9 pts headlight. I was thinking of...
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    What's the difference?

    I've recently done a few test hitting sessions with the Prince Phantom Pro 100 (16x19) strung at about 45# with Prince Poly of some flavor. What I've observed is that for a low-powered racket, it has plenty of zip. The most noticeable thing is that the launch angle off the strings is...
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    Combine the ATP & WTA? Player Relief for the Tour? Luisa Stefani and Quinn Gleason Talk All Things Tennis!

    Sadly the WTA just cannot command the crowds that the ATP does. There could be any number of reasons, but nobody will like them because at the end of the day, paying spectators, in much larger numbers, prefer to watch men play tennis rather than women. Not all, and not every - just more of...
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Anyone who says "I've had so many..." should probably consider that it just might not be the racket that is the problem...I'm just sayin'
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    Yonex VCORE 98 headguard (grommet) flimsy?

    My son plays D2 college tennis and just moved over to the Yonex VCORE 98 frame from another manufacturer. Unfortunately, what he has noticed is that the headguard or grommet is particularly flimsy. Specifically, with only one or two days of playing, the headguard is worn completely through to...
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    What should I put in my new babolat pure 12 pack bag? bought the bag and NOW you want to know what to put in it? Just a thought, but you might want to think about function over form. NOBODY cares what kind of bag you put on the side of the court.
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    Tennis Academies / Camps

    I just put my son at a D2 school. What you are doing tells me you are a dedicated parent. Good for you. But... don't set yourself up. If your son is 15 now, and playing between a 4.0 and 4.5 level - it ain't impossible, but it certainly won't be easy. Summer camps are BS. They'll tell you...
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    Kyrgios Penalties

    I love this solution. GREAT idea
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    Isner at Hall of Fame tournament

    I think Isner looked surprisingly good (all things considered) at the Hall of Fame tournament. I cannot say the same for the courts. I'm kind of surprised that none of the players pulled out. Even from the early matches, the court surface was incredibly inconsistent. We just had two weeks...
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    Should Steve Johnson try another profession?

    This one doesn't seem to be working out so well. Cannot believe he was serving at 5-2 and craters to a teenager. This kid doesn't even shave yet, and he out-gutted Steve Johnson. Clearly Johnson has what it takes to blow this kid away considering that he won the first set 6-1, but holy cow...
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    Wilson shoe warranty question

    I'll dig it out and send it along with proof of delivery to Wilson to the above address. Thank you for your help.
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    Wilson shoe warranty question

    I returned a pair of Wilson shoes for warranty replacement to: Wilson Sporting Goods Co. attn: footwear outsole guarantee 320 Aldi Blvd Mount Juliet, TX 37122 Included the original invoice from TW for the shoes. The package was received by Wilson on 11/30/18. It is now 4/23/19 and they have...
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    Best warranty shoe?

    I have an 18 year-old shoe destroyer for a son. kidding. Our experience is that Adidas Barricade shoes having a 90 day warranty last about 45-50 days on hard courts and Adidas is very good about replacing them. I'd be happier if they lasted 60 or 70 days - but what are you going to do/ We...
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    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    no...a good car.
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    Ball machine - Go high end? Or are the features not worth it?

    Please let me offer my personal experience with Silent Partner. Really nice folks. Ok, that's all the nice I have to offer. I bought an Edge Sport about 5 or 6 years ago for about $800. It has been bullet-proof. I have done a bit of maintenance on it over the years though. I've removed the...
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    Difficulty with Adidas Barricades 6 month warranty.

    I have experienced this as well. It took nearly 3 months to get my last warranty replacement and i have another pair in for replacement now. I will not be purhasing any more product with the Adidas logo on it. You have to communicate with your wallet or they won't listen. Wilson shoes seem...
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    Federer's 1998 Junior Wimbledon win draw was a total cakewalk

    Just saying? Are you kidding? You should say what you mean. Don't be shy. This PROVES without a shadow of a doubt that Federer has been a phony all these years - especially those years where he kicked everyone's ass. Since he didn't have a tough draw as a 17 year old - he must not be as...
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    Kyrgios - bad boy image isn't amusing

    I watched most of the Kyrgios / Nishioka match on the ATP channel. Kyrgios' bad sportsmanship and childish self-contentedness started at the coin toss. He repeatedly banged his racquet on the netcord while the upmpre was going through his spiel and doing the coin toss. Then he all but...
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    Bouchard signs with Yonex

    so..... Might be newsworthy if she were relevant. Hot does not equal relevant...
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    Streaming options - TennisTV or...

    I had TCP because they said it worked on Roku. I have two different Roku devices and TCP didn't work well with either one. It would either lock up when I tried to start viewing one of their channels, or it would lock up when I'd change channels. The strange thing is there really wasn't a...
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    Wilson Revolve is Junk

    Ever...really? Ever? You've NEVER hit with a worse string? That's actually hard to imagine. That is so.....permanent. Worst To even comprehend that you, the point of reference for the goodness or badness of any string, have actually managed to find the worst one. It makes my...
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    New Pure Drive string pattern

    This may be an existing question, but does anyone know what Babolat did to the string pattern on the new PD? Is it the same as the last model, or different? Thanks, regards, Walter Moore