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    Murray vs Agassi in their primes

    Just a fun thought. How long would a match between 1999 Agass and 2016 Murray take? I feel like they would still be in the middle of the second set right now, haha. I guess the classic Djokovic/Murray matches are almost the same. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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    Best vibration dampener

    What vibration dampeners actually work, aside from just changing the sound of the stringbed? Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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    Weight of Leather Grips

    Is there a resource/database of leather grips and how much the weigh? I really like leather, but don't want the extra 10g of net weight it will add to my frames. If any brand weighs 15-18g that would be great. Current base grip weighs around 13g. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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    How much silicone is needed to feel an effect?

    So, I was wondering today about silicone. I've only used it once, modifying some old Wilson K-Surges. They were super light, and I ended up putting about 15g of silicone in the handle. This worked because they were very light to begin with. In a racket that is already close to ideal weight...
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    Random Racket Shower Thoughts

    I've always felt and played noticeably better with rackets that have a flush, or almost flush throat-hoop connection. In other words, rackets that don't have a deep notch or groove at the connection points. The brand doesn't matter, but I feel like rackets that have more material there feel...
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    Need stringing advice for Head Radical OS - Bumblebee

    I'm about to pick up a used OS bumblebee tomorrow and would like to know what people recommend for string tension. I'm going to use MSV Focus Hex 17g. I currently play with a LM Prestige Mid at 48lbs (same string). I have a pretty powerful game so I'm looking forward to this bumblebee plow-thru...
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    4.5 Player Moving to Kansas City Area

    Hello, I'll be living in Leavenworth, Kansas for a year starting July 10th. I'm a decent 4.5 former college player. Don't know what my weekly availability looks like yet, but want to play regularly. I'm down for practice sets, groundstroke games, etc. I'll also be looking for an indoor club...