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    Weed commentary

    Who has used / is using a Weed frame at the moment? I am 65, still rated at 4.5 (thanks USTA) but I've definitely lost a step from when I was a kid at 60. My serve speed might hit 100mph with a really good tailwind. Groundstrokes have not left me quite as obviously at my serve, but my...
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    Tension advice

    I've been playing with Lux Savage 16 in a POG Oversize for a while. I've had it kind of loose (47#) because I don't want to give up ALL of the power in return for great control. But - now I'm trying the Prince Phantom 100G LB and I need a bit more free power with the shorter strings / smaller...
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    Customization question

    This is a "how do I do it" question. I'm leaning toward moving to the Wilson Blade 104 racket. I like the flex and slightly larger head. The strung weight looks to be about 10.8 oz though and about 6pts headlight. I need it to be about 12 oz and about 9 pts headlight. I was thinking of...
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    What's the difference?

    I've recently done a few test hitting sessions with the Prince Phantom Pro 100 (16x19) strung at about 45# with Prince Poly of some flavor. What I've observed is that for a low-powered racket, it has plenty of zip. The most noticeable thing is that the launch angle off the strings is...
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    Yonex VCORE 98 headguard (grommet) flimsy?

    My son plays D2 college tennis and just moved over to the Yonex VCORE 98 frame from another manufacturer. Unfortunately, what he has noticed is that the headguard or grommet is particularly flimsy. Specifically, with only one or two days of playing, the headguard is worn completely through to...
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    Isner at Hall of Fame tournament

    I think Isner looked surprisingly good (all things considered) at the Hall of Fame tournament. I cannot say the same for the courts. I'm kind of surprised that none of the players pulled out. Even from the early matches, the court surface was incredibly inconsistent. We just had two weeks...
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    Should Steve Johnson try another profession?

    This one doesn't seem to be working out so well. Cannot believe he was serving at 5-2 and craters to a teenager. This kid doesn't even shave yet, and he out-gutted Steve Johnson. Clearly Johnson has what it takes to blow this kid away considering that he won the first set 6-1, but holy cow...
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    Wilson shoe warranty question

    I returned a pair of Wilson shoes for warranty replacement to: Wilson Sporting Goods Co. attn: footwear outsole guarantee 320 Aldi Blvd Mount Juliet, TX 37122 Included the original invoice from TW for the shoes. The package was received by Wilson on 11/30/18. It is now 4/23/19 and they have...
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    Kyrgios - bad boy image isn't amusing

    I watched most of the Kyrgios / Nishioka match on the ATP channel. Kyrgios' bad sportsmanship and childish self-contentedness started at the coin toss. He repeatedly banged his racquet on the netcord while the upmpre was going through his spiel and doing the coin toss. Then he all but...
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    New Pure Drive string pattern

    This may be an existing question, but does anyone know what Babolat did to the string pattern on the new PD? Is it the same as the last model, or different? Thanks, regards, Walter Moore
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    Thoughts on my 2nd Silent Partner ball machine

    I've had a SP Edge Sport (~$850) for something like 6 or 7 years now. Love it. It does just what you expect it to do. It's also easy to work on. I've replace the battery once already as well as the control panel when I zapped the original one with a static charge (my fault). So, I decided...
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    What happened to Querrey?

    If I read it correctly, he coughed up 25 unforced errors on his forehand alone. That's over a set! I have to wonder if he spend his winter vacation eating mom's home cooking instead of working on his forehand. I don't ever remember seeing it so shakey.
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    Radwanska & Watson pictures

    the TW pictures of Radwanska & Watson on the Srixon page show them playing Babolat rackets. Dunlop/Srixon might want to get a new picture and send it in.
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    What's left in the Open?

    Yes, I am an unabashed Federer fan. I love to watch him play and it makes me crazy when he gets beat. Nothing against Del Potro, he played a great match and deserved to win 100%. However, now that with the Men's doubles now over, and the women's final is all set with Keyes and Stephens and...
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    Pure Strike buttcap - different versions?

    I bought a pair of Pure Strike 18X20 about 3 months ago and love them. I just ordered a third one and even though the grip size is the same (3/8), and even the markings on the butt cap are identical in every way, the new racquet's butt cap is very noticeably bigger. They have a flare to them...
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    Radical OS comparison?

    Does anyone have experience with the Microgel, Flexpoint and Liquid Metal Radical OS frames? I've played extensively with the LM and Microgel frames and find the LM to feel stiffer than the Flexpoint. I'm wondering if the Microgel plays closer to one of those or differently altogether. For...
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    FO WC denial NOT further punishment of Sharapova

    In Life: If I commit a crime and go to jail - after my sentence is up, I get out. Punishment is over, right? Do I get my job back? Uh, no. Who wants to employ a criminal - even one who has paid their debt? Nobody. Is that more punishment? No - it is the consequences of my actions of...
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    Wilson Revolution & tension maintenance

    I've tried all three colors of Wilson Revolution and while I generally like all three right off the stringer, I've found that the white maintains tension much better than the orange or black. I'm a fairly experienced stringer - though not professional, but I don't think it's the string job...
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    how string-sensitive is the Pure Aero

    I'd like to hear from anyone that has played the Pure Aero with multiple string setups. I've played with a TW demo with RPM Blast at about 45#. Loved it. Anyone have thoughts on how it plays with different strings or who can offer a comparison from experience. Thanks
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    How string sensitive is the Pure Aero?

    I've hit a TW demo with RPM Blast at about 45# and I really liked it. What I'm interested in is has anyone tried it with multiple string types yet, and what difference did you see?
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    'soft' poly question

    I just received a set of Head Lynx (yellow) 17g string. Head says it is a 'soft' co-poly. I like it so far, but I'm expecting to experience the lack of tension maintenance that others complain of. I put it in a POG OS at 50# if it matters. What I'm wondering is what else plays similarly but...
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    New website look

    I know - everything's gotta change to stay current - bla bla bla. I really liked the old look and feel better. Just my 2 cents worth. Great job on everything else though.
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    Roddick's current racquet

    I know he's not front and center on ESPN any more, but he did look pretty darned good in Dallas this weekend against McEnroe and Philipousis (spelling). His racquet has no visible labels anywhere and there's no logo on the strings. It isn't painted black - it's just got some kind of...
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    Bryans mailing it in these days?

    I watched the Bryans plod through a 2nd round loss to Berankis/Gabashvili (not exactly a doubles powerhouse team) in Houston yesterday. Granted, they won their 1st round, but watching their loss in round 2, it really didn't look like they were very interested in being there. Specifically...
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    New Wilsons in Brisbane

    I notice that Nishikori is using a new (looking) Wilson frame in Brisbane. It's black with orange highlights. I know that the new Blade is black with bright yellow highlights - does anyone know which model I'm looking at with the orange highlights?
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    Public tennis in Walnut Creek

    I'm a 4.5 Mens player from Texas and will be spending a week or so in Walnut Creek, CA on business. Long enough that I'd like to find a drop-in drill group, or at least some place with a nice ball machine I can rent. Any suggestions?
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    Life after firing cable provider (or dish)

    I love my tennis on TV, but I'm tired of being held hostage by my cable/satellite provider making me subscribe to a whole bunch of stuff I don't care about just to get Tennis Channel. Now TTC has an offering called Tennis Channel Live - Plus, which does not require you to have a cable...
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    Roger missing from the Wilson page

    I don't think I've ever seen the Wilson racquets page on the TW website without Roger's picture on it. Who'd have thought he'd ever sign with Dunlop? Kidding. Odd that his picture is missing.
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    drop-in drills in East Bay

    I'm looking for something to do for a week while I'm in Walnut Creek on business. Are there any public facilities that offer 4.5-ish drop-in drills or workout groups?
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    New Balance 1 year guarantee

    I would be interested in hearing from TW whether the warranty is through TW or New Balance. Specifically, if there is a warranty claim on a New Balance shoe within the 12 month warranty period - do I send the shoe back to TW or do I engage New Balance directly?