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    Do you think you're cool?

    Serious question. No poll, just respond.
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    Oscar.... married?!?!

    His wife must have been desperate... :lol: Congrats!!!
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    How early do you arrive at the airport?

    This is one of the few things my wife and I argue about. My wife wants to get there 2-3 hours early for our flight to NY, I was thinking about 45 minutes. Every time we fly together its the same deal, regardless of location. I understand the whole "better safe than sorry" aspect, but I fly all...
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    Pixar flies UP DVD to dying 10-year-old girl Wow. Read that and try to not cry.
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    Lakoste = Dad?

    We found out a few days ago, my wife is pregnant with our first child. We've been married a little over a year and I think we're both ready (or as ready as we're going to be). I've always wanted kids so I'm on cloud nine right now. Any advice from other parents on the board so I don't mess the...
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    New Users Not Having Avatars

    Theres a new thread every week from a new user asking why they can't have an avatar, and at first I brushed it off but now I'm wondering why they can't have avatars? Signatures I can kind of guess, they can spam in them, but avatars? Same with editing posts, I've never heard of a spammer...
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    Federer - 8th best dressed man in the world...

    The list was from Esquire... They named Prince Charles #1 which I can understand, as I couldn't think of any other famous men that dresses as consistently well as him. Obama as #4? I think thats crazy. Federer at #8 is meh for me I guess, since I've only seen a few shots of him in his...
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    How much do you tip at bars?

    My friends and I were talking about how much we tip at bars. I usually go to the same bars regularly where I know the bartenders so I tip them more generously. I tend to tip a couple bucks per drink, for cheap drinks. It obviously depends on the drink/region, but I'd like to know what average is...
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    Lesson of the Day: Don't hump benches

    :lol: Or else you'll end up like this guy
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    I am actually asking TW for some real advice...!

    So I'm in a good friend's wedding coming up in a bit and I have quite the dilemma. The outfit that was chosen for me to wear is pretty bad. Untucked shirts, baggy pants, flip flops; the whole 9 yards. The wedding is outside, but not on a beach. I try to look my best at all times, but this is...
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    Happy Easter!

    It seems like Easter has gone down in popularity over the years? It is my fiancee's favorite holiday (people think she's crazy:lol:), so I get my healthy dose of Easter cheer. Again, Happy Easter... now excuse me while I go watch the Sound of Music.
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    Cancer forums?

    Does anyone here know any good forums about cancer? I've been googling for hours but there are so many of them out there, and it is hard to differentiate between the good and the loopy, especially when I don't know that much about cancer (Hodgkins specifically). Thanks in advance.
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    David Beckham is.....huge?

    :shock: Thoughts on what is really in there? A tiny Weeble Village?:lol:
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    How will you die? Post the results using your real name and your TW username, should produce a couple of laughs.:) Using my real name: Using Lakoste:
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    TTW - The 831th Biggest Forum on the Web!

    I submitted TTW to Big-Boards a while back, and just checked to see if they submitted us on the list... ...and there I saw us, at sweet ol' eight three one! BTW, It is the # of posts that determine how big of a forum we are. Our stats here.
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    Mother forces Daughter to get genitalia piercing

    I got grossed out just thinking about this entire scenario... Apparently this mother found out her daughter was having sex, and one of the guys was the mothers boyfriend! So after shaving the daughters head to make her ugly, the mother forced her to get her genitalia pierced. Now the mom...
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    Happy Sweetest Day!

    Another Sweetest Day has come and gone... Does anyone else celebrate my favorite holiday (joking)? ...and yes, I do know there is only one hour left to this "Hallmark Holiday" (for us west coasters at least), but I thought someone else would step it up and make this ever so important thread.
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    Agassi sues Target! Does anyone here have the flip-flops? I wonder what they look like...
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    Do we have a new Wyutani/Malakas on our hands?

    It seems a "new" poster has emerged among us, and his insanely high post per day average is comparable to the astronomical averages that Wyutani and Malakas were achieving during their heyday. 27.91 posts per day:shock: Any bets when he'll hit the mystical 30 posts per day that has...
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    Which side do you open your banana?

    It seems that everyone finds it strange that I open my bananas from side B, anyone else do this? ...or maybe they find it strange that I bite into side B to open it, I hate getting sticky banana crap on my hands:lol:
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    I remember Jon posting this a while back... Any updates to getting a favicon for the boards? You could always use the one TW is using, , shouldn't be hard to switch it over.
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    Sorry Ladies...Lakoste is engaged!

    Yes, sadly, it is true. TW's #1 bachelor (self proclaimed of course), Lakoste, proposed on Saturday. Even more surprisingly, his girlfriend said yes;) ! For the vast majority that are obsessed with me, let me say this, don't jump. Life goes on, I'll be the same guy, I think? Also, I would...
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    AmericanChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro (Spoiler)

    To welcome our newest member to the boards, AmericanChic, I thought I'd start this fun, original, thread. Just be careful to break TW's rule of Spam. I also included the SPOILER tag so you guys can talk about match results and not having to worry about your post getting deleted. PS. I do...
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    A Guide to Gracefully Losing an Internet Argument

    Taken straight from here, thought it was funny 1. Point out that everyone else posting is a giant nerd because they are posting on the internet. You've spent the last three hours feverishly checking the thread on Playstation 3 sales figures and responding to every criticism, and at this...
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    Good idea?

    To show a little footnote when a post gets deleted? Most, if not all, other VB Forums use this, where it shows who, when, most importantly why a post gets deleted. It looks something like this...please excuse my 5 second photoshop job. I think this would clear up a lot of the questions on...
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    Adding Youtube/GoogleVideo Tags?

    Do you guys have any plans on adding Video Tags so users can embed videos in their posts? I can see this being most useful in the Tennis Tips subcategory, where many users submit their video for critiquing. Many other VB Forums I frequent have their tags something like or .
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    Describe the user above you...

    Describe the previous poster, don't think there's a thread like this already?
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    Right Now I'd Kill for A...

    ....a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. What would you kill for?;)
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    If you sold yourself on fleabay...

    ...what would your Buy-it-Now price be?
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    Maximum size on signatures?

    I was just wondering if TW would consider putting a limit on how big everyones signature can be, some users here have signatures 15 lines long:shock:, mostly dribble too. Especially when someone is using a 12" laptop, like me sometimes, it takes up half the page! Thanks