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    Prince Original Graphite Poll!

    The 100LB for me.
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    2015 Federer > 2017 Federer

    It was great to watch. Edberg somehow brought his net game back, better than ever. 2017 Federer had a better bh and defended more consistently, but that sabr era was sweet.
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    How does the Prince Precision Response 710 compare to the 660 model

    I've tried all the Responses MP, except the 660. CTS was ok, Ti great, Classic 97 sucked, in my opinion. TT Warrior MP was good, but hurt my wirst. I have tried the 710, and it was one of the worst racquets ever, for me. I did some customization but I still could never produce any power, spin...
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    Dimitrov coaching change?

    What if his new coach turns out to be Steffi Graf instead of Agassi? I'd go for it if I were him.
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    Novak: Amazing and.. not very exciting?

    I'll tell you what annoyed me the most: Djokovic took so long between points, it made the match even more boring to me. I know he was within the 25 seconds, but it felt like ages each time he went to serve.
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    It’s inevitably going to happen

    Aren't they? People here can be a bit too demanding, no? What else do you have to do to be an ATG? If winning slams, fans, respect, leaving your mark on the game won't do it, what will? If Guga and Murray are not ATGs, I give up, then. Good luck for Zverev and cia.
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    My too many racquets: PGC100LB x3, POG OS, Diablo MP x2, PPRTi, POT, Dunlop Tactical Control, 3 woodies (Wilson, Procopio, Davis Cup). The FXP Prestige Mid took the picture and can't be found here.
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    Some pics of my POGs: 3 Classic Longbodies, a Graphite 110 (POG4) and a pair of Diablos MP as a bonus :)
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    sub-12 oz. racquets that serve like thunder. . .

    Prince O3 Red (the original, haven't tried the others). Too light overall for me, but it shines on serves and it's more comfortable than Babolat's Drives. Around 12oz, the Prince Precision Response Ti.
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    I wish I had one of those... The PCG100LB I use is customized to 346g strung. The strings snapped during a match today, so I had no choice but to use my new POG OS. It felt like a true 363g oversized racquet, but it was fun. Great plowthrough led to easy power on serves, and it's well balanced...
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    Federer's US Open Outfit

    I like it. Nice color.
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    wow, didn't see that coming. 363g strung with leather+OG. Basically the same the old POG3 I had (368g). How did you people found those 346g specs? :(
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    A few years after selling my beloved POG3, I got myself a POG4, hoping it will be easier to swing. The former weighted 368g strung with leather and overgrip, 6pts HL. This 4 striped 110 has already reached 338g unstrung (with yonex hisoft grip + yonex overgrip), so my shoulders should better be...
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    If u Could change 1 thing about ur racket ?

    CAP grommets on my PCG100LB for the looks of it.
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    Kuerten: "Djokovic can reach Federer’s 20 major titles"

    Ele não falou nada demais, só disse que não duvida. Melhor que sair por aí aposentando ou endeusando um jogador depois de uma derrota ou vitória... we've seen a lot of this stuff around here, and those posters have bitten their tongue a few times recently, haven't they?
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    Where does Federer rank on clay in open era?

    There was no clay GOAT in 2004, yet he didn't win. We're just guessing, here, anything could have happened. Before Nadal, it was GAUDIO who won a title. It could have been Coria. Nalbandian. Safin. Agassi. Federer...
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    Where does Federer rank on clay in open era?

    It's hard to rank him very high when he's been running away from clay for a while now... The numbers are great, sure, but still...
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    Dragon Ball Z cast assembles for Wimbledon

    I always thought of Nalbandian as Piccolo. They kind of look alike, imo, and are both the best players/fighters, technically, that should have won much more. Piccolo worked harder, of course, and was denied by a script that puts too much hype on this godly-super-sayajin-versions stuff.
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    If you could just change one point in entire modern tennis history, what will it be?

    Coria wins his match point against Gaudio. We'd get to see a fully confident Coria against Nadal the following years. Who knows...
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    Racquets that you wanted to love but hated .

    Oh, I forgot the Head Youtek Prestige MP. Brassy, tiny feel. I expected more even from the paintjob.
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    Extended length racquets: what are your specs?

    I'm always messing around with weight distribution. I've tried really heavy (360g+) and light (315g). Polarized and depolarized. Currently, two of my Prince Classic Graphite Longbodies have about 3-4g at 12 and 1-2g covering the bumperguard; the third has only 2g at 12. One of them has a Prince...
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    How popular is tennis worldwide,where would you rank it ?Is it popular in your country?

    I'd say it goes like this here in Brazil: 1) Football ... 2) whichever sport we're winning (F1, volleyball, basketball, tennis, UFC, Surf etc.). As soon as our team/guy starts losing and its not the number 1 anymore, so does the popularity of that particular sport.
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    Safin vs Philippoussis 2000 Paris-Bercy Final

    I love this match, from the QFs that year. Lots of variety. Ferrero was blown away by Safin afterwards.
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    Racquets that you wanted to love but hated .

    The Prince Classic Response. Worlds apart from the PRTi I was using then. I expected to be the same racquet inside that GOAT updated paintjob, but it played like a toy in comparison (maybe I got unlucky with quality control).
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    Congrats Simona Halep for the first Grand Slam!

    A great story that deserved more attention from this forum. I was following the scores and was feeling bad for her after the loss in the first set, imagining what it would be like to lose again. Later on today I was really surprised and glad to see she'd found a way to turn things around. :)
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    Venus/Federer vs. Serena/Djokovic on Grass

    I'd like to see the big 4 playing doubles at the grand slams. Federer could skip RG in singles, but use the doubles tournament to practice for the grass season. Makes sense to me, anyway...
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    Venus/Federer vs. Serena/Djokovic on Grass

    Has Djokovic won anything in doubles?
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    How manny racquet you have tried before you found "THE ONE"?

    How many times have you customized "THE ONE" before going to "THE (next) ONE"?
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    Who has/had the best serve... with a 28" racquet?

    All pin-pointers. Ferrero and Nalbandian went from bad plataforms to good pin-points. Could it be more than just coincidence?