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    In a league match, my partner serves and as the ball is being returned to him I turn around and see a ball rolling on our court. Thinking it came from the adjacent court I call a let. However, our opponents say the ball had fallen out of the servers pocket. They claim the point. One more thing...
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    Brown v Mahut

    What happened? It didn't look like Brown did anything that would have caused an injury. Plus the guy is in super shape.
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    Does the Newer RF97A Have Kevlar?

    The old one does.
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    2 Mains From 40 Feet of String

    I play with 2009 Prince Rebels which are 18x20. I want to use hybrid stringing but, 20 feet is too short to string the mains. How do you do this without wasting the rest of the string?
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    Crazy Bouncing Ball

    When I bounce the ball before serving it often will shoot off at an angle apparently because it lands on a seam. Anyone else notice this or is it just me? Happens all the time.
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    COMCAST Changing Tennis Channel Access

    My latest Comcast bill said that Tennis Channel would only be available on its Digital Preferred package from its Sports Entertainment channel. The cost will go from $10 to $55 per month. I'm not willing to pay this increase. Anyone know about this?
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    Getting Hit in the Face

    How many times have you been hit in the face while standing near the net on your side in doubles after a point when you were not expecting the ball to be hit to you?
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    Where to Stand

    One of my pet peeves is my doubles partners standing 2-3 feet behind the service line when I am receiving serve, especially on the deuce side. I see no benefit from this whatsoever. The reasons given vary from wanting to protect against a lob to wanting to know where my return goes. Standing...
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    Serve Out?

    What do you think of this? Your partner is receiving serve. You call the serve long. Opponent questions the call and asks your partner whether he thought the serve was out. Your partner says he doesn't know or isn't sure. Opponent then claims a disagreement and insists on the point.
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    Using Multiple Dampners

    I've been using 4 "O" dampners in a row at the bottom of the racquet. Looks funky but plays pretty good. Anybody else try this?
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    No Towels

    I'm sitting here watching the Montrerrey Open on tennis channel and it appears there's no toweling off between points. I forgot how annoying it is to watch and how it slows down the game. Congratulations to the WTA or whoever who put this rule into effect.
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    Arthuro Schomburg

    If you ever anticipate buying a racquet from Arthuro I can attest that there is zero probability of a problem. I bought a couple of racquets from him which concluded late in the day and he sent them off within an hour. He gets my highest rating.
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    WTB/Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 First Version

    Wanted to buy an original version (2009) of the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 with 4 5/8 grip. Please reply to
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    Prince Rebel 95 First Model

    Does anyone have an original model Rebel 95 with a 4 5/8 grip in reasonably good shape? If so, please reply to
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    Official Line Calling

    In the recent playoffs I hit an unretunable serve. The opposing team did not call it out. Thr roaming official who I thought was not in a good position to see it called it out. Was he right to do this?
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    Its Not the Best of 5 When There's a Break

    In baseball if they don't go 4 innings they start over. Certainly, if the French Open Final had not had a rain delay the dynamics of the match would have been different. I think the only way to fairly address the situation is to start over if they don't finish.
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    Delta Core - What is it?

    "Delta Core The composite Carbon Nanotubes design was taken as a basis by the laboratories of the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group, where the arrangement of the molecules was further enhanced. The main innovation of the Delta Core material is the delta-shaped arrangement of the...
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    EXO3 Hole Inserts

    Do EXO3 hole inserts (grommets) ever wear out?
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    How Long to Call a Let

    Can someone call a let after waiting to see if his partner's return is bad? Can someone call a let after waiting to see if the serve was out or was an ace? I suppose if a guy calls a let anytime before the next serve you have to accept it, or is this not the case?
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    Crossing Gut with Syngut

    Anyone cross gut with a syngut? What would be the benefits of doing this and would you put the gut in the mains or crosses? I've tried putting gut in the mains with B5E in the crosses and it wasn't as good as either by themselves.
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    Serving to a person I do not know (doubles). On the 4th point of the very first game the serve lands close to the line and the returner exclaims loudly, "OOOOOOUUUUU" while hitting the ball. The ball comes floating back and hearing what I thought was a clear declarative "out" do not move and...
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    Hitting Practice Groundstokes or Serves During Match

    Some players, notably Azarenka ask for a ball after the point is over and then practice hitting the stroke they just missed during a game. I saw her do it today against Wozniaki. She also did it after she missed a serve. She asked the ball boy for the ball she just missed and then hit the...
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    SunnyIce - Great Seller

    I purchased a Diablo from Sunny. It was accurately described and in great condition. He sent it within 24 hours of receipt of the payment. Would buy/trade with him again anytime.
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    Basil J Is a Good Guy to Deal With

    Basil agreed to buy one of my PK racquets. He could have backed out on it once TW started selling them again but he didn't. He is a man of his word for sure. Thanks, Basil.
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    Slightly Used Wilson ProStaff 6.0 MidPlus 95

    For sale is my recently purchased ProStaff 6.0 MidPlus 95, 4 1/2 grip strung with Prince Sweet Perfection 16. I purchased this racquet to demo and didn't like it. Playing time is about an hour. Essentially, it is new with no scuffs, marks, etc. Price: $90 shipped. Thanks and please contact...
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    Redondo Mid 4 1/2 FS

    I played with this racquet for about an hour. Too low powered for me. Strung with synthetic gut. I paid $140 for it so all I want is to get my money back on it plus $10 to ship it. Thanks.
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    Holding Two Balls While Serving

    Who still holds 2 balls when serving? This is the way most people including pros used to do it back in the 60's. I still hold 2 balls in my left hand when serving. It feels weird to me to put the other ball in my pocket. Anyone else still do it that way?
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    Malisse Video

    Please delete this.
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    Cheap Shot

    I was taking lessons last week with a group of people at my club. We were playing "king of the court" where the king stands a few feet from the net and balls are fed to the other side at the service line. The person is then supposed to approach from the baseline, hit the approach shot at the...