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    This is awesome !

    ...for me. tl;dr at the end. I could have posted this in the "Share a pleasant moment" thread, but I decided to milk this a bit and make it the object of my first thread ever (unless I'm mistaken...). I do run the risk of nobody caring and I'm fully prepared for this. I'm currently a...
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    SPPP vs. SPPSP

    SPPP vs. SPPSS Alright guys you know the drill. I tried to look for information on the string in question but couldn't find any. Wilson n6.1 95 16 x 18 Right now I use SPPP 1.28 @ 53 lbs and I simply love it. But, I can get reels of Signum Pro Poly-Speed Spin 1.28 for much, much, much...
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    I can't send private messages.

    I cant seem to find where I can send private messages from. Normally, in the right corner of the screen, where it says "Welcome Silent / You last visited etc." there is a pm counter but it is now gone. When I go in the User CP, there is no pm section. When I click on a member's name, I...