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    Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? | David Epstein

    The answer is: to a small degree, but a lot of that is better technology.
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    Internet Fan-Based Coaching and Nadal vs. Federer opinion?

    I saw an article where Nadal said that it is stupid that the players pay for the coach to be with them all year but can't get any advice from them in the most critical moment. The article then of course quoted Fed's being very much against it, saying it is neat that the players are kind of out...
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    Do people really begrudge Nadal his stem cell therapy?

    I don't remember the thread, but I recall someone saying that it should not be allowed for Nadal to rehab his knees using stem cell therapy. I'm a Federer fan, but Nadal has been amazing as well. The argument seems to be that stem cell therapy should be considered cheating, like using EPO...
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    Tennis official slams Federer in stunning critique

    So Tiriac "expected to see Federer in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome"? Really? Unless this is a translation, that was a ridiculous expectation of a 35-year old player who had to sit out much of last year due to injury. Seems Tiriac thinks his bottom line might have been hurt, but why would Federer...
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    #NextGen ATP Finals

    This is kind of pathetic and sad, a dumbing down of tennis for the underperforming #NextGen, although I understand why the ATP is doing it (they're worried about the future of tennis after #OldGen). There will be a world tour ATP finals in Milan for the best players 21 and under. It is kind of...
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    Rod Laver and the Overrating of the Pre-Open Era Grand Slam

    This interesting article puts some context around the achievements of Laver and Rosewall and makes the interesting point that the tour was really like a "musical act". He does briefly mention that the system they had back then was arguably superior for producing the best tennis ability, as...
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    Federer streaks best at every stage of Majors

    He holds the most consecutive appearances at Majors, QF, SF, and F appearances, and ties for wins with all of the other consistent greats after Laver. PLAYER APPEARED R64 R32 R16 QF SF F W Federer 65...
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    Best Seasons Ever Comparison

    TLDR: Federer's 2006 edges out Djokovic's 2015 by a net cord, although given their criteria it is subjective and could go either way.
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    #1 Ranking Matters Too: Why Novak Djokovic should be gaining faster on Federer

    He has an interesting point. Although the #1 ranking was not credible in the mid to late 70s, with Connors finishing ahead of Borg several times he shouldn't have, and once ahead of Vilas during an incredible season by him, it does provide for a way to cut through differences between eras. It...
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    7 guys who have Federer beat on Age Records

    Can he move up this list. He is the 8th oldest Major winner. #7 Connors 31 years and 9 days old #6 Sampras 31 years and 27 days. #5 Laver 31 years and 1 month #4 Ashe 31 years, 11 months and 25 days #3 Agassi 32 years, 8 months and 28 days #2 Gimeno 34 years, 10 months and 1 day. #1...
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    Federer and a kid in the crowd How arrogant of him, asking security to help the kid who was being crushed by the crowd out from the stands, then signing a ball and hat for him. Who does he think he is to override the mob horde...
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    Federer honestbragging...

    This is great from Federer, hilarious. I'm sure a much bigger deal will be made of it than it is, and I haven't seen it brought up here, but he said this: "I did it in practice more as a joke, and I tried it again and again and again, and it just seems like it's not that hard — for me — to do...
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    The "New" Level of Tennis "Evolution"

    It seems like the PR machine of nonsense proclaims a new epic level of tennis with practically every other Major these days...sounds similar to how the NBA was desperately trolling for interest after Jordan retired the 2nd time... I'm just going by memory here, but, Soderling taking out Nadal...
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    Retractable roof and lights at FO?

    So given that a couple matches were delayed into the next day due to impending darkness, what do folks think about the FO following in the footsteps of Wimbledon and building a retractable roof with lights, so play need not be suspended until the next day due to weather or darkness?
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    Sessions to get to see Federer play @ Cincinnati / Western & Southern Open

    Which session / day should I get tickets for to be sure to see Roger Federer play at the Cincinatti / Western & Southern Open? It seems like I'd have to get all of these sessions: Sunday 8/16 10AM Session 2 - Qualifiers/Men's First Round - $30, $40 Sunday 8/16 7PM Session 3 - Men's First...
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    Rafael Nadal's new racket comes with a power switch

    Not a Nadal fan (although I do admire his greatness), but this is really awesome and neat. I hope the Federer camp equips Fed with a racket that gives data on his shots. Rafael Nadal's new racket comes...
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    a lot more respect for doubles after watching DC

    After watching the DC doubles, I have a lot more respect for doubles tennis. The court coverage isn't as great, of course, so the athletic component isn't as high, but the reflexes needed and response time is pretty insane, especially at net. In many ways more enjoyable to watch than singles...
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    Really, how great was McEnroe?

    Yes, he was a phenomenal talent who ended with 7 Majors...but really how much of did he get just from cheating? The profanities and explosions helped him and iced his opponents, which only happened because no one escorted him off the court. I wonder how many matches he won that he wouldn't...
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    watching Youtube about McEnroe / Borg So sad the way Borg lost his passion for tennis.
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    Tickets need to buy to guarantee seeing Federer at Cincinnati or US Open

    I've asked this before, but didn't end up going, but for this year, assuming Federer plays the Cincinnati / Western & Southern Open and the US Open, what set of week 1 tickets would I need to purchase to guarantee seeing him play? For Cincinnati, it looks like last year when he was ranked...
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    tickets guaranteed to see Federer play at US Open (attempt 2)

    Ok, I didn't end up going to the US Open last year, but this year I'm going to try this year. They have a variety of confusing ticket plans purchasing options. It seems like the mini ticket plans would be what I'm looking for.
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    How much to Olympics means...

    From this story on Del Potro winning the bronze metal. Del Potro wept when he knew he had won the bronze. Obviously it me a lot to these players; so Murray's triumph is hugely significant.
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    Nadal's Greatness, Longevity, and Consistency

    Nadal has won at least 1 Major a year now for 8 straight years, matching Federer, Borg, and Sampras. Especially considering his gruelling style of play, that is very impressive.
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    USO tickets guaranteed to see Federer play?

    I'd like to see Federer play at the USO this year. To guarantee that I see him play, would I have to buy tickets for all of the days of the first round he'll be playing in? How can one figure this out?
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    Nadal must adapt to prolong his career, his doctor says

    Guess Nadal's doctor must be a ******* ;-) MADRID (Reuters) - Rafa Nadal will have to learn how to listen to his body if he is to dominate the world of tennis like Roger Federer, his knee doctor said on Friday. The 24-year-old Spaniard added the US Open to his list of Australian, French...
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    Monfils disrespectful? "As a ball headed toward him, Monfils jumped and brought his racket around his body and through his legs, when a regular swing would have sufficed. His attempt at a trick shot -- a...
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    McEnroe brothers annoying together

    I like both McEnroes as commentators separately, but together, they're annoying. Their voices are similar, so it is difficult to tell who is talking. Plus they get really chit-chatty with one-another.
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    over-rated "big" players This is the second article I've seen today on "Big Boy" tennis, as what's-her-name so stupidly put it. Talk about ridiculous hype. These guys wouldn't stand a chance against Federer in his prime. So far, only one of them -- Del...
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    note to the people denigrading HC tennis

    There is a certain faction of people here who wish to denigrate hard court tennis. "It is less prestigious as it isn't as old" and is "just there to cut down on costs." Well, this is silly. The USO is the 2nd most prestigious slam. And hard courts allow for a different brand of tennis...
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    More Impressive: 23 straight Majors SF or 18 Masters Titles

    What record is more impressive, what record is less likely to ever be broken? This is a public poll with two parts to the poll: the first 5 options are regarding which record is more impressive, the second 5 options are regarding which record is less likely to be broken. I've allowed multiple...