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  1. J

    Fed Puts Them All To Shame

    Wow, I've read some of your gems before, but this one is at the top, Fed isn't a household name? I guess if your house is on Mars.
  2. J

    Fed Puts Them All To Shame

    You are correct, just like Lance, he's never failed a test, he MUST be clean, and just like Lance, his career took a huge turn seemingly overnight, so I will take your advice, and admire his talent, just like Lance's.
  3. J

    Uniqlo apparel in US?

    A perfect example of why Nike and probably most companies could care less if they make good quality stuff or not, people will buy it either way, so they will continue to raise the price.
  4. J

    Does Nike apparel sizing differ between U.S and E.U markets ??

    I've bought from TWE and TW and they are supposed to be the same size.
  5. J

    Fed Puts Them All To Shame

    I remember reading this same thing about Lance, what a coincidence.
  6. J

    Azarenka cheated against Stephens?

    Azarenka outplaying Azarenka is what I have difficulty understanding. And you forgot to leave your banking info, we can do it in private if you want, I can understand you not wanting to make it public.
  7. J

    Is it possible...

    And there you have it, only took 6 posts.
  8. J

    Is Djokovic an all-time great?

    BAHAHAHAHA, Cup 1, 5555 ZERO!!!!!!! Fact.
  9. J

    Are tt posters really that ignorant? you never saw how special djoker was from start?

    It's funny how after Djoker wins something, it's as if the *********s have to stand up and say, NSK isn't the only troll out there.
  10. J

    Will Nadal break Djokovic's SF streak at RolandGarros2013?

    I feel bad for Nads really, I mean he was once the best #2 the world had ever seen, and now he's just #2 in his country, unfortunate, just when his future was looking so bright.
  11. J

    Where would you rank Djokovic now?

    He's not the GOAT of the Aussie Open, he's around the same group as the Edberg/Wilander/Becker.
  12. J

    Relax, he is going to be 32, the time has come..

    He's made every slam semi minus a few quarter losses since like 1995, and for some reason this time, it's all over for him, okay!!!!!!
  13. J

    Slightly jaded, slightly conspiratorial take on men's AO'13 final

    BAHAHAHAHAHA, that's hilarious, LMFAO, LOL, and whatever else!!!
  14. J

    There no doubt Nole is the best ever in Australia now

    Past his prime Fed, beat God mode Djoker on clay, much slower than any hard court.
  15. J

    There no doubt Nole is the best ever in Australia now

    As with most tournaments, Fed is equal or greater than him.
  16. J

    That's it! I am not gona watch this any longer

    You know things have gone wrong when you have to compare the mens final to the womens to make it sound entertaining.
  17. J

    Can someone try and hit some winners

    This will be tennis until they decide to bring surface variety back.
  18. J

    Fed is still the better player, the reason he lost the semis to Murray is....

    I'm pretty sure you were saying this at last years AO, and don't forget, he could have regained #1 next week.
  19. J

    Where Would Del Potro Be Right Now...

    You look at how his year built in 09, losing badly to Fed at the AO, the pushing him to 5 at the FO, then beating both him and Nads at the US Open, which of course hadn't been done at the time, so judging by that, there's no reason to doubt he would have won more majors and 1000's had he not...
  20. J

    Azarenka deserves respect for defending her title

    When you blatantly cheat and admit it the way she did, you deserve NO RESPECT!
  21. J

    Australians Should Be Ashamed

    She absolutely deserved it, hopefully this will dissuade her from ever considering that as an option.
  22. J

    Federer's schedule for the year

    Supposedly he is skipping Miami, but if he doesn't defend his points from last year, hopefully he will play this as he could use the added points.
  23. J

    Federer is an amazing player, but has THE worst fans.

    Nads has the worst fans, as they constantly put up troll threads. Several of the threads you reference were created to refute the constant, Fed should retire, ********, etc. threads that pop up when he loses. And questioning whether or not Djokovic is on something isn't trolling at all, now...
  24. J

    Anyone have a feeling that tennis just kinda sucks right now?

    I agree, since I've been around tennis(80ish), you've always had guys who ran down balls and did well, but the most dominant players were the attacking ones, but with that style diminishing it doesn't make tennis exciting to me anymore. Hopefully with the AO supposedly speeding up the court...