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    Pure Drive equivalent Yonex?

    I am a complete Yonex ignorant. I've owned a few of them over the years but never been familiar with their product lines. Then I came across in an old thread that RDS 003 is Yonex' version of Pure Drive and it got me curious, which current model is? Any Yonex lovers/users, thanks for your...
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    I'm good for a while...

    I love Signum Pro Poly Plasma and bought a second reel. Nobody seems to talk about this string any more, by the way. It is because it's an old model and there are lots of new stuff out there? I feel good that I'm settled for another years to come. Just saying......
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    A trivial question about Volkl Organix racquet

    So if you look the Organix and Super G racquets there are the plastic pieces on the butt cap and also the place where the handle begins to split. Are they actually one piece (meaning connected all the way inside the handle)? I was just bored and got curious.
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    Grass is still grass no matter how arguably it's become slow..

    Nadal beat Federer three to zero at Roland Garros. Around a month later Federer had his revenge at Wimbledon winning three to one. Grass is still grass and clay is still clay no matter how Wimbledon has been moaned for being "green clay." Folks, let us worry less of homogeniety of all the slams.
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    Grommet interchangeability: i.Prestige mid and Microgel prestige mid

    The title says all. Could anyone inform if their grommets fit each other?
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    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    Lol.. the "Worst racquet to ever win a grand slam?" thread got me start this thread. For a starter, I guess if Head Edge had won a grand slam in the right hand it would have made a far more legendary racquet than now.
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    Control and power are not mutually exclusive characteristics of tennis racquet

    Years of experience says this to me. Power racquets do not necessarily harm control. Power racquets allow you to slow down your swing. When you can afford slowing down you are more ready for control. Also, power racquets usually have larger sweet spot: Hitting sweet spot is a necessary...
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    I don't buy the notion that power racquet is powerful and control racquet is not powerful

    As the title states. No matter what racquet, beginners will hit the fence with little effort. When both 65 si wooden racquet and 120 si super oversized racquet have no problem flying the ball say 100 meters away, let alone hitting fence, what's the point of calling one more powerful than the...
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    Is Ultra 2 85si really 85?

    Hello, I always thought the Wilson Ultra 2 Midsize has smaller than 80 si head (like other older racquets) but recently learned there is a 85 si version. Is the head size comparable to PS85 like the number indicates or is it just a number that doesn't mean much?
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    One reason I'll buy only a reel and never a pack again from now on

    It is such a pain to untangle strings. Today it was almost like patience test.
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    take aspirin?

    So I hear that some people take aspirin before match to prevent muscle cramp. My questions are, (1) Does it work? If yes, (2) If you are a pro and take aspirin are you gonna fail the doping test? (3) How long before the match should you take in order for it to be most effective? Anyone...
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    What racquet did Kuerten use in 2000?

    Just watched Erricson final between Sampras and Kuerten in 2000 and Kuerten was using a racquet with bar in the throat. Anyone knows what racquet it was? Just curious.
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    Sorry if this is an old vent..

    Players playing at Wimbledon needs backnumber or something for spectators to discern one player from the other due to that stupid snow white dress code. I was watching a highlight (forgot whose match it was) and both men wore white hats and it was frustrating constantly figuring out who was who...
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    A quick question: are grommets for Organix 10 295 and 325 interchangeable?

    Could anyone who have both racquets compare the grommet patterns?
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    Questions about pallet change

    Hello racquet gurus~ I have this idea of replacing grip pallets of Flexpoint Prestige with those of Satellite Tour. There is some gap between these racquets in terms of the production years, and will they fit? I also wonder--I guess I should ask this question first--are grip pallets...
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    Connors' racquet?

    What is the racquet Connors is using in this game? It looks a little too bulky for a Pro Staff 6.0.
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    FS: Head Graphite Edge

    Hello, I'm selling two Head Graphite Edge racquets. Grip sizes are 4 1/2. Both are clean without major scars, just head scuff from normal play. I'd rate one as 8/10 and the other 6/10 (due to rough grommets). Both come with no grip: You'd want new grip anyway. I like to attach photos but don't...
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    Recommended tension for Kneissl Red Star Mid?

    Hello all, I recently acquired Kneissl Red Star Mid--which I read somewhere was introduced in 1983--and after a little adjustment period I like it a lot. It is a real control racquet and is adding some confidence to my game. The question I asking is its tension range. I searched but can't...
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    Are grommets interchangeable between AeroPro Drive and AeroPro Lite GT?

    The title says it all. I wonder if the grommets for Aeropro Drive would also fit AeroPro Lite GT. Thank you.
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    Wilson Ultra 3?

    Hi all, I've never heard of Wilson Ultra 3 but just came accross these photos. Anyone knew there was such a thing?
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    Question about Wilson Ultra 2 Largehead

    Hi, does this racquet have tapered beam? In other words, does the beam width go gradually thin toward the tip of the head? Thanks.
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    Question about Fibergel Spin string

    Hi, I bought a reel of Head Fibergel Spin(660 ft) at a local store and found that it has smooth surface not rough one. Is this right? I got to have this question because the TW website states it's textured string. By the way, the reel says that it is made in Taiwan if it means anything. Thanks.
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    Grommets that can be used on Satellite Tour is ...?

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    Racquet that doesn't state tension range on it

    I acquired Wilson ProStaff Classic 6.1 (110 si) at a local store at a good price. It looks fine except there is no tension range written on it. (product descriptions instead where the tension numbers are supposed to be located.) I've used many racquets before but this is the first time that a...
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    Volkl C10 Pro Oversize... How they compare to MP or Mid?

    I use Volkl C10 pro(MP) and C10 Pro Tour(Mid), and am thinking a little bigger head might help my doubles game. So I'm interested in getting the oversized C10 pro, but I don't know about its playing characteristics. Does someone have experiences with both the MP/Mid and OS versions of C10 Pro...
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    The same racquet, factory-strung vs. unstrung

    Some racquets seem to have two different versions, unstrung and the factory-strung. For example, TW now sells Hyper Hammer 5.3 pre-strung but I am quite sure it was sold unstrung years ago. Also someone in some threads below bought a new Ti Radical with string alreay installed with Head logo on...
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    Same racquet but different feel. Why?

    I am curious about this situation: A couple of months ago I acquired a new Prine Precision Equipe oversize racquet through **** (the red and yellow, you know). In fact, I didn't have any experience with this racquet, but wanted to have it, solely based on my past impression of it I had in a...