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    Why is Nadal so bad on tiebreaks?

    Nobody cares about the FO. And if all surfaces hadn't been slowed down to accommodate clay courters (this started when Nadal was just starting to play) attacking players like Fed would have 10 more. Wimby and USO are a joke now compared to how they played.
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    So can anybody deny that Nadal deliberetely Uses

    He is and always has been a classless cheat. This is the guy who wanted umpires to have special rules for him, who advocated for illegal coaching, who thinks rules don't apply to him, and who got an umpire banned because he dared to enforce those rules. Fake MTOs, time wasting, complaining...
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    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    I am very scared now. Fed should've finished off the match there.
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    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    please, working stream for US anyone? I dont have cable anymore
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    Wimbledon introduces Tiebreaks in the Fifth

    Does anyone know how many matches in open era have gone beyond 12-12. I bet it can't be more than 50? Thank God for WImbledon having some sense and not being a soulless commercial sellout like USO, Wimby at least didn't do it at 6-6 or 8-8. They actually want better tennis. This should not be...
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    Djok in this form would've destroyed Rafa. And even Fed would lose. I just wish the courts hadn't been slowed down.
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    Serena Williams

    That's literally peanuts to her. She spends that much on a trinket without even thinking about it. This is the kind of fine that is imposed when they know its meaningless but allows them to save face while publicly supporting the player.
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    Any streams? Is this a good match or is Djoker just rolling over Delpo?
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    Serena Williams

    Try to imagine if Serena was not American, the US press would be having a field day insulting and accusing her, calling for a ban etc. Can you imagine how the trash NYC would've reacted if was the other player who did this - as it is they boo'd Osaka. Instead they are all bending over backward...
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    Serena Williams

    The truth is she's a disgusting person in real life, has always been a sore loser lacking any class and is an embarrassment. She has this media image of 'poor black girl' who's the savior of American tennis when nothing could be further from the truth. Playing the sexism card, the mother card...
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    Serena Williams

    And didn't the William sisters succesfully ban another empire from their matches (at one of the Masters I think) because he dared to call against them. Nadal has done this too. This entitled arrogant players need to be taught a lesson. Anyone who dares to defend Serena for her behavior is so...
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    Serena Williams

    Why are people surprised? She's always been rude to other players, racist even, and lacking class. This is a person who threatened an innocent lineswomen who makes 1/100000th of what she does with death, and she got a joke of a punishment. I'm glad USTA had the balls to enforce the rules. What...
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    Put all the great players at their peak against each other

    Can with stop with the 'Rafa is injured' nonsense - he's had some 'injury' at every single big event he's lost, its a joke. Peak Fed is beatable on any surface - you just showed your ignorance. I suppose you know better than every tennis player right? Peak Rafa doesn't even make SF on any...
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    Put all the great players at their peak against each other

    McEnroe you can talk about. Connor was a nobody in terms of tennis talent compared to the true greats, he's only famous because of his attitude and his rivalries and that SF run. JMac would have no chance vs someone like Pete who was 10x deadlier and just as good at SV. Let alone Fed. I do...
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    Put all the great players at their peak against each other

    On proper surfaces - by that I mean no slowed down courts, no balls with reduced pressure etc. And ever player is at their peak. On clay, Rafa wins. He was made for clay. Due respect to Borg but I don't think he beats Rafa. On grass + fast HC (USO) - no one else would come close to...
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    ‘Sorry, not fair to compare [my injuries] with [Federer and Djokovic’s]’

    Will his whining and moaning never end? The cause of his injuries are his own play style where he prefers standing 20ft behind the line, run and wait for errors, and hit moonballs. If he tried to be aggressive he'd spend a lot less time on court. But he knows complaining about others goes over...
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    Wilander doesn't want another Federer in tennis

    Nobody has ever cared less what Wilander thinks. As if someone like Fed grows on trees!
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    Sampras Looking Good

    Married to Brigitte Wilson and enjoying the life. I can only imagine how stress free and relaxed his life must be - well like most other multi millionaires who don't have to work.
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    Nadal non clay slam defence attempts

    He's never defended any non-clay title, forget about slams.
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    Once Nadal wins this USO

    Well he hasn't and he won't again. Do you now promise to STFU and keep your insane ramblings off here?
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    Anyone else tired of Serena hype?

    She's been hyped unfairly since day one and given preferential treatment and all her many flaws, like being classless, rude and racist to others, are ignored esp by American tv commentators who can't get enough of worshiping her. Of course anyone daring to criticize her is then called a...
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    Nick Kyrgios Appreciation

    The One True Joke, yes. I hope this shuts him up.
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    2018 Wimbledon QF: [1] Federer Vs. [8] Anderson

    This is going to TB and I have no confidence now.
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    2018 Wimbledon QF: [1] Federer Vs. [8] Anderson

    Why the hell is Fed not on Centre Court? This match would be over by now.
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    2018 Wimbledon QF: [1] Federer Vs. [8] Anderson

    Where is JMac? Is he doing commentary on the other match?
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    2018 Wimbledon QF: [1] Federer Vs. [8] Anderson

    Just started watching. Already not good for my health the way Fed is playing :)
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    Update from Djokovic's FB page

    Anyone who has suffered a joint in jury knows you never recover 100%. Now these guys are ultra rich and have access to the best medical care in the world, and it still isn't enough, doctors simply can't change physique. There's a reason tennis players careers drop off a cliff when they reach...
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    When Fed's Slam record will be TRULY safe?

    Who cares? Nadal only wins FO, he's a clay specialist. He will never come close to Fed in #1, YE #1, WTF etc, and therefore is not in the same conversation. If tomorrow some player comes along who wins 20FO that suddently wont make him GOAT either.