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    Wilson Blade v7 16/19 vs 18/20, what are the differences in feel and control?

    I cannot agree more, the launch angle on the 16x19 is just a bit too much for me, I just cannot control and shape the ball as I want. Having said that, it's easy power and easier to swing vs the 18x20. 18x20 is an awesome frame, if you can manage the SW, the control and stability are just...
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    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    or the Yonex VCORE 95 Red
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    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    i think right now the best one is the prestige pro 95.
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    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    Hi All...bringing this up again. whats the best 95 currently on the market?
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    Tried all I could with this frame, ended up going back to my Vcore 95D, the control is just so much better.
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    Can you help me search for an open pattern racquet?

    wilson v7 16x19
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    W - Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Midplus 4 3/8

    Hi All, bumping it back as i am looking for one again. :)
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    I gave that up. :(. I think that SW would be too much for me. I used to be a 5.0 a year ago (NOVA area - not a very good, but after my 3rd knee surgery, i got bumped to 4.5. and to be honest, don't have that same core strength to use a SW more than 325-328 over 2hrs. I think I may...
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    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    I’m going to ask a silly question here, but how would the pro stock 16x19 play vs the stock one? I see the beam is thicker and it’s more HL.
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    Or is this a sign that I need to look for a 18x20 as i wanted to bump up from a 95sq in.
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    I tried lead all over the frame as mentioned But I just could not find a rhythm, could not find the control I was looking for. After about 6-8 hrs of hitting over the weekend. I realized I was looking at this all wrong. I was not missing stability rather was missing a consistent...
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    Thank you..!
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    So i prepped all my 16x19's for a hit today!!! Leather grip with overgrip - strung at 54/52 - tourna silver 7 tour 1.25 - 4g from cross 6-13 - 3g from cross 7-12 - 2g from cross 7-10 - Stock Will start with the 3g frame and use that as my benchmark. Thanks for all your help.
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    That was easy..!!! thanks guys
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    Just realized i have to provide the width bad..That changed it quite a bit. Just to be sure - For a blade 16x19 what would the length location and width location be for lead at 3 and 9 please?
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    i did try that and i even when i changed 'mass to add' from 2g to 15g for 3 and 9, the twist weight stayed the same 13.7
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    Blade v7 16x19 twistweight

    Hi All, I was curious on how I can increase the twist weight to match or come close to that of the Blade v7 18x20. (with a minimal increase in SW) would it be as simple as adding some lead at 3&9? along the same lines of increasing stability? Babolat Leather grip on both frames.
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    Novak Djokovic should not have skipped the press conference

    Such a baby..not sure why he not apologize and move on.
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    The life of Novak Djokovic

    No one loves me..!!
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    Tiafoe is not good.

    Nope...not for long. Since Roddick no one else has from the US men's game has come close to that level. And it all comes down to the backhand..!!
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    Andrey Rublev destroys every ball

    He aint got time for slow..!!
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    Tiafoe is not good.

    He is top 20 material..!!!
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    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    He deserves it. He thinks he can get away with anything..!!!
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    "Djokovic incident will change tennis" - Woodbridge

    Auto hawk-eye..!!! It would be awesome to see Serena try and shove a ball down that throat..!!!
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    W - Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Midplus 4 3/8

    Looking for a Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Midplus 4/38
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    Why does Wawrinka do so poorly against Nadal?

    When Wawrinka was on fire at the AO - he broke Nadal's back with his power..!!
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    What women in tennis history do you think has the most aesthetically pleasing games?

    graf - hingis - had the most variety and were very smooth on the court. (within their own respective styles of play)
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    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    Really like this string..!! Play with a full bed at 53/51 on a blade v7 16x19 (leather grip). Great spin and control, it really bites!! It plays awesome for about 4-5hrs, then great for another 2, and by the time it's around 10hrs in its time to cut it out. The good thing for me is that I...