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    Tsitsipas beats peak Nadal !

    what happened to him? was dominating until 3 set tiebreaker
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    Did Becker hit a ballboy with his serve?

    i think edberg killed a ballboy or linesman with his serve
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    ATP (WTA) Scores APP alternative

    The old ATP/WTA App is not longer available. The new ATP tour APP seems to be a mess and not really neatly arranged. Which APP(s) are you using to get a good overview about scores, draws ranking etc?
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    Is Djokovic done?

    There are a lot of players (when healthy) who can beat novak now in slams: Thiem Medvedev Wawrinka Rafa (fo) Tsitsipas Zverev Fed (wimb) Sinner (maybe needs a year or two more) Where in the last decade there were just rafa on clay, stan (on stanimal mode) who were real threat for an in form nole
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    How to feel the lagging weight of the racket head?

    taking the racket back similar to gonzales helps to feel the weight of the racket (at least during the backswing):
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    FH non dominant arm to early

    Ok I see should be prepare earlier. But dont you think something with the left arm is wrong to? You see here left arm already pointing to the side, while right is still back. So I think the rotation is not synced: and everything is not as smooth as it should/could be
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    FH non dominant arm to early

    Its more when I have too much time. I like a bit of pace to work with. Sometimes I also forget completely how to hit a fh.
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    FH non dominant arm to early

    Fh often breaks down. Where should the arm be in the pic? If you stop at early 2sec you will see that the arm is parallel to the basline, just after the bounce. You think its to late?
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    FH non dominant arm to early

    looks similar to that, but is not as good
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    FH non dominant arm to early

    I recognized, that my non dominant arm seems to rotate to early and pointing to the net making my FH out of sync. I think this breaks the kinetic chain in my FH. Anyone had the same problem`? ideas how to fix?
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    ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

    I think he had like 20 more winners and only 1 more UE than thiem..
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    Wawrinka should retire

    he never was very consistent outside of the slams. had good runs at two of his last three slams
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    Poor Zverev...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    When I am sick and cant breath, I cant run two meters behind the basline from side to side chasing everything down for hours. If he couldnt breath, then he should have breathing hard and gasping for breath after each rally
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    ruuds rude topspin

    What grip is he using, SW?
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    ruuds rude topspin

    have never seen anyone reaching 60rps in average over a whole match
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    Feeling sorry for benoit paire

    If the guy even had half a decent forehand...
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    Tallest and shortest #1 Players

    what about laver?
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    the heavy ball at the net will feel really hard to control, because there is more force behind than you may think first a very hard hit ball you need to have the reflexes at the net but it will be easier to control than the "heavy" ball
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    whats your point?
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    same one which feels heavy from the basline maybe its in the eye of the viewer. but if you hear players and commentators mentioning a heavy ball, they speak often about thiem or nadal and not about rosol, zvererv, söderling
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    Tallest and shortest #1 Players

    Who were the tallest and who the smallest number 1 players in the world? in WTA and ATP?
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    then you have never faced a heavy ball
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    I had a coach which said the same-
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    US Open 2020 SF: [2]Dominic Thiem vs [3] Daniil Medvedev

    he hasnt lost a set yet, i think he is fine with his playing style
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    Zverev is American

    and pushes himself in english and german
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    Forehand and the role of the forearm

    Coaches and TV commendators here often say about a player with a good forehand, they work good with their forearm they have a fast forearm. Here @tt I almost never see any discussion abot the role of the forearm. Its mostly about the wrist and the lag&snap. But what is the role of the forearm...
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    Hot Damn - Djokovic KICKED OUT of US Open?!

    med has really bad h2h against Z
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    why is milos serve so good?

    his Fh and volleys are good too