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    Tennis channel plus

    I thought I'd be able to watch the big tournaments. They were showing some Australian Open matches during the first week, but stopped during the second week. No Indian Wells. No Miami. The collection of classic matches hasn't changed since I got it in December. The on demand matches are hit...
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    Tennis channel plus

    I don't have cable/satellite, so I thought it would be a good idea to get TC Plus to finally be able to catch a lot of tennis. Biggest waste of money ever. If you guys are debating whether or not to get it...DON'T.
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    Can we fix Sorana Cirstea's tennis ?

    Shouldn't you already know the answer to that question?
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    ATTN: Silent Partner ball machine owners

    I kind of assumed that was the case, but didn't know if they actually discounted them even more off of their everyday "sale" price. I'd be willing to even wait until the holiday season rolls around if I could save another $100 or so, but if the current price is as good as it's going to get then...
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    ATTN: Silent Partner ball machine owners

    I've had my eyes on the Silent Partner LITE for a few years now and think I'm finally going to make the investment in one soon. I've owned a ball machine before (Tennis Tutor Jr.), so I know all the positives and negatives in owning a ball machine. My question is this: Is there an ideal time...
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    how the wilson prostaff 85 stars´n stripes plays in relation to ps85??

    I used to have a few of them back in the day. As a PS 6.0 85 user at the time I was excited about them...then I hit the court with them. Duds. I don't think they did anything as well, or better, than the originals. Sold them not long after.
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    Nadal vs Borg vs Sampras at this point

    1- Nadal 2- Sampras 3- Borg It kills me to admit this, but as a HUGE Sampras fan I have to say what Nadal has been able to do has surpassed Pete's accomplishments. Even though he is 1 slam shy of Sampras, winning all 4 slams, an olympic gold and masters series record trump Sampras' 14 slams...
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    Spin, Thin, and Power at 11 ounces?

    One the first racquets that came to mind after reading the OP's specs was the Prince O3 Original White. Granted, the beam tapers ever so slightly beyond the OP's 23mm max request, but not by much. Not to...
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    Dunlop Aerogel (4D) 100
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    Same Racquet, Same weight, Same Balance. But....

    Even if two racquets have the same weight and balance they can still have noticeably different swingweights. It sounds like the slightly lighter one with the heavier swingweight is more polarized in it's weight distribution.
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    Slazenger & Dunlop: same racquets?

    You won't know until you hit with it. If you don't like it then sell it.
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    Isner Houston Rocket serve record

    "Ivo Karlovic owns the fastest recorded serve at 156 mph" I thought some Aussie hit one in the low 160's a few years ago....
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    For those who didn't believe me...

    Even Serena admitted the dance was "inappropriate" when she was asked what the name of her post match dance was called. “Actually, there is a name. But I don’t know if I — it’s inappropriate,” she dodged. “It’s just a dance we do in California.” Here's the article in case you want a...
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    Roddick is a disgrace

    Not fair to throw Chang into that category IMO. After winning the French in '89 he made it to the finals of another French as well as the Aussie and US Opens.
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    Roddick is a disgrace

    The issue isn't Roddick throwing his racquet during one of his typical temper tantrums. It was the fact that he threw his racquet toward the line judge that called the foot fault. Was he actually trying to hit the guy? No, but he clearly and purposefully threw it in his direction. Very...
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    Prince Graphite 90 grommets

    I bought a beat up 1 striper about a year and a half ago and replaced the grommets with the current POG ones. They fit perfectly.
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    4.5 player seeks soft + lots of spin string. Any tips?

    As counter intuitive as this may seem I've had some good results with Ashaway Kevlar 18 mains/Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 crosses strung REALLY low. The 18 gauge string produces ridiculous spin and is so low powered you don't have to worry about losing control when stringing 10lbs. or so lower than...
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    Djokovic should go back to Wilson

    LOL@ Gorecki waiting almost 2 years until Novak finally won another GS title so he could revive this dead thread!
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    Changing Head Sizes

    Which racquet are you switching from and to? Depending on the racquet models the difference in head size may not be quite as significant as some of the other specs. Just curious.
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    Wanted: POG Mid

    Looking for 1 or 2 Prince Original Graphite mids in 4 3/8 grips only. If you have 1 or 2 you want to sell please contact me.
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    wow I just found a pack of string that I bought 10 years ago, titanium?

    I used it a few times and liked it more than the regular Sensation which was too soft for my taste. Don't know how kind the last 10 years have been to that set of strings though. Hopefully it's not too brittle by now.
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    ProStaff 6.1 Stretch VS 5.0 Stretch

    Good question. If I had to pick right now I'd choose the 5.0 stretch. Since I'm currently using a 27.5 inch racquet with a 96 head I wouldn't have to adjust my hitting point like I would if I were to go back down to a standard length frame. Also, since I'm not playing nearly as much as...
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    ProStaff 6.1 Stretch VS 5.0 Stretch

    Sure. I used it during a time when I worked at a tennis shop and by having daily access to all the latest frames I never used a frame for more than a year or so before switching to a newer one. As I stated above I used both the standard length and stretch versions of the 5.0 and liked both...
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    ProStaff 6.1 Stretch VS 5.0 Stretch

    I used to use both racquets but it's been a LONG time ago (particularly the 6.1 stretch). Went from the standard length 6.1 to the 6.1 stretch. I remember having a hard time adjusting to the extra inch and the denser string pattern the stretch version had. It wasn't long before I switched...
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    Looking to replace my Head Pro Tour 280/630...

    How about the Head Youtek Speed 18x20? It's a little lighter and a little stiffer than the PT280 so it should give you a bit more pop in your shots.
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    Will Nadal go down in tennis history as the number 1 with the ugliest game ever?

    My vote would go to Jim Courier with Roddick being a close second.
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    Whats the difference between these ball machines?

    Here's a link to the manufacturer's website. Should have all the specs/differences listed for all their machines. I used to own the Tennis Tutor prolite but have no first-hand knowledge of either machine you mentioned.
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    Murray confirms his problems are mental

    HAHAHA!! Andy G is on a roll. Good stuff, man.
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    Stringway ML100 T92 on the way!

    Exactly. One of the main reasons why I chose it.