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    New Balance clay

    Will New Balance have 996 v4's with a clay outsole this year?
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    Monfils brown string

    Just noticed that he's using a brown string while watching the highlights of the Montpellier finals. Luxilon Element or RPM Power?
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    Solinco confidential

    Hi, when will the new solinco string be available?
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    Sponsorship changes 2020

    Any updates on changes in the sponsorships of female and male players?
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    Looking for Pure Strike Tour 2019

    Around 150$ or 140€ per stick
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    Haase with Radical MP

    He seems to have finally given up on the mid sized frame.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100P 1st gen

    Looking for a 9/10 at least in grip 3
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    3D printed pallets

    Anyone here into 3D printing? I was thinking this would be a good way to make extended racquets...anyone?
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    Head Speed MP 360

    Grip size does not matter Good condition
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    Pure Aero VS

    Does anyone know if Babolat is coming with a New Pure Aero VS? When?
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    Djoko shoe

    Will his new shoe be released in clay version?
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    When will this new Solinco be released? The black string Stephens is playing with.
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    Wilson Burn 98 CV 16x19

    Grip 3
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    Prince Phantom 100

    GRIP 3
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    Sandgren with Asics

    Watching the Sandgren-García López game and he’s now wearing head to toe Asics. I guess mizuno was not impressed with his choice of shoes at the AO...
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    Sandgren’s shoes

    he’s sponsored by mizuno but wearing Asics resolutions?
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    Sponsor switches 2018

    so any news on this? Will Pouille stay with Prince? ...
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    Smooth sale with John Kawasaki

    don't ever hesitate to do business with him. He's 5stars!
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    Babolat pure aero plus

    looking for these in grip 4 1/4 or 4 3/8. Europe and USA are both fine as I travel monthly between EU and USA. Thanks
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    Gasquet to TF???

    I just saw him wearing a TF backpack in the wednesday highlights of Barcelona on tennis tv.
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    For Sale Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT Plus

    1 babolat aero pro drive GT plus 4 1/4 9,5/10 no scratches Played with indoors this winter for 6-7 hours. €40 Shipping excluded Contact me for pictures.
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    3x Prince graphite LB 4 3/8

    Prince Graphite MP LB 2014 Grip 4 3/8 Quantity 3 100sq inch Condition: 9.5/10 played with for a couple of hours on carpet, strung once. Sticks look like new, no paint chips at all Price: 65€ for 1, 120€ for 2 and 150€ for 3 Shipping NOT Incl Contact info: Pictures upon...
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    Prince graphite Lb

    has anyone else encountered problems yet with this racquet? 2 of them cracked in the troath. One of them has a crack in the corner of the stabilisation bar and the other one in the middle of the lower part of the troath
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    4x Babolat Aero Pro Drive Plus 2013 4 3/8

    All at least 8,5/10, one is used for 1 hour.Can be strung with Solinco TB 125. Price for the 4 is 200 Euros. 1=75Euros. Price is without shipping. Pictures upon request. Steve
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    Asics gel resolution 5 clay

    When will TW have these on sale?
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    Haas with Ellesse

    Tommy just announced it on Twitter...5 year deal
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    Anderson with Srixon

    He must be the only non-Japanese player using their sticks
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    Mattek back with Babolat PD

    just saw the photos on getty
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    In case of ordering new grommets for the babolat Aero Pro Drive+, is the head bumper included? Thanks
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    durability of NXT vs Sensation

    Which one has a better durability? Right now I'm x-ing my TB with SP Micronite and the cross breaks after just 2 hrs of play.