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    RF97: Battle Axes in the Mud

    Been playing with some really nasty conditions here. 40’s and 50’s. Heavy fog or misting rain, full poly setups and frames were wearing me out. Took a couple of RF97’s and strung them with Head Hawk Touch 1.25/ PSG 1.30 @ 48/52 and 50/54. Use the higher tension one if the temps are a bit warmer...
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    Older Head frames: New Poly Technology

    Have been doing an interesting experiment with some of the Head frames that I played with in the past. Youtek IG Radical Pro 16x19 and Youtek Speed Pro MP 18x20 in particular. Using new technology poly strings which are softer but provide better tension maintenance, spin, feel etc. Can remember...
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    Tier 1: Black Knight 1.23

    How does the stiffness of Black Knight compare to Lux Alu Power? Been playing with Lux Alu Power and now considering buying a reel of Black Knight.
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    Natural Gut Cross Hybrid

    Was just sitting here watching Zverev and I’m still wondering why Natural Gut in the crosses is considered a waste by many. If you go to pro tournaments whether it is ATP or WTA you see this more than you see natural gut in the mains. The playability is undeniable if you have ever used it and it...
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    Solinco Hybrid

    Seeing a good many high level players using Hyper G in the mains with Tourbite crosses. When I see numerous players using a hybrid like this it’s worth a go. Will try it in the 6.1 95 18x20 with 1.25/1.15 @ 48/46.
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    Wilson 6.1 18x20/ Alu Power

    Have been stringing my 6.1’s with BHS7T since it came out. Stringing in between 45-47lbs. Great string. Strung the other day with Alu Power 1.25 at 48lbs. Unbelievable how good it plays even compared to the newest technology. Played with Alu exclusively for about 12yrs. It’s still one of the...
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    RF97: Power Pads

    Did a test today. Strung one of my RF97’s with leather power pads and compared it to playing with the W Dampener and then with nothing in the frame. The W dampener causes the string bed to create a thud, less feel but cuts vibration down. Playing with nothing there was a good bit of ping and...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    Would love to get some insight into what you guys are using in this frame currently. There are some older threads with a great deal of information about pro players using this frame and set ups used by TT members. What about now in 2020. Strings change and set ups change. Curious to know where...
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    Shaped poly crosses with Natural Gut mains

    The initial thought for me would be that the shaped poly strings chew through the gut more quickly than using the round/slick poly crosses. Have heard some conflicting ideas about this especially with the Luxilon Rough which the company claims has less friction. Curious to know more about...
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    ATP Finals: London

    Great to see that in a tennis world that seems to be dominated by two handed backhands.. 3 of the 4 final players have a one handed backhand.
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    2017 Re-issue 6.1 95 18x20

    Anyone know where to get these new? Have a few of these but trying to find a couple more. Thanks
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    H19 and H22 Pro Stock

    Where can I find some pro stock frames that aren’t completely destroyed like the ones on Flea Bay?
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    Dimitrov New Specs

    Anyone stringing his frames and know the new specs? They have lightened his frames. I’m thinking now they need to get away from the spin string pattern and go to 16x19.
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    I can’t even stomach watching Kyrgios anymore. Flipped to the TC and he was playing Nadal. Didn’t even watch a point end. It’s like..who cares.
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    Pro Staff 97 2016 vs 2018

    Have two of the soft feel Black/Red pro staff 97’s and wondering if anyone is seeing any difference in that one and the 2018-19 Black Pro Staff 97.
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    That display last night was absolutely ridiculous. Total lack of respect for the game or anyone involved.
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20 (2017 Re-issue)

    Need some advice. Have been playing BHB7 1.25 in this frame and even at 47-48lbs it feels stiff and lacks power. BHB7 is know for its power so thinking the best improvement could be go with 18g, 19g or even 20g poly. What poly and gauge would you guys recommend in this tight string bed to...
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    USA Sport Routine

    Anyone heard of this company on my Shopify? I ordered some Klip Legend at a great price. The company instantly sent me a text message that they will contact me when the order ships and charged my account. Can’t find the site where I ordered it now and haven’t heard anything in over a week...
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    Wilso Pro Staff 97

    Took a couple of Pro Staff 97’s that I have been all over the map with lead at 12,3,9,10,2 and leather grips off and on with weight in the handle. Decided to simplify and take all of the weight off accept left the leather grips on, Wilson Pro Grips and W dampeners. Strung the frames at 49 with...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    Max Power 1.25/ OGMS 1.30 47/47. Great Hybrid and easy on the arm option from playing full poly. Little better feel on the serve, volley, and drop shots. Anyone have any good new hybrids they have used recently in the 18x20?
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    Tourna Black Zone 17 vs Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17.

    Other than the obvious difference of TBHB7 being a shaped string how do these strings compare? It looks like TBHBZ is much softer with a little less tension maintenance. Would you string these strings at the same tension full bed? I’m playing TBHB7 at 48lbs in the Wilson 6.1 18x20 and getting...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20 Kfactor

    How does this version of the Wilson 6.1 compare to the new 2017 version of the 6.1 95 18x20? Does it have parallel drilled holes? Having a hard time finding information on this frame.
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    NXT/ Velocity

    Playing with the RF97, have played mostly with Gut/poly @ 58/55 and full poly @ 52. Have tried several Multi/poly setups to try and develop a soft main/poly set that played well. They all played stiff and only stayed in the frame 3-4hrs @ 55/52. Made sense to try NXT/ Velocity since I have a...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20. Hybrid Question

    Been playing with the 2017 version of this frame with full poly from 45-47. Interested in using a poly/ multi or poly/syn gut hybrid to generate more power and mainly create a bit more feel. Considering Max Power 1.25/ NXT 1.30 or Luxilon Alu Power/ NXT 1.30. Any strings you guys could suggest...
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    PS97 Tech Question

    Have some PS97 frames that I have put 3in strips of lead on each side of the string bed at 3 and 9 (4 strips). That is 3grams total weight added. Wonder what specs I am looking at in terms of HL, SW etc. Some of you guys are much more adept at calculating this. I just know it plays well.
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    Generations of RF97

    I have several generations of RF97 apparently. Have a couple of Red/black ones with red and silver butt caps. Have another Red/Black one with a black/silver butt cap. Anyone else seen this with the Red/Black RF97’s?
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    Wilson 6.1 18x20 (2017)

    Anyone know where to find some of these reissue frames in a 4.5?
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    Kirschbaum Max Power 1.25

    Anyone playing this string in Wilson frames full bed? What tension?
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    Wilson 6.1 18x20. (2017)

    Wilson 6.1 18x20/ great frame. Played today with Cyclone Tour 1.30 @ 47lbs. Hit the ball really well, great control and spin. Power was excellent. POST UP SOME COMBINATIONS AND SETUPS THAT WORK FOR YOU GUYS! (2014/2017)
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    RF97: Volkl Cyclone Tour 16g

    This may be the first poly that I have put in the RF97 full bed that I really like in that frame. Easy on the arm, plenty of power, spin and control. Nice string for the RF97 @ 52.