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    Stefanos 'not my best' Tsitsipas

    said he havent given his best against federer in basel, not give his full against nadal in RR, when lost to medv, he is boring player whether lose or win, it is on his racket this guy wont get lot of fans/'army' outside of Greece.
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    God Mode final of Big 3

    Federer: AO 2010 against Murray. Murray not playing bad, but federer just on another level Djokovic: AO 2019 against Nadal. His groundstrokes and return games were devastating. ** Nadal: RG 2008 against Federer. It was so brutal, unexplainable in words. ** **felt so bad while watching...
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    Build your Ultimate Player of Millenials

    Serve - federer, accurate placement Movement/court coverage - nadal on clay 2005, he moved like he had wheels under his shoes!! forehand - verdasco aus09/del potro us09 backhand - nalbandian, effortless but explosive slice - federer, no contest here overhead - nadal return - djokovic *feels...