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  1. xan

    ban everyone posting match results .

    thread title
  2. xan

    "Stay signed in" bugged?

    i keep the box checked, but whenever i close google and use the forums again it asks me for a pass. what gives?
  3. xan

    why in gods name we dont have a grass masters?

    its mind boggling.
  4. xan

    The reason why Djokovic dominates tennis atm is..

    All mental. Well, not 'all' of it, but for the most part. He is not that better than anyone else so that he can cruise with his b game in every damn tournament to the finals. Yet he does. Why? Because people are scared. And its not just Novak im talking about here, it all started a long time...
  5. xan

    issue when setting avatar

    The following error occurred: The uploaded file was not an image as expected. Thats the error msg, the image has.jpg extension at the end. Not quite sure whats going on.
  6. xan

    Should fan call it quits when his fav player is clearly unable to win more GS?

    because you know, it hurts. I couldn't sleep till 5am after Roger lost, but then I remembered I have to work tomorrow, so I had to sleep after all. but I slept in fetal position hugging my pillow really hard, it helped relieve the pain. I don't think Roger should continue after this. I...
  7. xan

    rankings 101

    first let me say this has nothing to do with Nadal and Federer loss at Wimbledon, so use any of other 73 threads created the past 2 days. now, I've been trying, and I mean REALLY TRYING to explain to my dad that the points won in this year will represent the total point count at the and of...
  8. xan

    wimbledon favorites question

    federer /thread. but no seriously what interests me more as to why people generaly hold djokovic in such low regard there. stuff like and similar (with all due respect to feather I have nothing against the dude, just was the latest comment I found) like nole 1 wimbledon was a fluke and he is...