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  1. xan

    We'll NEVER see a player with prettier strokes than Federer's

    No, you're stating an opinion. What you want to do is start a religious cult, lure people and decide everything by yourself spitting "facts"
  2. xan

    Royalty comes to visit Rafa.

    They stayed for 3 hours, ate this kind of fish, drove in that car (license number plate xyz) It got kinda creepy man. Maybe it's just me idno.
  3. xan

    NoleFam - are we mostly Serbian?

    I'm his countryman, and yeah he has a lot of Serbian fans (obviously). And yeah he has quite a global appeal, albeit not to the extent of Roger or Rafa but it would be silly to question his popularity. People come to watch novak, if nothing else but to see him lose (but that too might change...
  4. xan

    Novak Djokovic in one gif...

    I'll just quote this again for those who don't visit match results.
  5. xan

    Deja vu much?

    Well it's easy considering you have all that history to choose from.
  6. xan

    I'm heartbroken

    Whenever I feel gutted I just remember the runner up won over a million pounds. That makes it harder for me to feel bad for them.
  7. xan

    Who was ”better” today?

    I can understand the comments. In reality it was a bit of a coin flip as both players could have won. That one point can make all the difference, and change your judgement from Novak is a mental giant to Novak player a bad match, hence he lost. I felt fed was the better player or let's say...
  8. xan

    Nole fans, how do you feel ?

    Tis a good feeling. And I'm on a vacation starting today. Life is well. ☺️
  9. xan

    Federer is absolutely incredible

    I felt he was the better player in first four sets, novak was the better player in the last part of the match. Angry novak is a scary sight once he goes all out. As for the sulking it's kinda understandable. Being so close and basically having everyone in the crows backing you up, and coming...
  10. xan

    Congratulations to Djokovic #5

    He meant the tanking isn't good for tennis. Is right tho, that set really wasn't good stretch of tennis regardless of a winner.
  11. xan

    It will take us ages to recover from this final

    It reminded me personally of that US open final they played. When novak decided he wanted to win out of spite. Madman.
  12. xan

    Congratulations to Djokovic #5

    Now yeah, 3 and half hours later and multiple coin flips. Reminiscent of that US open final when he got mad and went on a tear.
  13. xan

    Federer IS tennis. Djokovic is just background noise.

    Tennis is a sport. You're a clown.
  14. xan

    Congratulations to Djokovic #5

    Exactly. Hence don't jump to conclusions and wait for the match to end.
  15. xan

    Congratulations to Djokovic #5

    Why do people feel the urge to make these kind of threads?
  16. xan

    Ye, still reading sometimes. Not really engaging in any discussions, people still arguing over...

    Ye, still reading sometimes. Not really engaging in any discussions, people still arguing over same stuff ☺️
  17. xan

    It is Federer's extended dominance, not his slam count, that makes people consider him the GOAT.

    Why does one exclude the other? You said fans, plenty of them here. They exisit in the real world as well. Let's not pretend now, people love their numbers.
  18. xan

    It is Federer's extended dominance, not his slam count, that makes people consider him the GOAT.

    Not true at all. Talking about Federer breaking records, slam titles, weeks at no1 etc etc, was part of a routine his fanbase was practicing on a daily basis. So yeah, it was very much about the numbers as well.
  19. xan

    Golden Nole vs. Rafa Nadal: Who is the Master of Masters?

    Difference between 1 and 5 and 51 and 55 is not the same. This is not a math quiz. Borg and Agassi won a way lesser number so the distinction is far greater than it is between 31 and 33. Not to mention that slams are more important than the masters so difference in 3 slams cant be comparred to 2...
  20. xan

    Djokovic's magnanimity in defeat is to be lauded.

    new to english, aren't we.
  21. xan

    Player distractions - silly and unfair

    be gone spawn of darkness.
  22. xan

    Player distractions - silly and unfair

    Weird, one could almost say they are human.
  23. xan

    I stand in front of Kokkinakis — May the path lead to victory!

    May the path lead to victory, or to your girlfriend.