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  1. DerekNoleFam1

    Rafael Nadal gets heckled at the Australian Open, a breakdown

    I seriously doubt she even has a job mate. But credit to Nadal for getting her ejected from the stands , we don't need people like that no matter who she supports.
  2. DerekNoleFam1

    Is Osaka the greatest Asian tennis player ever?

    Osaka is American as far as I am concerned. She grew up there, learned her tennis there. She can't even speak the language.
  3. DerekNoleFam1

    Djokovic vs Zverev 2021 AO Quarter final

    No this is not his ? time. And this is definitely not his ? court either. Nole in 3.
  4. DerekNoleFam1

    Novak can kiss 2021 AO goodbye

    Nole has great healing properties. He'll be fine from here, and will lift a record extending 9th AO title.
  5. DerekNoleFam1

    Djokovic vs Sampras (at their best)

    Matches we'll never see unfortunately. Nole's defense and retrieving ability is like Agassi on steroids, something Sampras would never have encountered before.
  6. DerekNoleFam1

    Can SASCHA def. Djokovic in the QF?

    Nope. A Zverev can't beat Nole in Melbourne.
  7. DerekNoleFam1

    Bold prediction: The winner of the AO will be...

    Novak doesn't get booed in Australia mate. This is like his second home.
  8. DerekNoleFam1

    Bernard Tomic & Vanessa Sierra - Full Vlog Video

    Fantastic video of the 2 lovebirds. The other one you have to pay for on OnlyFans.
  9. DerekNoleFam1

    Who would Djokovic like to avoid facing in AO 21 finals ?

    By the semifinals, they are all night matches, and Nole is well and truly zeroed in by then. Thiem and Medvedev cannot meet Nole until the semifinals at the earliest. That does not bode well for any of them. Their victories over Nole at the WTFs will not count for much in Melbourne. I would...
  10. DerekNoleFam1

    Who would Djokovic like to avoid facing in AO 21 finals ?

    Losing 1 match is hardly something to be concerned about. And on Nadal, Nole might have been deflated by a loss like that years ago, but he will want to return the favour and crush Nadal in Melbourne - just like he did last time they met there
  11. DerekNoleFam1

    Things are hanging by a thread

    Very wishful thinking by the OP. It was still an 89% win rate in 2020. Anything other than another multiple slam year in 2021 will be a big surprise.
  12. DerekNoleFam1

    Lendl vs Borg in their prime at the AO rebound ace

    Lendl for me, on hard courts. Just too much power for Borg on this surface.
  13. DerekNoleFam1

    Sampras is basically forgotten !

    No he's not. He just hasn't pursued a media or coaching career post tennis.
  14. DerekNoleFam1

    Nadal is greater and better than Djokovic at Wimbledon

    2015 Djoker had a better serve and net game under Becker. I think it's a slightly superior version, and ROS was still awesome, The way he dismantled Federer in the final, after Fed had just destroyed Murray, was close to peak.
  15. DerekNoleFam1

    Grass is for cows

    Well I grew up as Lendl fan, so probably should have known this. Ironically Ivan skipped the French late in his career, in a last ditched attempt to win at SW19. Ultimately it was all in vain.
  16. DerekNoleFam1

    A Big 3 Fan age question........

    Was originally a Lendl fan back in the 80s. Now a Djoker fan since 2007. So definitely in the older bracket, and not someone who started watching tennis in 2011, as many Nole fans get chastised about on tennis forums.
  17. DerekNoleFam1

    Which gap is larger: Nadal over Nole on clay or Nole over Nadal on HC?

    Well weeks at Number 1 wouldn't be a flawed metric, if Nadal had a lot more. Granted, he probably should have a lot more, if not for injuries and layoffs. Nadal for instance won 5 Masters and 2 Slams in 2013, but didn't get the Number 1 back until October of that year. But that is the way the...
  18. DerekNoleFam1

    Grass is for cows

    Marat Safin I think coined this phrase.
  19. DerekNoleFam1

    How tall is Nadal? (in cm)

    Everyone is rounded to the nearest inch on the ATP official stats, you don't see someone listed as 184 or 186 etc, which would be more accurate. Richard Gasquet for instance was recently downgraded from 185cm to 183cm on his listed height, which is an inch. Borna Coric similarly was upgraded...
  20. DerekNoleFam1

    Why Andy Murray failed to become an ATG

    And it's pretty much irrelevant as to why Andy is not an ATG. His 2016 post-USO run to Number 1 is more relevant, as this exacerbated his injuries and he never recovered from it.
  21. DerekNoleFam1

    Which gap is larger: Nadal over Nole on clay or Nole over Nadal on HC?

    And that 1 match was a complete beat down.
  22. DerekNoleFam1

    Djokovic can still easily match/surpass Nadal’s slam count...

    The battle is still on. First and foremost Nole has to defend his home turf in Melbourne. After that defend Wimbledon- where he will also be red hot favourite. Nadal cannot keep banking on RG forever either. He will be the oldest RG champion in the open era if he wins next year, and that cannot...
  23. DerekNoleFam1

    Wawrinka has won 4 of his 5 last meetings against Djokovic in Slams

    Stanimal has caused Nole more grief than the average player. But to call Nole his pigeon is laughable. He only started beating Nole in 2014, and only for a brief window, that is now closed. Nole also gave Stan a bagel at 2015 AO. 2019 USO Nole was injured, and couldn't hit his 2hbh.
  24. DerekNoleFam1

    Which gap is larger: Nadal over Nole on clay or Nole over Nadal on HC?

    Yeah of course the quoted poster misses that point. And that half of those matches were pre-prime Nole. Slam H2H is thus misleading and just one part of the puzzle.
  25. DerekNoleFam1

    Which gap is larger: Nadal over Nole on clay or Nole over Nadal on HC?

    Nole has won several clay Masters, but still only has 1 RG title. Of course this is largely due to how insanely dominant Nadal is at the French. Nadal has won numerous hard court Masters, as well as 5 Slams. As much as I am a Nole fan, it's not really a contest.
  26. DerekNoleFam1

    Do Djokodal have greatest ground game in history?

    When you look at results, then yes. Past ATGs were nowhere near this good or dominant.
  27. DerekNoleFam1

    Will Federer play AO?

    Of course he'll play it, it is his 2nd best Slam. Even an outside chance of winning it, if Nole is upset before semifinals.
  28. DerekNoleFam1

    Federer vs Murray - 2015 Wimbledon

    Murray couldn't do what Nole did to Federer at Wimbledon 2015, as he struggled with the return of service. Becker knew just what to do with Nole, after watching that semifinal, and Federer was completely dismantled in the final.
  29. DerekNoleFam1

    Who is your favourite for the 2021 Aussie open?

    Nole is still the strong favourite to win a record extending 9th AO title in Melbourne.
  30. DerekNoleFam1

    Big three fandom

    Same. Once he had become a number 3, and a valid challenge to the top 2 of Fedal.