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  1. Wheelz

    Failed attempt at switching to Prestige MP

    Always thought the ezone 98 was good for that! But I probably have not tried enough racquets to make a strong statement.
  2. Wheelz

    Is Yonex Poly Tour Pro far more popular than PT Air, Fire, Spin, Strike?

    Interesting. I just added weight at 12 to match my two 2020 EZONE. I don't think I feel a difference between the two.
  3. Wheelz

    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    How extended was his speed ?
  4. Wheelz

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I thought I had a good catapult feeling with the Clash on serve. But yeah for sure try some weight, I always thought that the Clash swung nicely as well with weight added at 12.
  5. Wheelz

    1.15 gauge strings

    Im a few hours of trying MSV COFOVUS HEX ULtra in 1.15. Great price and I like it so far. I believe it's a bit heavier then other 1.15 I tried like Cyclone and ProLine II
  6. Wheelz

    Trying the Yonex Ezone 98+, any tuning suggestions?

    50 grams is on the extreme side but , yes usually people seem to put weight in the handle to prefered balance...or play it stock. It also depends of the SW of yours. You could add weight to the head but if its already 340 you can play it stock for now.
  7. Wheelz

    Static Weight and SW > Balance for Spin?

    That's assuming those guys play with your/a claimed lower swingweight. Not saying it's not true, but I'd have my doubts.
  8. Wheelz

    Cyclone is too sharp

    How about an even thinner cyclone ? seems like a left field suggestion, but would the edges be less sharp on the smaller version ?
  9. Wheelz

    (Dis)Advantages of Extended Length Racquets

    on groundstrokes as well or only serves ?
  10. Wheelz

    (Dis)Advantages of Extended Length Racquets

    and is that good or not ? What are the effects of different sweet spot location ?
  11. Wheelz

    Cyclone is too sharp

    What happens to the stringer(I'll assume velocity) after 8 days?
  12. Wheelz

    (Dis)Advantages of Extended Length Racquets

    @TW Staff any data from on court performance of 27.5 vs regular length?
  13. Wheelz

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    My two Ezone 98 were off on SW by 7-8 points but had the same weight. What Yonex does is they put a metal plate in the foam handle. Yonex will put the metal plate of the correct weight to reach the specced weight . I don't think they do much more then other companies for SW. P.s. I changed...
  14. Wheelz

    (Dis)Advantages of Extended Length Racquets

    How do you manage prefered balance on extended racquets ? Do you still go for the same as 27inch ? For example the Yonex extended racquets have the balance changed compared to their normal versions.
  15. Wheelz

    Requesting inputs / analysis on my tennis forehand.

    Good consistency! And I'll add you look looser that's great. Quick thing to try: I'd try to get more power from the ground with your back leg. Get lower with that leg. You'll easily get more spin and power with that swing. You are too tall and not using the ground. Maybe why you feel like...
  16. Wheelz

    String gauge effect on performance.

    A lot of Pros are now trying 1.15mm strings now. Going thinner seems like the trend. In the end it's whatever you prefer but don't be afraid to experiment. Some say not to string poly high and others play thick poly at high tensions while others will string a thinner poly at lower tensions...
  17. Wheelz

    Low static weight hefty swingweight head heavy racket

    Low recoil weight with low weight and high SW.
  18. Wheelz

    Low static weight hefty swingweight head heavy racket

    Are extended lengths considered ?
  19. Wheelz

    Swing Weight Ego (And Modern Tennis)

    It's quite possible you prefer the feel of swinging a heavier racquet and mostly like the contact with the ball. Like some prefer the lighter ones. I don't agree lower then pro should use less weight. True you won't see the weight of a pro ball but you'll also won't have to react as quick to...
  20. Wheelz

    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    a bit of lead to the Clash at 12 to bring up balance ? I think your phantom has a bit more SW depending on how yours came out. For the ezone that is too heavy, you could try the regular 98 and add as you wish to your prefered sw and balance. Your Phantom does look like a nice stick !
  21. Wheelz

    Pros Pro Strings

    I wonder against baseline isospeed which is also "cheaper".
  22. Wheelz

    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Thanks for comparison!
  23. Wheelz

    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Was that comparaison made with same or similar specs ? I found the regular ezone to take weight well, made it smooth. Same for the extended version.
  24. Wheelz

    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    for me better then more opened 16x19, yes. Id have to compare against another 8 main 16x19 good to know for your gut !
  25. Wheelz

    Hybrid cyclone with yptp?

    WHat about the opposite ? Cyclone in the cross, thinner version. It seems like that it is the slicker string between the two based on TWU
  26. Wheelz

    When is a racquet too headlight?

    The head of his racquet is still the same weight despite being more headlight. You have to keep the same in your hammer example.
  27. Wheelz

    margin of error on serves with extended racquets

    Yes makes sense, with the weight further away from the center. I was wondering if you were comparing with a standard lengt but modded to the same SW.
  28. Wheelz

    margin of error on serves with extended racquets

    Which one would be the more polarized ? You mean standard with weright added to match the SW of the extended ? or stock vs stock