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    Other "stiff" polys that feel like these strings?

    Coming from multi but really don't like soft polys, but instead rather stiff strings at really low tension, 39lbs. I like Ice Code and Tourna bh silver and 4G. Any other strings to try? I dont like stiff as in wire like, razor code is almost too stiff for example.. Thanks
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    Pure Drive VS, how does it compare to PD 2021..?

    I really like the new PD, i was just wondering what the main differences is? I am usually a thin beam classic racket guy, but really like the PD. Will i like the VS or will it just be not classic enough/not PD enough? Sitting between two chairs... thanks
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    Crisp, fairly soft and with control at low tension?

    Used to multi but open to poly too. Does a string like that exist? I like X one in my ps85 at low tension, but multi is so so for me in other frames. I like Cream but it is a bit harsh and not good at low tension. 4G is ok but a bit wire like, any suggestions? A more controlled multi but still...
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    Strings for a competing 12/13 yo?

    He now uses multi at 50lbs, but moving on should he go for some kind of poly, and what poly would be a allround good starting string? He has a fairly classic game with one handed backhand, good serve good volleys/feel. I don't like polys too much myself but i dont want to like hinder him.. you...
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    Tennis elbow for 2 days. What to do?

    And does it have to last for a really long time?. Been tingling for about a month but really flamed up yesterday and really weak grip and pain in tennis elbow area.. What to do now to avoid it taking a long time? Not play first of all i guess..
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    Ordered 3 matched rackets from TWE but one totally off!

    I picked 3 rackets (Head tour 2.0) paid for matching service and out og 12 rackets i picked the three that had 325 swingweight, swingweight was my main priority). Now when they arrived one of them(#9 I picked, but on the racket plastic bag it said #9 but it also looked like a redone #7..) the...
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    Federer using ps90 2012 with red kids balls..

    Saw it lying on a bench, photograph from Instagram. It was taken these days
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    What string on the prestrung PureStrike 2016 18X20?

    Spiraltek? Xcel? Gauge?
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    Strings like Isospeed Cream?

    I really like it but it is fairly unique. Does not work in all frames. Any similar strings? Just curious...
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    For a multi, thicker string=higher tension?

    Going from 16g(1.30) to 15 and 15L(1.35/1.40) increase tension a bit ? How much?
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    String like Hurricane tour or Cream..

    I have played all my life with multis but 6months ago i switched to mono/poly strings, the strings i like are the ones i mentioned. I am not really a stringbreaker or a spinplayer but i like the control of these strings and the way they keep the ball from flying.. I did not like the Yonex soft...
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    Some rackets run a bit long.. annoying

    Like only 3 to 4mm on my Yonex F93 and vcore dual 330 previous version. This i can notice as i play and i will shorten them soon. Anyone else.. ?
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    How do i remove threads?

    My own of course.
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    How to get out of a toxic relationship?

    Half the time its good and so natural. Then suddenly fighting and arguing.. been like this for two years... people say i should get out, but i just can't.. she just keeps me hanging on. But spends time with friends and work all the time, i do not feel i am a priority.. asking for a friend
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    Just realized i move my wrist too much on serve.. not elbow

    I see all good servers have the same position between the racket and wrist all the way to the elbow, throughout the serve, the bending happens in elbow in the racket drop and extending towards the ball. Am i right ?
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    Hurricane Tour alternatives..

    I like this in a hybrid with gut or multi. I like the crispness and control of the Hurricane tour. I just want some alternatives to test . Thanks
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    Which hybrid to try for å multifilament player?

    And what tension. I like noe tension. Use xone 16g at 48lbs now. I want multi or gut in the mains.
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    Longer dwelltime, thinner strings?

    I want the ball to stay on the strings a bit longer. I string low already. Will going from 16g to 17g help?
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    We need the Prince P93 in Europe ASAP

    Just that...
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    Players ticks you dont like...

    I dont like the way Cilic bounce the ball before he serves. And the way Raonic walks.. important things like that....
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    Multifilament player trying poly..

    It has not worked in the past. Alu power, Yonex poly tour.. i do not play with much spin.. my main sting is tecnifibre x-one. I am a 5.0 tournament player but into my 40s now.. a feel player, old school style flat and one handed backhand.. i do not hit hard and i like volleys... I usually...
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    My 9yo son likes watching wood era more than modern tennis..

    He even tell his friends. He finds it kind of boring to see the lack of diversity nowadays i think. And he loves the net attacks and touch/ angles of the past. And no i have not brainwashed him to say so ha ha. He sometimes likes watching Rafa and Fed too but usually walk away after about 5...
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    Ok to cut adult racket down to a kids size 25?

    I know how to do it. But anything to consider. Weight distrubution etc? Kid is soon 9yo, good strokes, and i have about 100 rackets...
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    Ps85 all black...

    Will TW Carrey this? I have seen photos .. RF 85...
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    How high is a mini tennis net supposed to be ?

    I have hard 80cm. But the new Babolat nets in my club is as high as a normal net !! It feels so wrong.. This is for red balls..
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    Reversere serve.. how to avoid it.. ?

    My son is a very eager player.. But lately he has started to serve hitting the ball after the pronation has happened, hitting from 2 to 8 o'clock somehow. Instead of like from 7 to 1.. .. he is only 8 and served normal good for a kid his age before this.. until someone told him to finish the...
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    Best way to avoid using too much wrist for groundstrokes?

    I use too much wrist, not as in creating topspin, i hit flat. I am a finesse player but my forehand consistancy is hurting me. What are the most common ways to solve this?
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    Faster surfaces will bring back variety, explenation:

    It will make the game slower.. in a good way, It will be more difficult, less time to set up and blast away... players would simply not dare to hit so hard constantly... And it would reward volley and angle more as the surface would respond to those strokes more not just stop and sit up for a...
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    Any love for the Prince tour95?

    Tried it only a few minutes. Seemed sweeter than the old Rebel 95, any opinions?
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    Wilson sixone 18x20, gone?

    i wanted to order but there are no gripsize options... I really want it!