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    Uh ... about that "can't hit FH with right foot forward"

    She walks through the shot. Curious plants and stays still
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    Road from 3.5 serve to 6.0 serve [progression videos]

    So you have a ranking then? Or talking out your arse?
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    Goodbye guys

    Best wishes @FiReFTW
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    Found the secret to improving at tennis as a rec player

    No problems, this is my doubles partner Roger:
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    Can you beat this girl?

    Well @rogerroger917 doesn't even play tennis, he just assumes he would be good if he tried because he knows everything about it
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    Match video from the weekend

    One word: SABR
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    Match video from the weekend

    I know I know I'm a signed up member! But in reality that's a really difficult shot, the ball has no pace so you have to create it and you are so far in the court that the far baseline is closer so it's very likely to go long. When I play better I don't think things like "crush it", I focus on...
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    Match video from the weekend

    Have you joined TTPS' club? I agree but you don't need to hit forehand winners off his serve, if you get the return of serve in and follow it in for a volley.
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    Pat the Dog, or not....

    Do you know Tom Chael?
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    Ball striking and body rotation

    This guy is an idiot and can't even put his voice to the video let alone appear in it, sounds like a TTW poster. What's the point of this video, 5.0's aren't as good as pro's?
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    Topspin Shot vs Ballbag - Extra Fast Four

    Or "ball slapping" maybe?? :whistle:
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    ATP live

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    Good videos

    I'm sorry couldn't get past the fat guy breathing heavily. Or maybe he just had videocam asthma :unsure:
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    Recovery, supplements, routines for back to back matches

    I forgot to memtion ibuprofen after significant workout. I'm led to believe all athletes take them as they are the strongest legal anti-inflam. Just be aware continual use has some significant side effects.
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    What went wrong here?

    Time to join TTPS' big hitting loser club. Its more fun
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    FS: (Melbourne Australia) Yonex VCore Duel G 310 and 330

    Multiple Duel G's available, 2x310g and 1x330g all L3 grip size Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex VCore Duel G 310/330 (2017) Grip Size: 4 3/8 (L3) Quantity: 3 Head Size: 97 String Pattern: 16x20 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must...
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    What went wrong here?

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    What went wrong here?

    I think 6-3 down
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    What went wrong here?

    I have a spare glass of chardonnay here so I did it for you. I didn't count winners, and I was pretty generous for forced errors; anytime returning a first serve I counted as a forced error if either of you couldn't get it back. Point won at net included if you didn't play a volley but was...
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    What went wrong here?

    He's Alive!!
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    What went wrong here?

    Any more data? UFE forehand/BH, forced error count?
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    What went wrong here?

    Ok I'm no expert but if I were to take a guess your body weight is going across to the right while swinging so there is no forward momentum going into the ball. I think you are moving across, stopping and swinging all at once, whereas you want to be swinging through the ball and stopping with...
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    What went wrong here?

    The video started at the start for me, and you won that one
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    The best insoles

    Looking at getting the 5mm ones, are you still on the Footprints?
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    How to serve like Feliciano Lopez

    Can't believe there's only 3 people watching them
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    Quickest way to establish Muscle Memory per science

    At the top right of every thread is a watch button. You don't have to bump every thread you want to read. You could also just bookmark it in your browser.
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    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    Have you not heard of training racquets? 340g is not going to destroy your shoulder if an adult, but if you arm your strokes your forearm will be dead in 20mins. So it forces you to learn proper techniques. Mate, just because YOU didn't do it doesn't mean it is wrong or stupid, it's just...
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    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    I've actually been using the 380g (13.4oz) racquet for over a year, I'm just thinking about coming back down the ladder and whether easier=better. I think, like always, I'll let me backhand decide :sneaky:. Always exciting getting a new racquet, even if it's the same racquet!
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    Do body builders have higher rates of kidney disease?

    Steroids. They just won't admit to using it