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  1. Don't Let It Bounce

    Anyone use Ashaway MonoGut ZX ?

    I liked it in a full bed. I also tried it as a cross for natural gut, but I had a terrible time with the launch angle and was much relieved to go back to gut/poly.
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    The coolest racket I’ve ever seen in my whole life

    Could it be a Puma-derived Estusa with custom paint?
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    Anyone still using any HEAD frames from 1980?

    I know it's a Head thread, but I have to ask... where did you get teal grommets that fit in a Response 90?
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    Prince 80s, 90s

    The Prince CTS design is an unsung multi-decade success. At the time I thought it was just a way to sell widebodies while skirting around Wilson's (dual taper) patent, like Head was doing with its fat-thin-fat widebodies, and maybe it was, but there were some fine frames in those lines. Fischer...
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    Hit w/ a ladies racket / played lights out!!!

    The great Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran once wrote, "When two women speak, they say nothing. When one woman speaks, she reveals all of life." Thread derailment prevention: I'm sure there's something analogous to be said of men that is no less true.
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    Prince 80s, 90s

    The Graphite Pro 90 with alternate paint pictured above was out on the courts in 1985 in Canada, where I was teaching that summer and where my doubles partner used, and loved, that very frame. That would fit with the 1984 copyright; it was presumably patented in 1984 and then introduced at the...
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    Tourna Black Zone 17 vs Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17.

    I also found both to play at the expected stiffness, but a bigger difference for me was that Zone is coated: it played slicker than snot for a few hours and was unremarkable after that. Maybe more importantly for differences, I got the distinct (but maybe mistaken) impression back when Zone...
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    Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 OS Stretch

    I'd love to try one. Nice specs, pretty paint. I came across it in the 90s and was intrigued, but I never owned one.
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    Anyone still using any HEAD frames from 1980?

    Wasn't there also a Vector series, with a head size smaller than the Edge series but larger than standard?
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    I was sponsored by Boast for teaching for most of the 90s. Of the few who noticed the logo at all, no one ever guessed right. I'm a sucker for white rackets, the Prince Graphit(e), and nostalgia, and I miss individual head covers a little — but not to the tune of $197.
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    Let's make a Babolat Racquet arm friendly. Which model and how?

    You might be OK, Graycrait. I have what appear to be similar preferences, and the same collection of dozens of 80s and 90s Princes, but I really enjoyed a hit with a student's stiff-tight-poly-strung, unweighted Pure Storm GT a few years back. It wasn't a long enough hit to test my elbow, but it...
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    Angell K-7 Lime

    I like the idea of a series of different colors, and I think including the visual identifier (color) in a frame's name is good marketing. Neo-Donnay started out a few years ago doing that, with a visually stunning line, and I thought they abandoned it way too quickly in the rush to get out more...
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    Angell K-7 Lime

    Blue and black might have been appropriate for this one, assuming it's graphite and aramid like the Red: nominally 97 sq", 18x20, 21mm beam, presumably exquisite feel... It's hard not to think of the old Head Pro Tour.
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    Are there any midplus frames on the market right now that have the feel of a classic midsize and knife through the air like a classic mid?

    It's been a long time, but my experience was that they did not feel much like any Pro Staff, though both families felt great and both were carbon-aramid composites. The old Prestiges gave way more feedback and had a much more palpable flex than the Pro Staff, which had a comfortable, foam-filled...
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    Are there any midplus frames on the market right now that have the feel of a classic midsize and knife through the air like a classic mid?

    OP, the only MPs I've encountered that knifed through the air faster than other MPs were the Prince O-port frames (currently, the Phantom 100), the ultra-thin Donnays (the most recent Gold and Silver, I'd guess), and the APD line (currently Pure Aero (VS) ). Of those, the Pure Aero definitely...
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    Isners prince warrior 59 Ra

    Oh, right... That was a brain fart. I did a mental 180 on the effect of length on stiffness when composing that post. (I wonder if the mods will strike that sentence...) Agreed on the ports, whose damped feel I like in the O3 Tour. (The "quasi" was an acknowledgement that it's a quick &...
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    New Donnay allwood 102 frame graphite

    Yeah, the numbers are enticing. I keep checking this thread in the hope that some generous TTer will go to the hassle and expense of getting one, stringing it up, trying it out, and posting about it — all to satisfy my idle curiosity!
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    She gave me that look....

    Agreed on all points. And to pile on: even if you're dealing with the rare 50-yr-old club player with shredded tendons who is committed to fundamental improvement, he has to use something arm-friendly enough for him to tolerate the training time to get there. Even if technical inefficiencies...
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    Isners prince warrior 59 Ra

    Of all the Pure Drive quasi-clones, nearly all of which are too much for my tendons, the O3 White is the one that continues to tempt, so I appreciate impressions like this. Whenever I've seen a pro stock O3 White, the flex has been listed as 63 or 64, and it is never specified whether strung...
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    Among current rackets, the Angell K-7 Red has kevlar in its layup. The Prince Textreme Beast has Twaron, which is more or less the same stuff (aramid fiber) but manufactured by someone else.
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    Oversize frames

    I like OS frames for the same reason, and it is seldom mentioned. Width of the racket face adds to twist weight much more even than swing weight does (see TWU twist weight stats to confirm), and the reassuring feeling of the racket holding steady even on off-center hits is for me glaringly...
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    She gave me that look....

    It has long been said by the wise: some can learn by reading, some by observation, and then there are the ones who have to p**s on the electric fence for themselves.
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    Rossignol Strato wood racket

    A high school rival of mine was already using them in the spring of 1982. Classy-looking sticks, I always thought.
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    Prince 80s, 90s

    Naw, man, that's the selling point! That design, intended to sweeten the feel at contact by letting the throat flex more than the rest of the frame, was so successful that you still see it in Babolats, Pacifics, and probably other frames, but it all started with the original Response. Without...
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    Bosworth Mizuno Pro MS-21

    I can believe it has a monster twist weight. The head is fairly roundish, it's claiming 100 sq in and probably really is, and anyway once you get up near a swing weight of 400 the local space-time starts warping and the laws of physics get weird. I thought when I first saw that beast on Joe...
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    Isners prince warrior 59 Ra

    Here is an old frame of his, a pro stock O3 White with ExO3 paint. The pro stock O3 White was designated TX151P-100 while the retail O3 White was TX151A-100. That doesn't necessarily mean the pro stock and retail aren't the same layup, I suppose — Isner's was the TK4B, and I don't know what...
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    Best feeling racquet under 10.8 ounces...your opinion?

    About five years ago I hit with a Solinco racket, I think the Pro 8, that felt way more solid than it should have for its weight (<300g unstrung) and swing weight.
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    Coolest looking string?

    I bought a used racket once that had green Alpha RAB Monoflex in it. It looked way cool: translucent deep green, very different from the more yellow green of strings like Hyper-G. Played well, too.
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    Best Currently Available Serve and Volley Racquet?

    I was thinking the same thing! S&Vers have traditionally preferred small-headed frames, and I have traditionally wondered what the hell was wrong with me for liking the Prince Graphite OS specifically for S&V... but the truth is that I can manage a smaller head at the baseline, when I have time...
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    Current Prince Graphite Oversize users?

    The Spectrum Comp was white, as was the fashion with mid-80s ceramic frames. It appeared in 1986 and disappeared in 1988 when widebodies replaced ceramics as the must-have tennis tech. It had been gone a while, replaced specifically by the Tri-Comp, when the Limited Edition appeared in 1989 or...