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  1. Seth

    Ritches is a great buyer.

    Quick communication, fast payment, and leaves feedback! Thanks @ritches
  2. Seth

    Indian Wells doubles exhibition

    Sampras was borrowing Novak’s frame for the impromptu doubles exhibition with Novak, Mac, and Haas. Figured I’d put that out there before anyone asks.
  3. Seth

    Homeschooling vs. Public School

    Which and why?
  4. Seth

    Nike Vapor X Foamposite news?

    Hi TW, Another photo has leaked of what looks to be a Vapor Foamposite mash-up in the same vein as the Kyrie Vapors. Any news as to a release and/or if you’ll be stocking them? Thanks! Seth
  5. Seth

    Wanted: Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85 (TW reissue) or K ProStaff 88

    Looking for both frames - must be 4 5/8. Looking to trade my Hyper ProStaff 6.1 95 with 4 5/8 grip for your 6.0 85 or KPS88. My HPS is in excellent condition. Willing to purchase outright as well if the price is right. sethpjones @ gmail Thanks!
  6. Seth

    Wanted: Wilson K Factor Pete Sampras Super Six Bag

    This was the black bag with red/yellow piping. Looking for the Super 6 version with three large compartments. Thanks! Seth
  7. Seth

    Boast x Prince R107 Graphite POG with Boast branding. Looks really good.
  8. Seth

    Cardi B and Offset call it quits.

    A real shame. Their marriage had all the makings of a lifelong love story. Hopefully they will be able to find happiness apart, and provide a healthy upbringing for their daughter, Kulture.
  9. Seth

    Ultra 2 is a great seller.

    Super fast shipping and communication. Thanks @Ultra 2
  10. Seth

    WTB: Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 - 4 1/2 or 5/8 only

    Looking for some HPS 6.1 frames in 4 1/2 or 5/8 only. Thanks!
  11. Seth

    basil J is a great seller.

    @basil J was quick with communication and shipping. Excellent transaction all around. Thanks!
  12. Seth

    Wanted: Dunlop Biomimetic Max 200G - 4 1/2

    Looking for the Dunlop Bio Max 200G. 4 1/2 grip ONLY. sethpjones @ gmail Thanks!
  13. Seth

    Wanted: Dunlop Biomimetic Max 200g (McEnroe) - 4 1/2

    Looking for a couple of these. Grip size 4 1/2 only. Thanks!
  14. Seth

    WTB: Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G - 4 1/2 - TW Reissue

    Looking for a couple Muscle Weave 200Gs. Must be the TW reissue. Must be 4 1/2. Thanks!
  15. Seth

    bruno hau is a great seller.

    @bruno hau is a great seller. Fast shipping and accurate description. Thanks!
  16. Seth

    swilburn is a great seller.

    Highly recommended. Honest seller with quick communication and shipping. Thanks @swilburn
  17. Seth

    Wanted: Nike Air Oscillate - 2015 Reissue - Size 12

    Looking for the 2015 Nike Air Oscillate in size 12. Interested in both OG colorway and Safari. Thanks! sethpjones @ Gmail
  18. Seth

    Babolat AeroPro Drive Original 97?

    I was digging through some old frames and cleaning up deteriorated grips when I came across an original APD demo. After wiping it down and removing old grip residue, I noticed the head size is listed at 97". Was this a pre-APD prototype? I compared it to a Pure Drive, and the head is slightly...
  19. Seth

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Control Team

    Looking for some Babolat Pure Control Team frames. See pic below for the generation I'm looking for. Grip size 4 1/2 only. Thanks!
  20. Seth

    Wanted: Wilson Pro Open - 4 1/2 only

    Looking for multiple frames of the same generation. Not too picky on generation, but priority will be given to nCode and 2010 BLX cosmetic. 4 1/2 ONLY please. I don't want to modify 3/8 or 5/8. Thanks!
  21. Seth

    Wanted: Slazenger and Donnay frames

    I'm looking for three specific frames: Slazenger Pro Braided Trinity (black with silver/gold accents) Slazenger X1 Slazenger NX One Slazenger Quad Flex 305 Donnay Pro One OS Ltd Ed (orange/salmon/pink frame) - must be TW reissue Grip sizes 4 1/2 or 5/8 only. Thanks!
  22. Seth

    Another Major title...

    ...another cheap white “Celebration” tee from Nike that my four year old could have designed.
  23. Seth

    Wanted: Prince POG OS - 4 1/2

    Looking for the Tour or 2015 cosmetics ONLY. These are the two most recent cosmetics released. 4 1/2 grip only, please. Thanks!
  24. Seth

    Need recommendations: Hoodies for tall guys

    I’m 6’5” and have trouble finding casual/athletic hoodies that aren’t too short in the torso and sleeves. Anybody have success finding something that works?
  25. Seth

    WTB: 2015 Pure Drive & Textreme Warrior 100 - 4 1/2

    Looking for these two frames in 4 1/2 only: 2015 Babolat Pure Drive Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Thanks!
  26. Seth

    WTB 2x Yonex DR 98 - 4 1/2

    Looking for two DR 98 sticks. Either colorway. 4 1/2 ONLY. Thanks!
  27. Seth

    Nike Air Oscillate "Bred" colorway

    Hi TW, I have heard rumors of a new Oscillate colorway this fall. Specifically, the black/red ("Bred") that Sampras wore in 1997. Do you guys have any info? Thanks!
  28. Seth

    The Stomach Bug

    Anyone else suffering through it?
  29. Seth

    Bryan Bros to Izod

    Pics of them wearing Izod kits with K-Swiss shoes are on Instagram. Shirts have sponsor patches and everything. Even a promotional poster on Mike's account show Izod shirts.
  30. Seth

    NikeCourt Flare Serena x Jordan

    I'm on mobile so my apologies for not imbedding the images, but it looks like Jordan Brand is collaborating with NikeCourt for custom NikeCourt Flares for Serena. Much like Rogi's Vapors used elements of the Jordan 3, Serena's Flares will borrow from the Jordan 1 bred colorway. Makes sense as...