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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019 In order: Roger Federer (6th) Rafael Nadal (8th) Serena Williams (17th) Novak Djokovic (20th) Kei Nishikori (28th) Maria Sharapova (37th) Stan Wawrinka (69th) Andy Murray (75th) Sania Mirza (93th) Only 2 athletes in...
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    So I guess Shapo raps now...

    If you wanna see some beyond cringe-worthy footage click the vid lol
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    Who is the "greatest" among Raonic, Nishikori and Dimitrov?

    Ah the lost gen. Raonic, Nishikori and Dimitrov were all hyped as the heir's to Fedalovic, but they've all underachieved quite a bit over their careers. But who's the best out of the three and how would you rank them in terms of "greatness?" Raonic and Nishikori both made a slam final, which is...
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    When exactly did Federer, Nadal and Djokovic firmly establish themselves as ATGs and GOAT candidates?

    By now, it's pretty clear that Fedalovic are almost certainly going to end up retiring as the three greatest players of all time, but when exactly did all three of them firmly entrench themselves as an ATG, and later on, as member's of tennis' Mount Rushmore? In my opinion and from what I've...
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    Is this one of the most overlooked matches in WTA history?

    Since every post on here is about the big three's potential legacies, I'll mix things up a bit here. This video just popped up on my YT recommended and I quickly clicked on it since I had totally forgot about this match from 9 years ago. Upon watching it, I gotta say this was as high quality of...
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    Is Kyrgios really more talented than players like Nadal and Djokovic?

    I’ve seen many posts/threads on this forum, YouTube and social media in general regarding the “immense talent” of Aussie Nick Kyrgios. Some ppl consider NK as the second most talented player of all time only behind Federer, despite achieving very little in his career so far. I’ve even heard some...
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    Djokovic > Nadal on the all time rankings?

    I could get some flack for saying this but I think Novak might actually have just eclipsed Rafa in the all time list... I’ve always viewed Nadal as superior but I think that’s starting to change. Novak is still behind 2 slams (which is quite a gap for someone in their 30’s), but he’s a year...
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    Why are dominant young athletes so rare nowadays?

    Nadal just completed a hat-trick against the next-gen in painless order and Novak looks certain to meet him in the finals. Overall, tennis on both the men and women's circuit have been utterly dominated by Fedalovic and Serena Williams over the past few years, and one thing they all have in...
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    Where does Soderling's win over Rafa at RG '09 rank among the greatest upsets in sports history?

    I think most can agree that this was the biggest shocker in tennis history, but where does it rank among all of sports? It's surely gotta be up there with the likes of: Miracle on Ice (1980 OLY) Buster-Douglas def. Tyson (1990) UMBC def. number one Virginia (2018 NCAAB) Vinci def. Serena (2015...
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    Why does Berdych struggle so much against Nadal?

    Berdych is a legit 6’5/6’6, has a big serve and can hit strings of ringing winners off both wings. Usually I’d expect these type of players to give Nadal a really tough time, especially on quicker surfaces, but Berdych has done the exact opposite as the dudes now lost 19 of their last 20...
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    Top 3 Career Achievements by each of the Big Three

    IMO, Federer: 20 majors 237 cons. weeks at number one Being number one at age 37 Honourable Mentions: 5+ slams at 3/4 majors, winning 11/16 slams between '04-'07, cons. 3 slam title seasons, and reaching 10 cons. GS finals Nadal: 11 RG Titles Youngest Career (Golden) Slam Winner Winning 11...
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    Who had a greater career: Andy Murray or Jim Courier?

    I'm not sure whether this thread has been made before but I'll post it anyways. In my opinion, Jim Courier's career is the closest match to Murray's career, which is saying a lot because Murray and Wawrinka's careers are both very difficult to find a consensus regarding where they rank among ATGs
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    Final Verdict - Who's greater: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

    Literally every time I view a soccer related post on social media, the first thing that pops up is a debate between Messi and Cristiano. So the best way to conclude this jurisdiction is to post this age old question on a tennis forum because why not. Aight futbol fans, what's your pick?
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    Was 2018 Djokovic the greatest in-season turnaround in tennis history?

    2018 was a very strange season for Novak (but in a good way of course). After sitting out the second half of 2017 due to injuries, the first 5-6 months of his comeback in 2018 was pretty awful to say the least. He failed to make a final in any tournament until June, lost to several mugs, and...
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    Most one sided rivalries in sports history

    Sports is a gazillion times better when they're great rivalries, but some of the rivalries portrayed by the media are so one-sided that most don't even consider it an actual rivalry. In your opinions, which sporting rivalries do guys consider as the most one-sided in history? Some of the ones...
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    If tennis players had player ratings like in sports games...

    In many sports games like NBA 2k, MLB the show, Madden, FIFA, and NHL, every player has a player rating usually from 50-100. The highest is usually around a 95 or 96, which belong to the game's most elite superstars, while the worst players are usually in the 50's or 60's. The good to very good...
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    Is this the most mindblowing stat in recent tennis history?

    I lowkey just realized that Kevin freakin Anderson, a borderline journeymen for most of his career up until last season, has now made the same number of GS finals as the entire abundance of players born in the 1990s (1990-1999)!!! That's honestly insane
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    Second Tier Players who have underachived since 2000

    In this case, a second tier player would basically be anyone who's Wawrinka calibre and below (Murray isn't top tier either but he's definitely much better than second tier). Anyways I think Safin, Tsonga, Nalbandian and Dimitrov are all massive underachievers. Monfils, Gasquet, Fognini and...
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    LeBron James vs Roger Federer: Who's the more famous athlete?

    In the USA, it's 100% LeBron, theres no questions about that. For the last 10 years, ESPN has been LeBron's secret mistress and American media as a whole all rate LeBron very highly. In other parts of the world though, this is VERY close, with Federer maybe having an advantage here. In Canada...
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    2018 US OPEN R2: (1) Rafael Nadal vs Vasek Pospisil

    I've never made this type of thread before so here it goes!
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    Is David Ferrer the greatest player to never win a major?

    With Ferrer's GS career coming to a close tonight, in your opinions, is Ferrer the greatest player to never win a major? At least in the open era. His resume includes: 1 RG Final 1 Masters Title (6 runner-ups) 1 WTF Final Career High Ranking of #3 in the world Spent hundreds of weeks in the top...
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    Bold Question: in your opinion, are Fed, Rafa and Nole THE three greatest players in open era?

    IMO if they aren't already, they probably will be when they all end up retiring. Open era has produced several incredible players over the last few decades, but tennis has never seen an era quite like this one before with these three guys all dominating the record books while having their...
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    Who's the best among Tsonga, Berdych, and Ferrer?

    Since all three of their careers seem to be winding down quickly as we speak, I think we can now safely reflect on all their careers. IMO, these are three of the finest players to never win a slam despite having good consistency in terms of getting deep in slams and staying in the top 10 for as...
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    Current active ATP and WTA Players who'll end up in the HOF?

    Men's: All of the big four will unquestionably be in. Stan is pretty much a 100% lock as well, while Delpo and Cilic will both be borderline candidates. Zverev could one day end up being there (he's the best candidate not from the big four gen), but he's still got a looong way to go. Women's...
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    Which Decade Produced the Greatest Players?

    I posted this a couple weeks ago, but I'll give it another shot as I initially posted it in the Former Pros Talk section, which caused it to have a bit less replies and views overall. So anyways, which decade produced the greatest tennis players? We'll go from players born in the 1930s all the...
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    Greatest ATP Player by Birth Year

    Starting from 1999 and going back to 1970: 1999: Denis Shapovalov 1998: Stefanos Tsitsipas 1997: Sascha Zverev 1996: Borna Coric 1995: Nick Kygrios 1994: Lucas Pouille 1993: Dominic Thiem 1992: Jack Sock 1991: Grigor Dimitrov 1990: Milos Raonic 1989: Kei Nishikori 1988: Juan Martin Del Potro or...
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    What are the Big Four's biggest strengths and weaknesses in their game

    Over their WHOLE careers, I'd say: Federer: Biggest Strengths: Forehand and Serve Biggest Weakness: Backhand Nadal: Biggest Strengths: Forehand and Mentality Biggest Weakness: Return Djokovic: Biggest Strengths: Return and Defense Biggest Weakness: Overhead and overall net play Murray...
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    Interesting Question: Is Murray's "own tier" closer to Stan/the field or the Big Three

    Most including myself see Murray as someone in a tier of his own which is lightyears behind the league that the big three are in, but still considerably ahead of Wawrinka and the rest of the ATP over the last 10 years. IMO it depends which way you look at it. In terms of career totals, the rest...
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    Which decade produced the greatest players in men's tennis history?

    We'll go from players born in the 1920's (1920-1929) to the 1990's (1990-1999). Notable players born in the 1920s include: Pancho Gonzales, Jack Kramer, Pancho Segura, and Frank Sedgman Notable players born in the 1930s include: Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, Lew Hoad, Tony Trabert...
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    Each Countries Greatest Tennis Player (both men and women)

    Tennis is a worldwide sport which is played by countless nations and cultures around the globe. This has led to a wide variety of nationalities in both the ATP and WTA field. So who are the greatest tennis players from each country? Of course, there are around 200 countries on this globe so we...