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  1. philosoup

    Recovery, supplements, routines for back to back matches

    and some extra Vitamin C (up to 1000mg) to help muscle recovery.
  2. philosoup

    What's the purpose of bouncing the ball before serve

    For whatever reasons, but one thing would be useful. Help you forget your last point, esp. if it was a pt you lost.
  3. philosoup

    Can't hit winners inside the baseline

    No matter how you hit it, a short backswing or full backswing (I don't cut here), follow the same FH or BH preparation sequence, e.g. the non-dominant hand in front of you for FH, etc. etc.
  4. philosoup

    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    Heavy racquets above 12oz makes hitting from baseline too powerful that approach shots can typically finish a point instead of at net. Have been trying to avoid them.
  5. philosoup

    punch your volleys,...

    If you want to hit through the ball, you would need to maintain a loose grip/wrist. You can't hit through well with locked wrist if the ball comes in fast. It definitely makes volley more interesting
  6. philosoup

    Return of Serve - Ready on Forehand or Backhand?

    Typically, return of serve ready position is continental. When return a body serve, it can be easier to hit backhand return rather than forehand. Even on forehand side, if its too close to your body, it would be a better quality return if you step around to hit backhand. In other words...
  7. philosoup

    Pretty and Perfect vs. Effective and Realistic

    Like aerobic training, stressing the body regularly helps deliver. Tennis relies on muscle memory. Taking lesson is about getting things right. Building and keeping muscle memory requires much more on and off-court repetitions, when getting old. Other than expectation management, you may want to...
  8. philosoup

    punch your volleys,...

    Is it basically the same as the saying that you need to hit through the ball?
  9. philosoup

    isnt this a weird explanation of the kick serve by Philippousis?

    What MP said basically meant that, after your racquet reaches the top of swing path, you should feel there is still much momentum left to bring the ball "down" in a tight flip (at least that is what you attempt following swing path). The looser the grip the better effect. It begins as a mental...
  10. philosoup

    Obsession about serve mechanics: racket moving on edge

    Sort of having the same impression, but don't know why no backdrop. The two things are not so much connected. The opening up is only at the very short moment contacting the ball when the ball crosses the racquet head trajectory.
  11. philosoup

    Two-Handed Bakchand to One-Handed

    Don't switch. You don't look like you will be a good one hander.
  12. philosoup

    Is your one-handed backhand better than your forehand?

    With enough time to prepare, my topspin 1hbh is close to my forehand in all categories. I usually have a little higher winner percentage from 1hbh but i guess it is from the fact it is easy to hide direction there. Also feel backhand topspin return of serve is about the same quality as FH side...
  13. philosoup

    Unique one handed backhand racket take back/loop

    The guy's backhand in the video is pretty bad. His swing paths are wrong most of the times and he doesn't have the correct kinetic chain in place to generate controlled power.
  14. philosoup

    Single handed backhand grips and their analogous forehand grips...

    Isn't it true the relation of spin potentials to 1hbh grips is not as strong as to the forehand grips? The way you generate spin from backhand is different. I believe this has something to do with why most people use a grip between continental to eastern.
  15. philosoup

    More ratings (video)

    NCAA college men's single players ranked between top 1 and top 30 is roughly 1 UTR in difference. The differences would be much smaller among top ATP players.
  16. philosoup

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    You have practiced it? Why? Usually it can be a kind of a drop shot/volley I have had occasionally, but never used it to serve. I can imagine I could serve this way by doing a drop shot from the baseline with some underspin. But nobody would do this often in a serious match. You are saying it...
  17. philosoup

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Underhanded with side underspin should work. This is a little more than a dink and It kicks away from the sideline, so it is kick serve. :D
  18. philosoup

    Getting there ahead of time

    This occurs to me sometimes in doubles, but never occurs when playing singles.
  19. philosoup

    The magic behind the consistent heavy ball - the advanced forehand TIP which will shock you once you get it

    You must hold the racquet too tight. I heard that's the reason tennis courts need fence.
  20. philosoup

    The magic behind the consistent heavy ball - the advanced forehand TIP which will shock you once you get it

    If you do high takeback and then swing fast, you can literally achieve it. If still not, try to grip with only three fingers. (Be careful, the racquet can fly away)
  21. philosoup

    Top-tier players who slide on hardcourts

    BMI under 23 with a good speed. Maybe.
  22. philosoup

    1hbh with majority of weight on the back foot

    What you said is right, you should shift weight to your front foot. The drill is okay for beginners. But to train footwork, it needs to cover other movement. The coach should have at least cover other movements in different direction, footwork s basic for 1hbh.
  23. philosoup

    1hbh with majority of weight on the back foot

    Funny the coach didn't let him go around the cones the other direction. I bet many people would mess up their 1hbh when moving backward.
  24. philosoup

    Switching to the two hander

    Your reason to change backhand is strange. Maybe you want to think again. Shape of racquet face also matters.
  25. philosoup

    Dealing with frustration / opponent's lucky shots

    Think of games as part of a drama which you always win (gain) in the end. Not just by the result of one particular point or a game but also the process.
  26. philosoup

    New one-handed backhand [video]. Looking for feedback.

    At NO point should your wrist be firm, regardless RoS, cross court, DTL, or on the sweet rice. Occasionally, your timing is off, there is no choice, you say sorry to yourself and just block the ball back maybe with your firm grip. If your timing is always bad, ask that nuclear scientist to find...
  27. philosoup

    Different types of OHBH??

    Isn't it that you just keep your wrist neutral?
  28. philosoup

    The perfect court for a serve and volleyer who hates groundstrokes is ...

    Limit the number of bounces per tennis point. Let players do more tennis dives.
  29. philosoup

    Osaka News

    Any more stories about this? Unfortunately, as I heard, this is not too uncommon for people of older generations even against their children's marriage with someone coming from a different social and family background or simply from a different village.
  30. philosoup

    How good can you get without split stepping?

    Ask how bad you can get without split stepping. Could potentially get hurt by a sudden jerky motion.