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  1. Ace of Aces

    Blade 98S (18x16) string breakage

    I played with the Steam 99s for a couple months a while ago but moved away from it because I was breaking 15l poly in a 2-3 hours of hitting. Recently hit with a Blade 18x16 (the 2015 one) and really liked it but I'm concerned about the strings. To those who have used both, did the blade get...
  2. Ace of Aces

    FT: 2x Volkl Organix 7 295 3/8 (TW matched)

    Racquet: 2x Volkl Organix 7 295 Grip Size: 3/8 Condition (9 out of 10) *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Alternated the two rackets during an hour long lesson, took serves with one for 15 minutes afterwards. *General Description (including any...
  3. Ace of Aces

    Changing poor forehand technique

    In the past six to eight months I have made huge strides in my game. I am finally starting to gain feel on my two hander after switching from a one hander half a year ago, and I am starting to use this as a weapon instead of a rally shot. My serve has greater consistency to go along with the...
  4. Ace of Aces

    Thin strings for Blade 98 18x20

    I have just switched from a Aerostorm GT to a Blade 98 18x20. I like the feel and weight/balance of the blade, but the spin feels noticeably worse. I used SPPP 16l mains/ gamma syn gut 17 crosses around 45-50 in my aerostorm. I have used mostly SPPP with a couple stringings of prince beast, but...
  5. Ace of Aces

    Wilson BLX Blade 98 vs Babolat Aero Storm GT

    I currently use the Babolat Aero Storm GT and am interested the BLX (gold/black) Blade 98. They appear to have similar static and swing weights. If anyone has played with both please compare them for me. Thanks
  6. Ace of Aces

    Sam Groth Racket + String

    I know he is a lesser known player, but does anyone have the racket, string, and tension for Groth? Thanks
  7. Ace of Aces

    Head LM Radical OS String

    I recently bought a Liquidmetal Radical OS, and I need string advice. For tension reference I was happy with a POG OS strung at 64 with gamma 16 syn gut, and my 6.1 95 16x18 with full SPPP 16l at 57 lbs. I am hoping to use either full syn gut or a syn gut/ poly (preferably SPPP) hybrid...
  8. Ace of Aces

    Pros using tweener rackets?

    I am wondering how pros use rackets such as pure drives, aeropros and dunlop 500s and still keep the ball in the court? I know they often use full poly in these rackets but, even with full poly these still feel like rocket launchers to me. I know that they add weight but wouldn't this make them...