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  1. OhYes

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    Really nice talk and observation by snooker champ:
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    The pain

    In before fan groups start attacking Nadal about the pain he is going through, people must know he is not the only one with problems. There is one more unfortunate who is having same difficulties as Rafa, someone who you wouldn't expect, but he plays under pain nevertheless.
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    Since the start of the year

    Djokovic looks like someone who plays mediocre tennis at times, but shows his game when it matters (can play doubles with success too), Nadal has some knees to worry about. After his walkover, Djokovic became the only one who never had w/o to any of Big 3, Federer had to face for the first time...
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    Is bad boy of tennis really tennis salvation ?

    It is hype I get it... but Kyrgios has beaten Nadal, Nadal showed emotions over that, Kyrgios also won Acapulco and has positive H2H against Djokovic (potentialy is his opponent in 3rd round). So is this grabbing to a straw ? If tennis needs to be "rescued" from Rafole, as biggest fanbase would...
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    Trajectories of big 3 by age

    Grand Slams, Masters and ATP Finals. I think this is the most fair showcase of what each of these guys did at same age, since we can't predict future of Djokovic and Nadal.
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    Who's game profits more from slower courts, Đoković's or Wawrinka's ?

    Just curious in public opinion on this matter.
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    Kei: Djokovic is most "polished player"

    In an interview to Asahi, Kei Nishikori commented on the Big Three and Novak Djokovic's comeback to the highest level. The Japanese player, who will next compete at the Dubai Open, said: "Honestly I sometimes kind of wish (Novak) Djokovic was gonna retire but I never want him to retire due to...
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    I refuse to answer that because I will say something bad

    Ahead of clash against Philipp Kohlschreiber in his first-round tie at Dubai, Federer was asked about his thoughts on the previous Grand Slam, where Djokovic thrashed Nadal in the final. “Do you think it was a surprising result in the final, such a one-sided final with Djokovic and Nadal?” the...
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    Goran Ivanisevic's nephew organised an asault on Water polo players from Serbia

    4 players of Serbian Water polo club Crvena Zvezda were attacked with knives and metal bars in broad daylight while sitting at one cafe in Split/Croatia. One of them had to jump into sea running for his life. Goran Lokica (arrested 12 years ago for threatening his mother with murder if she...
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    Novak and Stan should thank Becker and Norman for their titles ?

    Patrick Mouratoglou lately spoke concerning the position a coach performs in serving to any participant scale heights which finally result in one turning into a Grand Slam Champion. ... He additional added, “I feel you’ve additionally truthful to the coaches, as a result of I feel what Boris...
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    What could Lendl bring to Nole game ?

    Watching them exchanging few jokes on trophy ceremony of AO 2019, couldn't help noticing that Novak was very positive towards Ivan Lendl and vice versa. Smile on Ivan's face, Novak also... in fact I don't think Novak had that kind of positive interaction with anyone that evening. If Vajda needs...
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    Odd reason why Novak can't get to 18th

    Bel18ve, Bull18ve all TM can't be used by Nole fans. What can we do about it ? We just can't push Nole up, simply not that creative. :confused: Suggestions ?
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    Agassi: If Murray played in my era, he would win 3 times more

    "He was the person that broke into the Federer-Nadal-Djokovic trio in their prime," said Agassi. "He showed that he can play every bit up on their level. "It is a rough generation to win a lot of Grand Slams. If Andy was in my generation he would have had probably three times the career.
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    We can't predict anything really

    I don't recall if I saw more than 1 correct prediction here from hundreds (if not thousands) failed ones. Especially long term predictions. There are too many things we don't take into consideration, beginning with something we can't possibly know - was player A sleeping well last night and does...
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    How would Fed cope with this Nadal ?

    They should've met in semi, starting to think Tsitsi saved Fed from serious beating.
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    Anna Wintour a real jinx ?

    She was in Roger's box and in Serena's too (when she lost 5-1 lead in games).
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    How many Slams will satisfy Nadal ?

    We can say this year he has 19 almost locked, 20 could be, 21 probably not. We can say he has dedicated his life to tennis, not having kids, having his academy, changing serve motion, improving... he expects to stay for a while longer in tennis. Djokovic isn't looking very sharp, Federer is well...
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    It's bit clearer now, isn't it ?

    Djokovic will probably defeat Nishikori but after that he has rejuvenated Milos Raonic who will be very tough to beat. Nadal will roll over Tiafoe where we actually don't know who will wait (RBA or Tsitsipas). Anyways, Nadal will probably have easier path to trophy, and as things stand when 2...
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    Osaka's unsporting conduct

    In her courtside interview, Osaka apologized to the crowd for getting the umpire's warning for smashing the racket, and told them to pretend it didn't happen. "Hopefully learn from that moment," she said later. "I tend to keep a lot of things bottled up. I just felt like in that moment sort of...
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    New name moves

    There is SABR and Neo-Backhand, what should come up next and do other players have TM moves or not ?
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    AO 2019 Andy Murray vs RBA

    No thread, no interest after all those "tears" for Murray ? RBA leads 6:4 6:4 6:7 1:0
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    Take that AO

    If you could do this He can do this :p:p:p:p:p:p
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    Remove Big-3 today and Zverev becomes new Federer, or not ?

    Zverev has Lendl. And let say Murray and Wawrinka stay where they are right now. Wouldn't that be the perfect opportunity to become legend, or the tour would be still too strong for brilliant career ?
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    Impossible to get

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    Best job ever

    Just put your own examples
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    Forum through eyes of native english speakers

    Was always wondering what is your perspective of this place in terms of language quality. Do you feel less eloquent after visiting it, do you roll your eyes on bad grammar, or you feel it's like any other place where mostly native speakers dwell ?
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    Which ATG would you trade for which youngster ?

    If 1 of big 4 should retire now and be replaced with young player (who would have similar success), who would you choose and why's that ?
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    Would Nadal have won Roland Garros if Novak didn't stop him ?

    Could Murray and Stan pull it off ? I personally believe Stan won bcs Novak played against Murray in 2 days and Novak couldn't give more power than that what he gave in 1st set. Stan smelled blood and that was that. What about Murray, would he be enough for Nadal ? Nadal wasn't brilliant, but...