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    String or Technique?

    What's up yall got a quick question for you. So I've been playing with the Pure Strike P17 and had then strung up with a hybrid of Kirschbaum Pro Line X and Tourna Quasi Gut Armor. I originally got this setup because I recently switched from the Prince EXO3 Tour 100's that played like pillows...
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    Some HD footage of my hitting session yesterday. Please critique!

    Trying to establish my destined dominance within the Talk Tennis community and establish credibility. I will be tennis hokage one day BELIEVE IT! edit: Some more hitting! Anyway here are a couple of clips I took from my hitting session yesterday. Effort level was at about a 6/10 as I've...
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    Tried out new setup for P17 Pure Strike

    Kirscbaum Pro Line X 17g @ 50lbs Mains Tourna Quasi Gut Armor 16g @ 54lbs Crosses Just went out and hit for about an hour with my dad. By no means any high-quality drilling but got a pretty good feel for the string bed. Had full beds of Wilson Revolve and Hyper-G strung in them before and they...
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    Video of Forehands and Serves, Getting Back Into Tennis

    What's up yall, I played tennis for 4 years back and high school and have been on a 3 hiatus. I'm looking to get back into playing and just bought 2 Pure Strike 16x19's. Still working on getting crisper footwork and getting better timing but I was wondering I could get some comments and...