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    Superjumbo is the real deal!

    I purchased three high-quality racquets that are no longer in production from Superjumbo. If anything, they are in even better condition than advertised. Immediate shipping. And a great price. Arrived three days from purchase. Superjumbo does what he says he will. Highly recommended!
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    FS: Gamma T7 x 3 & Gamma G310 x1

    Got the goods Got the goods today, superjumbo. Everything exactly as advertised and blazing fast shipping. Great doing business with you.:)
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    Gasquet's backhand: Is it a weapon, or just a lesser weakness?

    Good to see Gasquet back A lot of people on this forum had written Gasquet off a couple years ago, claiming he would be out of the top 100 and off the tour -- and out of tennis -- before now. So it's good to see him back and moving up. Gasquet's problem right now is his right shoulder...
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    FS: Gamma T7 x 3 & Gamma G310 x1

    Interested in racquets if still for sale I'm most interested in the G310, but also the T7. If you still have them and want to sell, contact me at
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    FS: Gamma T7 x 3 & Gamma G310 x1

    Are any of these frames still for sale? Are any of the G310s or the T-7 still available?
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    Gasquet is the most overrated player of all time!

    Injuries will tell the tale Things have changed since Gasquet first burst upon the pro tour. The depth of talent has grown much deeper. It is now quite an accomplishment to get inside the top 20. Guys like Robredo and Ferrer who were both as high as #5 a few years ago are struggling to...
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    Why isn't Tommy Robredo more popular ?

    I like Robredo a lot! Great post by Eurochris! These are precisely the reasons I enjoy watching Tommy play so much. He's not a big guy. He has no big shots. But he maintains himself in the top-20, which is pretty elite company these days. Everyone in the top-20 is so freaking good...
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    Gamma Tradition 18: One of the Best Players Sticks?

    The Gamma G325 is a better frame I played with the Tradition 18 from the mid-90s until about '05. I used the orginal frame without the PWS or damper in the handle. BTW, I have one of these later versions in mint condition that I should put in the classifieds. It's a bit heavier than the...
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    Blake v Robredo - 3rd Round - Why such a late starter?

    What can you say? In his loss to Robredo, Blake was slugging every shot as hard as he could. Did you hear the grunts and effort he was putting into almost all of his shots. I can understand a 16-year-old junior who's just had a big growth spurt playing this way. But a Tour professional...
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    Mens 4th round- Robredo vs Federer

    Lot of respect for Tommy Robredo... I have a lot of respect for Tommy Robredo, but Federer has much more talent. I wanted to give Tommy a set in this one, but voted for Fed in straights. But I still get a lot out of watching Robredo play. He often starts slowly, but always gets better...
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    Blake v Robredo - 3rd Round - Why such a late starter?

    Great repect for Tommy Robredo I like Tommy Robredo, like his game, like his attitude, like his professionalism. I had him picked to win this one in four or five sets. Didn't realize Blake would play as stupidly (and let's be honest, stupid is the only word to describe his play) as he did...
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    Gasquet lost in the qualies today?

    I wouldn't make too much of this Gasquet won his first round qualifying match. Based upon the time interval between when the scores were posted on live-scoring sites, it looked like the matches were played within a few hours of each other. Anybody know anything about this? Was it a morning...
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    Pilot pen qualifying draw

    Mean and stupid to make Gasquet play qualies! The ITF is still trying to keep Gasquet off the tour, and the USTA seems to take it's cues from the ITF. Plus, there just seems to be an anti-French attitude here in the US. I can see why the US tennis establishment would feel this way: JEALOUSY...
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    How many pros still hit their Forehand using an Eastern Grip ?

    Speaking of Gasquet: Message to ITF ITF: Stop the mendaciouis BS. Let Gasquet play!
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    The skinny on Jack Bleiman...

    Bought a stick from Jack Bleiman. Excellent trade! Jack is courtesous, provides accurate info and pics. Racquet in excellent condition. Prompt shipping. Straight shooter. No games. Jack Bleiman is highly recommended! Gasquetrules:):)
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    Gamma G325

    Looking for Gamma G325 frames. Will buy one, two or perhaps three. Prefer 4-3/8 grips, but will accept 4-1/2. Frames need not be strung; racquet covers not required. Contact at:
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    Remember Guga?

    I would like Guga's chances against Nadal on clay Guga had a bigger serve than Nadal and won a lot of points with it, even on clay. Guga was tall and could have handled Nadal's high-bouncing shots. Nadal is just a great grinder. Guga was a complete all-court player with a terrific...
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    The 20 Best Seasons (based on win %) since 1973

    The loss was worse than you say The implications of the French Open defeat go beyond your post. McEnroe lost the French final to Lendl. It was his first loss of the season. Mac recovered to win Wimbledon and the US Open but didn't bother to play the Australian because there was no chance...
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    Wanted:Gamma G310 1/2grip

    Got a G310 with 4-3/8 grip I've got a G310 with a 4-3/8 grip. I like a 4-1/2 grip but prefer to get the smaller size and play with an overgrip to protect the original grip and make it last longer. It works out the same. My racquet has only had a little use. Still has the original string...
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    Richard Gasquet free to play

    Gasquet's next tournament I've heard that Gasquet is not scheduled to play until the Candadian Open... unless he gets a wild card in an earlier event. Anyone heard anymore than this? Also, people should quit trashtalking Gasquet simply because his pro career hasn't been as successful as...
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    Gamma T7 - essentially a modified G325?

    Question for Ced Ced, I'm curious. If you had five G325s, why quit playing with them simply because they were no longer readily available? I would think five of them would last you a good while.
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    Gamma T7 - essentially a modified G325?

    Well, that's the best analysis I've heard on this comparison of Gamma racquets. Seems to be right on the mark. While the G325 makes a great SV stick, I'd describe it as a great all-court racquet. You really can do anything with it! BTW, what happened to those five G325 frames you were...
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    Why oh why is the POG mid unpopular??

    POG Mid or Diablo Are you referring to the POG mid or the Diablo? BTW, I play ASICS shoes, too.
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    K90 to KPS88 problem.

    More... It's one thing to not play your best in competitive match play because a racquet isn't feeling quite right for you. That happens to everyone at times. But to not be able to pick up a racquet and hit basic strokes just hitting around is entirely inexplicable for a developed player. If...
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    Gasquet Kiss Contamination

    Enjoy his game, win or lose... I greatly enjoy watching Gasquet on the tennis court, win or lose. His game is unique, and he moves so well. A real joy to watch.
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    Richard Gasquet free to play

    Hearty thanks to Rafa Nadal!! give much of the credit for this good decsion to Rafael Nadal, who was World #1 at the time he came out publicly and strongly supported Gasquet. When a player with the star caliber of Rafa gives you his open and unqualified support, it carries real weight...
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    Gasquet cleared

    Thank-you Rafa Nadal!!! I give much of the credit for this good decsion to Rafael Nadal, who was World #1 at the time he came out publicly and strongly supported Gasquet. When a player with the star caliber of Rafa gives you his open and unqualified support, it carries real weight...
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    K90 to KPS88 problem.

    I'd say the problem is yourself and not the K90 If you can play tennis, you can play with virtually anything. You may not play as well with a racquet that is too large, or too stiff, or too heavy, etc., but if your strokes are sound you should be able to still hit a topspin groundstroke or...
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    Why oh why is the POG mid unpopular??

    Thanks Thanks for the comparison with the Diablo. Deuce, you know your stuff.
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    Croatia vs USA - Davis cup

    A fair point to be made... Ever since Gasquet upset Roddick at Wimbledon, Roddick fans went out of their way to seek every opportunity to trash talk Gasquet. None of it was justified. I'm not saying Roddick was ducking a claycourt match. And if he is injured, I'd say it's not as...